By Jon Thordarson, European Technical Support Manager at KeepItSafe
November 13, 2015

KeepItSafe Cloud Backup Expert Tips: Increasing Data Protection while Cutting Expenses

Is there anyone not looking to cut costs and increase data protection these days? With the number of databases being supported by organizations increasing at a rapid pace, the requirement for an Integrated Backup & Recovery Platform is growing. You want a solution that not only focuses at the application level, but also addresses the total data infrastructure from servers to applications and networks in order to unify content sources, apply retention policies, reduce backup windows, shorten recovery times, and optimize storage resources. This becomes very complex with large enterprises as they have hundreds of enterprise-class Database Management Systems, and need an integrated platform to help simplify administration, reduce cost, and improve operational efficiency.

Your time is valuable, thus requiring a solution to keep backups quick, small, convenient to organize, and easy to manage on a daily basis. You want a platform with data de-duplication technology so disk storage costs can be reduced. De-duplication helps to identify and delete multiple copies of data and eliminates the massive quantity of redundant files, which eat up storage space and clog network bandwidth. Properly integrated platform facilitates a tiered storage strategy, matching the medium — disk or tape — to business value, while improving your data management efficiency.

Are you looking to go virtual? Integrated Backup & Recovery Platforms provide the ability to rapidly migrate among both physical and virtual servers. This provides organizations the flexibility of virtual servers as well as cost reduction, easy mobility of applications, and better utilization of dedicated servers. At the same time, by ensuring that the data is backed up from physical or virtual servers, it eliminates the risk associated with one server crash bringing multiple virtual servers to a stop. When the footprint size of the primary and backup storage is controlled, the applications and servers hosting that storage can remain focused on real-time applications with stable size requirements and enhanced performance.

An archiving solution, as a component of integrated platforms, helps maintain application sizes, provides better performance and improves scalability. There is no point in maintaining old, infrequently accessed and redundant data on primary servers. All it does is waste precious space, time and money to manage, maintain and back up the data. Think about all the time and storage space that is reclaimed for backups and migration projects when there is less active content residing on secondary servers and storage. A good archiving solution will still provide end user access, but more importantly restore primary storage space, enable regulatory compliance, and maintain industry level policies on retention.

Companies are always looking to pro-actively identify strategies to help them be more competitive while meeting necessary service level agreements. In doing so, IT environments become more complex, and new technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing are increasingly becoming part of daily routine. Integrated Backup & Recovery Platforms provide a wide range of benefits, which enable IT organizations to protect their current data, archive, and discover their long-term information; manage data types, and content sources more efficiently; and recover systems and information quickly and easily. In the end, you will have guaranteed recoveries that anyone can handle without extensive training, and scalable technology that works well in either a large IT shop or remote office.

About the Author:
Jon Thordarson, KeepItSafe’s European Technical Support Manager, has over 15 years as an industry executive. He is an expert in the world of online backup and data protection. Prior to leading the development of technical infrastructure at KeepItSafe®, Jon co-founded and served as CTO for SecurStore – a leading provider of cloud backup services for enterprise networks. Thousands of businesses trust Jon’s guidance with fluctuating data-compliance requirements through the online publication, “EU Data Protection Regulation”. As a principal contributor, Jon identifies the challenges and opportunities of the EU Data Protection Regulation, while providing expert advice for readers to meet new compliance standards. Visit KeepItSafe’s website here:



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