The cloud services brokerage company launched a comprehensive digital evidence management system for law enforcement agencies interested in developing body-worn camera programs

AUSTIN, TX – November 12, 2015 — / — In Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City, the nation’s largest police departments are testing body camera initiatives following a surge of events that happened over the last year, and on October 20 in Austin, Texas, DoubleHorn launched a set of compliant cloud-based tools to help law enforcement authorities in adopting such programs.

DoubleHorn advises on a variety of cloud migration, infrastructure, and management services, but it also specializes in developing compliance and security tools for its public and corporate clients. Now, the company’s newly launched Digital Evidence Management System provides law enforcement agencies with a full-service suite of tools to both create and manage their own body camera systems.

DoubleHorn’s CEO, Tab Schadt unveiled the new initiative in Austin, and the company believes it will make body camera programs more efficient and affordable.

“There isn’t a provider that’s officially integrating this end to end solution for law enforcement agencies out there. This is a milestone in our progress and we are excited to be the first provider to offer this solution nationally,” said Schadt.

DoubleHorn’s cloud services brokerage model can help reduce the cost of video recording and data storage systems, while also giving law enforcement authorities the tools they need to develop their own unique body camera initiative from start to finish. The solution incorporates some key features like automatic redaction, chain of custody and metadata management.

The cloud-based Digital Evidence Management System has four distinct modules. First, the company will help select the right camera providers, then integrate those cameras with a content management system. The firm will also help agencies select a cloud, on-premises or hybrid data storage provider and ensure it meets all necessary security and compliance requirements. Finally, DoubleHorn will configure and optimize the network infrastructure needed to manage a wide range of evidence data, including images, documents, videos and more.

The evidence management system can provide either hybrid, on-premises or cloud-based data storage, plus a digital platform that can securely manage recorded evidence. And as a leading cloud services brokerage firm, DoubleHorn provides access to providers, including Taser, Panasonic, VieVu, Alfresco, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and many more industry leaders.

This end-to-end solution can assist law enforcement agencies through all stages of a body-worn camera program, from selecting the right camera provider to ongoing billing and support. In addition to body cameras, DoubleHorn’s new system can also help enable traffic cameras, dashboard cameras, courthouse cameras, and surveillance cameras and most video sources as the software is agnostic to the type of cameras.

As more agencies experiment with new types of digital evidence management, DoubleHorn hopes to remove the barriers to entry that prevent the widespread adoption of new solutions. With their extensive experience in cloud services brokerage, DoubleHorn can offer public organizations with a number of providers to choose from, which will help reduce the final cost of body camera programs to law enforcement authorities and the taxpayers that fund them.

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