By Ben Puzzuoli, Director Sales & Marketing at DataDepositBox
September 07, 2015

Data Deposit Box Online Data Backup Expert Tips: How Do Service Providers Fulfil Public Sector Requirements?

For service providers, it is quite difficult to get opportunities to carry on work in the public sector. Jobs in law, educational department, local government, and federal government might be easier for some, but IT professionals face difficulties as they are not familiar with bureaucracy requirements. In reality, working with government sector offers real opportunities and, therefore, service providers should follow some practices while getting experience in government sectors:

Get Familiar with Red Tape
Getting a contract to work with a government is not an easy job. Requirements of local government change from township and locality. To bid on profitable projects, service providers need to meet eligibility standards. They must be:
• Practicing legitimate business;
• Free from any legal case against their business;

In addition, service providers intending to serve law enforcement departments,must get some kind of professional training.

Customers’ Satisfaction
It is obvious that service providers are not assigned tons of work from the very first day. If they are hired for a task and have performed well, they may get references to work in different cities and towns.

When you are running legitimate business and have planned to help customers, you will get the chance to work for government entities. Once customers have appreciated your performance, a long list of opportunities will be presented to you. Local government sectors have connections with other departments. Once you have satisfied your clients, you will get a lot of referrals.

Budget Constraints
Work procedure of government has its own rules and regulations. Unlike other businesses, government sector has certain budget limitations. In private sectors, money is allocated for projects whenever some resources or services are added. Conversely, towns are allocated limited funds for their projects in a given year. Service providers need to be patient while working with local governments. Government sector does not allow going beyond the expected cost.

It is a bit complicated to understand government budget system. Government entities need to follow time consuming budget and approval procedure and, therefore, they do not demand to complete a job in short time span. Service providers get long term benefit as they are selected for upcoming projects.

Compliance Skills
Each industry has to follow compliance requirements. Healthcare department is accountable to HIPAA, whereas financial industry is answerable to SOX. HIPAA, SOX and other kinds of requirements are based on simple security practices. Your skills in one department can be used in other businesses and support while working in government sector effectively.

Once service providers become experts in compliance, they get confidence to work with different types of clients (private or public sector).

If you get an opportunity to provide services to the public sector, make sure that you do a great job and deliver high quality services. Working with government entities seems a bit daunting; however, your quality work will offer you more opportunities in various departments with in the government. If you are ready to spend some time and effort in learning the required skills, government sector will give you long term benefits.

About the Author: Ben Puzzuoli is Director of Sales & Marketing at DataDepositBox, a Toronto based cloud data backup service provider, which is listed at both the Toronto and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges. DataDepositBox technologies and solutions are currently used daily by over 200,000 customers, 1,000 resellers, 25 MSPs and private label partners for online backup and recovery, archiving, disaster readiness, secure file sharing and remote access. Visit DDB website here:



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