LAS VEGAS, NV – April 24, 2017 — / — OSNEXUS, the leading developer of Software Defined Storage (SDS) solutions, and Acromove Inc., a manufacturer of unique hyper-converged portable NAS and Thunderbolt RAID equipment, today announced that QuantaStor SDS Data Migration Edition will be offered on the Acromove ServerPack™ mobile hardware platform.

Combining the power of QuantaStor SDS’ high-performance SDS platform with Acromove ServerPack™ mobile hardware, companies can securely and cost-effectively migrate large amounts of data between public cloud hosting providers, global datacenters or on-premises sites in lieu of transferring data via the Internet or WANs.

“QuantaStor SDS Data Migration Edition solves the problem of cost-effectively moving large amounts of data into and out of datacenters or cloud environments while making it easy to copy, compress, encrypt and ship data anywhere at any time,” said Steve Umbehocker, CEO of OSNEXUS. “Together with Acromove’s ServerPack mobile platform, QuantaStor SDS Data Migration Edition is ideal for on-site media and film production or content distribution.”

“ServerPack is designed to act as an economical conduit between cloud data sources and datacenter or on premises destinations, especially when web connectivity is a problem,” said CEO Artemis Achillopoulos. “By offering QuantaStor SDS with Acromove’s mobile hardware platform, we can offer media and entertainment companies a solution that lets them easily and quickly move their data from the field to the cloud.”

The Acromove ServerPack is a hyper-converged software-defined system that combines storage, compute, networking and virtualization technologies in one physical unit that is managed as a single system. ServerPack is designed to be portable, can include wireless and GPS capabilities, and is operating system and software application agnostic allowing customers to deploy it in virtually any environment.

QuantaStor SDS allows IT administrators to set up and manage complex open source scale-out file, block and object storage technologies with only a few mouse clicks for use cases including high-performance computing, big data, virtualization and backup and archive. QuantaStor SDS Data Migration Edition appliances can scale to over a petabyte of mobile storage all managed as a single unit to ensure data is safe and secure whether in transit, in the cloud or on-site.

Founded in 2010, OSNEXUS helps companies manage their storage ranging from small sites to hyperscale deployments across global datacenters with its QuantaStor™ industry-leading Software Defined Storage (SDS) platform. The QuantaStor Software Defined Storage platform provides scale-out file, block, and object storage as a single, easy-to-manage solution. Deployed by Fortune 500 companies, QuantaStor SDS addresses a broad set of storage use cases including server virtualization, big data, cloud computing, and high performance applications through scale-out physical and virtual storage appliances.

About Acromove Inc.
Acromove Inc., newly incorporated in the USA in March 2017, is the former MotionFX, established in 2014 but with roots that go back to 2001. The founders are pioneers in the field of Digital Video hard disk recording systems. Acromove Inc. manufactures hyper-converged portable NAS servers and Thunderbolt RAID systems for moving large datasets and edge computing workflows. More information is available at

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