To complete all goals of NAS data backup and cloud storage utilization, Handy Backup 7 contains a full set of plug-ins and features for automatic backup to cloud service or to NAS, as well as for using the mentioned storages as data sources for taking “hot” snapshots. As a basic rule, these implementations of Handy Backup require no third-party software or bridge services to utilize daily or special online backup tasks.

ALLIANCE, OH – September 22, 2016 — / — Novosoft, LLC completes equipping its top-selling backup software solution, Handy Backup, with different plug-ins for using it as both NAS backup software and cloud storage utility for keeping data at some popular cloud services. You can backup NAS to Amazon S3 or any other popular cloud including Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, as well as using the WebDAV interface for granting backup an access to any cloud, private (including NAS-based clouds) or public, which supports the WebDAV protocol.

“Now a user can backup NAS to Google Drive or to OneDrive, as well as to Amazon S3, Dropbox and some other clouds including Box and 4shared. As NAS backup software for cloud services, Handy Backup has all the capabilities to quickly set up and operate with network backup such as cloud backup. You can take an access to any cloud account, either directly or through WebDAV, according to your cloud setup and capabilities. Meanwhile, you may also encrypt and compress your data as well, schedule your cloud backup task as you wish, run any other program serving your NAS before or after a task, and do many other things, which are fully automated”, – said Anton Chmarak, the senior product manager of Handy Backup Team.

Handy Backup 7 contains a complete set of plug-ins turning it into both the effective NAS backup software solution and the effective cloud connection tool. The “Network” plug-in and the group of “Cloud” plug-ins dedicated for online backup connection allows making different backup tasks in a fully automatic mode, including backup NAS to OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Yandex.Disk and Handy Backup’ s own cloud service HBdrive, as well as transferring copies of accounts on these clouds to a dedicated NAS unit. Using the well-established WebDAV protocol, this software also has a capability to use any cloud supporting WebDAV (including local and private clouds often raised on built-in NAS software) as both backup sources and storages.

Different editions of Handy Backup contain different sets of plug-ins, although the most cloud backup plug-ins are parts of a very basic set included in the “Standard” edition, as well as the dedicated “Network” plug-in, designed for connecting local network storages (including NAS units) into a list of backup data sources. Operating with some or all these functions, a user can realize any strategy for using NAS backup software and cloud storages. Many extra capabilities of Handy Backup, such as natively supporting all popular SQL databases and preserving native data formats (which allows granular restore of data, viewing and modifying backups without complete restoration, and some other tricks) make Handy Backup a useful choice for online data backup.

About Novosoft LLC
For more than twenty years, Novosoft LLC works in such areas as IT consulting and business processes automation. Skilled specialists of the company have developed several products for automating different business-level and personal tasks, including the best-selling backup software solution, Handy Backup. All products of the company bear reasonable price tags, highest stability, efficiency and a strong tech support. These advantages bring the products of Novosoft a high popularity among IT pros and business-level users, especially in a SoHo segment, as well as some prestigious awards of different IT magazines and exhibitions throughout the entire world.

About Handy Backup
Handy Backup is an automated backup solution designed for saving and restoring copies of all types of data, as well as for synchronizing data between different storages. It works under all modern versions of Windows, including Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista, Windows Server 2012/2008, and can run some remote network operations under OS Linux. The advanced set of functions provided by Handy Backup allows backing up, restoring and synchronizing any types of data files, folders and special containers (like databases and virtual machines) on local and remote computers. Among the capabilities of Handy Backup are also taking entire disk images in a readable and bootable VHS format. Users can control the program through a comprehensible, classical-looking graphical interface (GUI).

Several different editions of Handy Backup are available for different types of computers and entire networks, as well as for fulfilling any needs of every user, company or department for backing up data.

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