SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – December 9, 2015 — / — MOQdigital Cloud Backup as-a-Service is a cloud-to-cloud data backup solution for broadly adopted business applications including Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce and Box. Cloud Backup as-a-Service will assist to reduce organisational risk, simplify data protection and recovery, and enable IT to refocus on business needs.

Typically organisations expect Cloud technologies to provide integrated backup and recovery services. This is not the case for most Cloud solutions and as a result many businesses are at risk of data loss.

Almost all available on-premises backup solutions do not support Cloud Service integration, but those that do generally leverage on-premises infrastructure for data retention or require manual backup operations to be enacted. The combination of these factors increases the risk of data loss, potential financial loss and reputation damage, and sometimes exposes organisations to compliance risk.

It’s important to understand the top five reasons for Cloud data loss:

  1. User Error– Registered users who accidentally delete or overwrite data;
  2. Hackers– Outsiders who get into the system with nefarious intent;
  3. Closing account– Registered user or provider who closes an account without regard for the data left behind;
  4. Malicious Delete– A registered user who purposely deletes data;
  5. Third-Party Software– Unintentional data overwrite by third-party software on the user’s system.

Add to this the fact that backup and recovery environments are complex and expensive solutions to implement and maintain, often requiring dedicated servers, storage, tape libraries and backup software. In larger organisations it is also common for the environment to be administered by dedicated staff. Most organisations are also experiencing substantial data growth rates where the backup and recovery solution needs to develop simultaneously to ensure business-critical data is protected. This has resulted in many organisations not meeting their defined backup windows or Service Level Agreements.

All good reasons to consider MOQdigital’s Cloud Backup As-a-Service


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