Acronis Backup Cloud is a powerful, hybrid cloud backup solution for service providers, which protects all their customers’ systems and mobile devices, anytime, anywhere, faster than anyone else

CAPE TOWN, SA – 28 Feb. 2017 — / — ASG, a full-service MSP serving SMEs, has successfully implemented Acronis Backup Cloud as its customer backup platform. The platform is delivered via Synapsys, the local Acronis distributor.

“An essential component of ASG’s service offering is ensuring the presence of a reliable data backup system with robust local on-premises backups and offsite replication to our data centre servers,” says Jacques Marais, GM of ASG.

“We’ve had many years of experience with Acronis’s on-premises backup solutions. However, with the emergence of the cloud and evolving customer requirements, we approached local Acronis distributor Synapsys to assist us in evaluating the Acronis offerings for MSPs.

“In choosing a backup platform, ASG had a number of key requirements,” Marais explains. “Firstly, we require a proven and established system that is best-of-breed in this segment. Robust and reliable backup and recovery is a non-negotiable for our customers and for ASG.

“Secondly, in order to cater for a wider variety of customer systems and technologies, the backup system must support hybrid and heterogenous systems, both physical and virtual, workstations and servers, local and cloud. It must also leverage the latest technologies and be able to grow as our customer requirements develop and change,” Marais continues.

“Thirdly, the system must be easy and cost-effective to manage,” Marais says. “We require rapid provisioning and predictable costs, all within a multi-tiered, multi-tenant architecture that is feature-rich and easily tailorable.”

After extensive evaluation of the various offerings in the market, ASG has selected Acronis Backup Cloud as its backup-as-a-service MSP platform. “Acronis Backup Cloud is tailor-made to meet these requirements – and more,” enthuses Marais.

“Acronis Backup Cloud enables ASG to solve our customers’ data protection challenges with a hybrid cloud backup service,” says Marais. “Customers’ data can be backed up to multiple locations, and we can replicate data between locations to ensure data availability. It also reduces management overhead with a unified multi-tenant console, enabling consolidated operations and administration into single, unified, multi-tenant solution.”

The Acronis MSP solution supports a wide range of platforms: physical, virtual, cloud, PCs, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Office 365. It enables the MSP to brand its backup service to promote its company name and build brand equity.

Additionally, MSPs can easily develop their own pricing and packaging to deliver services that best fit the needs of their customers.

“The Acronis Backup Cloud solution helps MSPs reduce operational expenses with automation and platform integration,” says Synapsys MD Peter French. “And because it can integrate with existing billing and provisioning solutions, it leverages what MSPs already have in place to automate their business and increase capability, while reducing costs,” French explains.

“Synapsys has proudly been distributing Acronis products since 2003. Over 14 years we’ve developed a very close relationship with Acronis, and been part of delivering Acronis solutions to many thousands of satisfied corporate customers in SA and throughout Africa,” French says.

“Acronis has an established record of innovation, including disk-imaging technology and bare-metal recovery, and many other technology firsts. Now the company has leveraged this experience to provide a backup solution for MSPs that is unmatched in power, scalability, cost-effectiveness, as well as ease of provisioning and management.

“We’re delighted that ASG has selected Acronis Backup Cloud as its preferred MSP backup solution,” says French. “It is already enabling them to deliver robust backup solutions to their customers, and we look forward to them expanding their business as they take advantage of Acronis Backup Cloud’s power and flexibility.”

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