Using Komprise, Spectra Logic customers can now quickly analyze, assess ROI and safely transfer data from primary storage to Spectra Verde DPE without any changes to user access

BOULDER, Colo. — August 23, 2016 — / — Spectra Logic, the deep storage experts, andKomprise, Inc., the industry-first provider of ROI-driven data management software, today unveiled a new data storage solution that allows Spectra Logic customers with exponential data growth to optimize their storage and control costs using file analytics and tiered storage.

With a simple point and click application, Komprise data management software quickly scans large data sets, pinpoints and analyzes inactive data to determine cost savings, and now moves it to Spectra Verde DPE™ without any changes to user or application access, saving up to 70 percent of costs per terabyte for enterprises with massive data sets and true data lifecycle management.

Spectra Verde DPE™, is a Shingled Magnetic Recording-based NAS disk platform designed to provide high-density bulk storage. As an affordable and reliable disk-based solution, Verde DPE enables organizations to digitally preserve data forever. With Komprise, Spectra Logic customers can also forecast the ROI of various data policies and quickly adjust storage to meet business objectives. Data remains seamlessly accessible from existing storage with no changes to users or apps.

“Spectra Verde DPE is built for long-term digital preservation at an affordable cost. Coupled with Komprise’s transparent, analytics-based tool, we have created a strong solution to manage exponential data growth and control storage costs,” said Matt Starr, Spectra Logic’s CTO. As our data continues to grow and storage budgets shrink, analytics will become increasingly important in scouring datasets to find cold data.”

90 percent of the world’s data has been created in the past two years alone. Approximately 50 to 80 percent of data is rarely accessed, yet many organizations store it on the same expensive mediums as frequently accessed data, for fear of disrupting users and applications.

“IT organizations know that a bulk of their data is infrequently accessed and can move to less expensive storage, but they have been blocked by the fear of disrupting user access. Spectra Logic and Komprise eliminate this barrier by transparently extending primary storage with cost-efficient secondary capacity without users or applications noticing any change,” said Krishna Subramanian, COO of Komprise.

Features of the Komprise-Spectra Verde DPE solution include:

  • Integrated solution with Spectra Verde DPE™ and Komprise
  • Ease of use – point Komprise at storage and gain insights into data growth and usage in minutes
  • Raises the bar on integration for archive data management
  • Adaptive management adds intelligent automation
  • Adds new levels of customer intelligence via predictive ROI indicators
  • Verde DPE is expandable to 180 TB raw per rack unit – 2.5 more dense than most other systems on the market
  • Triple-parity RAID Z3 with continuous data checksum, pushing probability of data loss to 1 in over 2 million years when properly monitored and maintained
  • CIFS and NFS interfaces included; NFS acceleration kit available as an option
  • 1 GB per second in bulk storage applications

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About Komprise
Komprise, the industry-first provider of ROI-driven data management software, empowers businesses to efficiently manage today’s massive scale of data growth while unlocking its value. The Komprise mission is to radically simplify data management through intelligent automation. The Komprise team has a successful track record with two prior businesses of eliminating storage/IT cost and complexity. Backed by Canaan Partners, Komprise was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Campbell, California. For more information, go to

About Spectra Logic Corporation
Spectra Logic develops deep storage solutions that solve the problem of long-term storage for business and technology professionals dealing with exponential data growth. Dedicated solely to storage innovation for nearly 40 years, Spectra Logic’s uncompromising product and customer focus is proven by the largest information users in multiple vertical markets globally. Spectra enables affordable, multi-decade data storage and access by creating new methods of managing information in all forms of deep storage—including archive, backup, cold storage, cloud and private cloud. To learn more about Spectra Logic’s Deep Storage Story, visit

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