The only fire- and waterproof hybrid BDR solution that provides disaster recovery and protection during internet outages, with near-zero recovery point and time objectives

AUBURN, CA – February 2, 2016 — / — ioSafe, the leading provider of disaster-tolerant data storage solutions, today announced the availability of the ioSafe BDR 515: a unique fire- and waterproof hybrid backup and disaster recovery (BDR) appliance designed to eliminate downtime, protect data and provide near-zero recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs), even during times of internet outage. The BDR 515 enables data to be protected onsite as well as securely replicated to the cloud.

“ioSafe is entering the multi-billion dollar BDR appliance market.” said ioSafe CEO, Robb Moore. “Leveraging our unique technology, we combine a hybrid/private cloud with the world’s only fire- and waterproof on-premises BDR appliance to create the ultimate SMB disaster recovery and compliance solution. 100% secure against almost every conceivable disaster scenario including loss of internet connection, natural disaster and theft.

Other BDR products do not provide complete protection for data until it is replicated to the cloud, which creates a window of vulnerability during periods when an internet connection is not available – as is often the case during major disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy. The hardened ioSafe BDR closes that window and is the only product on the market to combine physical protection for on-premises data with the benefits of the cloud.

In addition, as ongoing service, support and validation is required for a solution of this class, we’re selling this product line exclusively though our ioSafe Advantage Partners.”

Powered by Windows Server 2012 R2 and StorageCraft® ShadowProtect® SPX, the ioSafe BDR 515 has a flexible architecture that can be administered by partners and is available in capacities between 5 and 30TB.

Other features include:

  • 100% private cloud backup with dedicated target BDR appliance located at ioSafe Cloud
  • Ability to replicate, virtualize and protect primary server using the ioSafe BDR
  • Versatile Windows/Intel based hardware available for virtually any task
  • Onsite protection from fire up to 1550°F, 30 minutes per ASTM E-119
  • Onsite protection data from floods up to 10-foot depth, 3 days, complete submersion
  • Locking floor mount and rack mount kits for physical theft protection and security onsite
  • Replicate, test, backup and manage via the award-winning StorageCraft software suite
  • Recover a file or a folder or restore a whole system fast, to the same or different hardware
  • VMware®, Microsoft® Hyper-V® Ready
  • Simple month-to-month agreement with no vendor lock-in

Similar to other BDR solutions, the 515 has the ability to spin-up both local or remote replicated version of a primary server in the ioSafe Cloud. The ioSafe BDR has a tremendous advantage in that during an actual disaster scenario, it allows for up to 30TB of data to be recovered onsite, immediately after the disaster, giving a business the best chance to be back at full strength quickly – regardless of bandwidth.

“We’re very excited about the BDR 515 launch,” said Mark Boedecker of CMIT Solutions, an IT services provider and ioSafe partner based in Southwest Charlotte. “Our customers have been asking about a solution like this for a long time. The ioSafe BDR is the only disaster-tolerant BDR appliance on the market and, as it is comparably priced to other – non-disaster-tolerant – BDR solutions, will be an obvious choice for many of our small and mid-sized business clients.”

Pricing and Availability
The ioSafe BDR 515 is available now and can be purchased through the channel. Pricing varies according to capacity and service plan.

About ioSafe
ioSafe designs and builds award-winning fire- and waterproof backup and data storage solutions. Our products are used for physical protection, private/hybrid cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions for businesses of all sizes, creative professionals and home users. Like an aircraft black box for critical data, ioSafe improves recovery point and time objectives while reducing costs and simplifying infrastructure.

ioSafe products are designed and built in Auburn, California.

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