New file search, data activity monitoring, self-service device migration and schedule-based bandwidth management capabilities build on the new standard for endpoint backup

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Jan. 26, 2016 — / — Code42, the leader in endpoint data protection and security for the enterprise, today launched Code42 CrashPlan version 5.1. This release strengthens the company’s core backup and recovery platform with new file search, reporting, device migration and bandwidth management features; delivers increased visibility into end-user data activity; and helps customers scale their global Code42 CrashPlan deployments.

“Until now, IT teams have equated endpoint data to dark data—unreachable and hidden on end-user machines. They have questions about the status of this important data—they need to know where it is and where it’s moving,” said John Durant, senior vice president of product development at Code42. “With 5.1, our customers can better protect and secure their data, and receive actionable intelligence on potential risks—such as insider threats. We’ve also made it faster and easier to protect and recover endpoint data—from speeding deployments at offices with limited bandwidth, to reducing the time it takes to migrate to a new computer. This release addresses many of our customers’ most difficult IT and business challenges.”

Visibility that delivers actionable insights
Code42 CrashPlan 5.1 includes several new search and reporting capabilities that provide IT, Information Security and Legal with answers to questions about their organizations’ end-user data.

New end-user data activity monitoring allows customers to gain insight into how users are transferring data from their devices to removable media, cloud storage services and other non-standard locations. In addition, they can determine when a web browser has interacted with a file, allowing them to see when a user attached a file to an email or dragged it into a web application. With this information, customers can determine what files users have, when they had them, and what they did—helping IT and information security teams to recognize insider threat actions that may put their enterprise at risk.

Customers with on-premises Code42 CrashPlan deployments can also now securely index and search user data archives. Archives can be searched using keywords or metadata, such as the file’s created or modified date. Once found, customers can download files for discovery or visual verification. This capability helps compliance teams determine if a non-authorized user has access to restricted data, legal teams find files created or modified during a specific time period or related to a specific case, and security or IT teams search for ransomware or other malicious files.

Code42 CrashPlan 5.1 includes a new web reporting app that allows administrators to create reports by device, user, organization or destination. The app gives customers better insight into device backup status and what devices have not been backed up recently or completely. The data can be exported from the app, enabling customers to develop their own custom graphs and reports.

User-driven device migrations
Code42 CrashPlan’s new device replacement wizard guides users through the process of moving their data from an old to a new device. The wizard’s straightforward language and detailed descriptions mean that even novice users can manage the process themselves, without guidance from IT.

“The need for IT staff to be present during device migrations is time-consuming for both our IT team, which would rather spend time on more critical projects, and for our users, who have to work around IT’s schedule,” said Ben Campbell, senior systems engineer at M/I Homes. “This new self-service device migration wizard solves both of these problems, allowing users to move their data to a new device when it is most convenient for them, and freeing up IT staff to work on projects that yield more value to our business.”

Removing backup bottlenecks
With version 5.1, customers can schedule Code42 CrashPlan deployment and backup activities during off-peak hours. This capability accelerates deployments at remote branch offices, employee home offices and other low bandwidth locations. In addition, it prevents Code42 CrashPlan activities from affecting network performance during peak work hours, increasing user productivity.

“Our university has offices around the state, many of which have limited network bandwidth,” said Diana Williams, senior system administrator at University of Georgia. “With Code42 CrashPlan’s schedule-based bandwidth management we can speed deployment to these offices, and ensure that backup activity does not slow down the network for users in the middle of their work day.”

Code42 CrashPlan 5.1 is another in a consistent series of product releases, delivered on the heels of the October 2015 launch of version 5.0, which featured a new legal hold web app, data migration capabilities and a redesigned user interface.

About Code42
Code42 is a global enterprise SaaS provider of endpoint data protection and security to more than 37,000 organizations—including the most recognized brands in business and education. The company’s highly secure cloud solutions enable IT and security teams to limit risk, meet data privacy regulations and recover from data loss—no matter the cause. Code42 is headquartered in Minneapolis and backed by Accel, JMI Equity, NEA and Split Rock Partners. For more information on the company and its solutions, visit

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