KANATA, ON – Jan. 31, 2017 — /BackupReview.info/ — HubStor Inc., the market’s first data-aware hybrid cloud storage solution, today announced that Human Resource Systems Group (HRSG), a world leader in the field of competency-based talent management, has selected HubStor to preserve and manage mission-critical data assets with Microsoft Azure.

Using HubStor’s seamless ghosting of select data assets based on policies that HRSG defines in HubStor’s virtual cloud gateway software, HRSG will free up capacity in their Storage Area Network (SAN) while protecting 27 years worth of unstructured data in Azure. HubStor’s invisible cloud integration works without disrupting users or applications and will enable HRSG to defer spending on new storage while significantly minimizing the amount of data being backed up. With most of the inactive data ghosted in their SAN, HRSG will also be improving recovery time objectives.

Running in one of Microsoft’s Canadian Azure regions, which became generally available in 2016, HRSG sees 80% storage reduction from HubStor’s deduplication and compression. Data is stored using the cost-efficient ‘Cool storage’ tier and encryption-at-rest with Azure Storage Service Encryption (SSE), providing the gold standard of data security.

“One of the reasons HRSG chose HubStor was the peace of mind that our critical corporate and customer data was safely replicated within Canada,” said Paul Skinner, Chief of Technical Services, HRSG. “These improvements allow us to focus on our core business with confidence that HubStor and its staff are fully engaged in providing not only a service, but a true partner focused exclusively on the persistence of our data. Even as a new client, we’ve seen new features in HubStor resulting from our suggestions. Rarely have we seen a vendor so responsive.”

In the cloud, HubStor software wraps HRSG’s content with its near-real-time policy engine and advanced data governance controls, including data classification and data loss prevention which are important compliance and data governance features for HRSG.

Mr. Skinner plans to also leverage HubStor for storage, retention, and recovery of HRSG’s mission-critical database backups.

About HubStor
HubStor provides data-aware hybrid cloud storage for businesses needing to protect, manage, search, and recover unstructured data in a highly secure manner using public cloud infrastructure.

Headquartered in Canada and currently serving clients in the United States, Europe, and Canada, HubStor is the world’s first and only data-aware cloud storage solution. Delivered exclusively on Microsoft Azure, HubStor is a Microsoft partner and a member of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance.

Media Contact:
Elizabeth Lam, VP Marketing
HubStor Inc.

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