Avere Virtual FXT Edge Filers Enable Deployment and Integration of Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Storage with Existing On-Premises Resources

PITTSBURGH, PA – August 5, 2015 — /BackupReview.info/ — Avere Systems, a leading provider of enterprise storage for the hybrid cloud, today announced the general availability of its Virtual FXT Edge filers on Google Cloud Platform. With this collaboration, customers are able to easily move compute intensive workloads and large data sets to Google Cloud Platform while keeping their data in existing on-premises resources, without making any sacrifices to performance.

Avere’s Virtual FXT Edge filer is already having a big impact for Google Cloud Platform customers, providing complete flexibility and nimbleness for organizations to store their data and run their applications on premises or in the cloud, while delivering low latency and high performance. Avere’s record-setting Edge filer technology is simple to install and manage, provides best-in-class NAS functionality (including NFS and SMB/CIFS), and clusters to deliver high availability, scalable performance and capacity.

“When Framestore began working with Avere Systems, it’s FXT Edge filers were deployed to help us manage the massive rendering and storage performance requirements while working on the film Gravity,” said Steve MacPherson, CTO of Framestore, the UK-based Oscar-winning visual effects company, http://goo.gl/s7euul

“Today, we’re increasingly excited about the possibilities that cloud computing offers us in terms of agility, especially during periods of peak provisioning when we are pushing hard to meet production deadlines. We’re impressed with the capabilities of Avere’s Virtual FXT which allows us to mirror our internal approach to data caching while using the public cloud resources of Google Compute Engine.”

“The industry was primed for an offering such as this from Avere Systems and Google Cloud Platform,” said George Crump, President and Founder of Storage Switzerland. “For those companies not armed with ‘cloud geeks,’ the collaboration between Avere and Google resolves basic issues of performance and data management and empowers users with the ability to truly use Google Cloud Platform without disrupting their workflows.”

“Avere’s journey began with NAS optimization and then expanded into hybrid storage. Enabling cloud compute was a natural progression for our product,” said Ron Bianchini, CEO and president of Avere Systems. “Working with Google to implement a virtual version of our FXT Edge filers has opened the doors for our customers to harness the scale of the Google infrastructure without sacrificing performance or increasing cost.”

The Avere Virtual FXT on Google Cloud Platform is available immediately and can be purchased directly from Avere Systems and authorized resellers. Avere pricing scales with the size of the compute infrastructure deployed in Google Compute Engine. End-user pricing is $0.013/hr per virtual CPU accessing the scalable file system provided by the Virtual FXT. The Avere software is sold in addition to the cost of Google Compute Engine instances.

For more information about Avere and Google’s strategic collaboration, please click here: http://www.averesystems.com/solutions/google-cloud-platform

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