Transporter Delivers Enterprise-Class Features and Ability to Connect On-premise NAS Devices for Greater Usability, Data Protection and Efficiency Without the Risk Associated with Public Cloud Offerings

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – July 7, 2015 — / — Connected Data®, the creator of Transporter, today announced that Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) has released a video highlighting key features and benefits of the company’s Transporter private cloud storage appliance. The new video, based on the ESG Lab Report Connected Data Transporter: Private Cloud File Sync and Share, validates that the solution provides an excellent business solution for managing file data in the cloud without the risk associated with public cloud offerings. The video also outlines how Transporter delivers enterprise-class features while offering the ability to connect to existing on-premise network attached storage (NAS) systems for greater usability and efficiency. This seamless and secure file sharing solution adds mobile and remote access to corporate data, yet is maintained behind a company’s firewall for true data privacy and protection.

The video—presented by ESG Senior Analysts Terri McClure and Kerry Dolan provides a clear picture of the challenges that businesses face today when it comes to data storage and file sharing, particularly in an age of BYOD and widespread proliferation of cloud services. McClure and Dolan noted that file sharing for collaboration and improved productivity has become an expected part of the user experience in today’s corporate environments, yet this user need is often in conflict with IT, as organizations struggle to maintain control of sensitive corporate data. As the world’s first private cloud file storage appliance, Transporter directly addresses these challenges by providing Dropbox-like simplicity for its users while allowing corporate IT to leverage their existing infrastructure to build cloud services that maintain complete control over how data is shared and where it is stored.

“It seems that every five years or so, a disruptive technology is being adopted by users, and IT is challenged to either adopt this new technology, or find a better solution in order to keep control of its business data,” said McClure in the Lab Report video. “So one of today’s disruptive technologies is the use of consumer cloud file sync and share solutions, which is largely being driven by the need for 24 x 7 file access on any device, anywhere in the world. Now a company’s private data is being moved into the cloud by its users at an alarming rate, and against the wishes of the IT department.”

Dolan, who tested Connected Data’s Transporter and wrote about it from a lab perspective, pointed out that Connected Data has a range of Transporter appliances, from the entry-level Transporter 15 up to a 24TB rackmount device for 150 users. The solution allows enterprises to seamlessly scale as needed by simply adding another Transporter.

She tested some of the user and administrative features of the Transporter 75, which includes business class features like redundant hardware, encryption, SSD meta data, acceleration, single instancing, versioning, and integration with Microsoft Active Directory, and was impressed with the Transporter as a business solution for file sync and share. “They’re very easy to use like popular public cloud solutions,” said Dolan. “But because they use a private cloud, they’re more secure and enable IT to maintain control.”

The video also touched on the recent introduction of Connected Data’s Transporter Network Storage Connector, which enables mid and large-sized businesses to protect their investment in on-premise NAS systems while offering a secure, private cloud, file sync and share appliance. The new Transporter Network Storage Connector is offered at no cost and included with Connected Data’s Transporter 75 and 150 private cloud storage appliances, and eliminates the need for a Virtual Private Network (VPN). In the video, Dolan noted that when integrated with a company’s in-house NAS devices, Transporter replicates any changes to the AD server, like changes to users or file access privileges.

“As the ESG video highlights, there has been significant adoption of corporate enterprise file sync and share solutions these past few years,” said Geoff Barrall, CEO, Connected Data. “In 2014, nearly three-quarters of the organizations that ESG surveyed either had such solutions in place, or they planned to within two years. Yet most of these initial adopters have still only deployed at the individual or departmental level, which is not enough to offer organizations the data protection they need. We are pleased that ESG Lab has validated the approach of our Transporter private cloud appliances, which offer not only the efficiency but also the simplicity of the cloud with the privacy, security, and control required to minimize exposure and risk.”

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Connected Data is the leading provider of private file, sync and share appliances designed with the simplicity of public cloud file sharing solutions and the performance and capacity of networked attached storage (NAS). The Transporter for Business family of private cloud storage solutions delivers the control, privacy and security enterprises require to protect their critical data assets while ensuring regulatory compliance. The Transporter Network Storage Connector is included with the Transporter 75 and 150 private cloud solutions and allows enterprises to extend the capabilities and benefits of their existing NAS storage systems to provide a turnkey private cloud storage solution. This gives users the ability to seamlessly sync important files and folders to laptops and mobile devices from anywhere for enhanced business productivity without the costly fees of public cloud subscription models. Connected Data is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif. and has over 40,000 Transporter users managing more than 23 Petabytes of storage worldwide. For more information, visit

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