User-Generated, Unstructured Content is Ideally Suited for Next-Generation Object Storage Technology

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – August 20, 2015 — / — SwiftStack, the leader in a new breed of object storage for Enterprises, today announced that private File Sync and Share applications are delivering the cloud experience that application users expect when combined with SwiftStack Object Storage. SwiftStack’s new breed of object storage is ideally suited for storing unstructured data privately in Enterprise data centers behind corporate firewalls, while giving Enterprise IT the control they need in a cost effective, easy to manage architecture.

“Many companies are turning to private enterprise File Sync and Share solutions that operate like a corporate ‘Dropbox,’ giving users the file access they need while retaining enterprise data control,” said Simon Robinson, Research Vice President, Storage, 451 Research. “These quickly emerging private File Sync and Share solutions require flexible, cost effective storage that can efficiently scale as user demands grow. For this, SwiftStack’s new breed of object storage is an ideal fit built on an open source engine deployed on standard server hardware and low-cost hard drives with built-in replication.”

As the engine that runs the world’s largest storage clouds, OpenStack Swift was designed to deliver incredible scale for extreme concurrent access of unstructured data. SwiftStack object storage was designed to give Enterprises a simple solution for deploying and operating a private storage cloud inside their firewall. SwiftStack is unique among private object storage in offering no lock in of data, freedom of choice in standard hardware, and control of clusters across data centers. This has been eagerly embraced by File Sync and Share applications looking to help enterprises achieve more efficiency and improve service for their users.

“The Storage Made Easy solution allows Enterprises to manage corporate collaboration and file sharing for unified control of enterprise assets to satisfy existing, and forthcoming, governance regulations,” said Jim Liddle, CEO, Storage Made Easy, a SwiftStack partner. “When combined with SwiftStack Object Storage, users have direct access to unified storage from any device and any location, with the same user experience they have come to expect with public cloud solutions. As a private cloud solution, Enterprise IT also have the authentication, audit, security, and versioning they require, in a model that also scales in their private data centers with cost certainty and control.”

“We heard from our customers a desire to extend the use of cloud-like API-accessible scale-out storage within their private data centers,” said Yuri Sagalov, CEO, AeroFS. “In response to this market demand, we added full support in our offering for OpenStack Swift including OpenStack Keystone authentication in Q2 2015. Flexibility and freedom of choice are core to the value we design our product to deliver.”

Key features SwiftStack Object Storage delivers that complement and enhance enterprise File Sync and Share applications include:

  • Authentication – SwiftStack Object Storage matches with File Sync and Share applications by easily integrating with existing enterprise authentication infrastructure, including Active Directory and LDAP for faster provisioning and simplified storage user management
  • Unified Namespace – A SwiftStack Object Storage Cluster can be spread over multiple, geographically distributed data centers with a single namespace. This delivers the opportunity for a greater File Sync and Share user experience – regardless of the user device or where users are working
  • Centralized Management – The SwiftStack Object Storage Controller manages all object storage clusters from a single, centralized management interface, reducing storage complexity and conserving IT resources so the focus can remain on the enterprise file sync and share implementation and operations
  • No Hardware Lock-In – SwiftStack Object Storage runs on any industry-standard x86 server hardware available from any vendor, so enterprises can use their preferred server vendor or mix-and-match hardware from multiple vendors to optimize capital investments and do much more for less

“As a multi-tenant storage cloud, we see many SwiftStack customers extending the value of their private cloud object storage by adding File Sync and Share to their service offerings,” said Joe Arnold, President and Chief Product Officer, SwiftStack. “As the folks that literally wrote the book on OpenStack Swift, we have seen a great deal of engagement among vendors of on-premises File Sync and Share technologies adding and perfecting support for the Swift API in their offerings to provide their users lower TCO via freedom of choice and the opportunity for reduced storage lock-in.”

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