AUSTIN, TX – May 3, 2017 — / — CodeLathe today announced the release of FileCloud ServerLink an advanced file server replication technology on AWS. This new offering helps customers replicate FileCloud sites running on internal file servers to AWS and vice versa.

Organizations are more distributed than ever, with branch offices across the world and employees working from remote geographical locations. Adding to the complexity, enterprise IT infrastructure is increasingly becoming mixed across private data centers and public IaaS (e.g. AWS, Azure). With files being shared and edited across the globe, a single file server in the headquarters can’t provide a uniform level of performance to remote branch offices. Network latency can hamper collaboration and cause user dissatisfaction.

FileCloud’s ServerLink technology can alleviate the problem of latency and improve productivity. With ServerLink, organizations can have branch offices run their own FileCloud site, which would improve the access speed significantly and FileCloud ServerLink technology would synchronize files across headquarters and the branch offices.

“End users can access files and work seamlessly across FileCloud sites, as FileCloud ServerLink takes care of the complexity of replicating and syncing data across multiple FileCloud sites. This offering would be another step towards our mission of giving compelling options that help our customers select the right cloud model for them,” said Madhan Kanagavel, CEO of CodeLathe, the parent company of FileCloud.

With this new announcement of FileCloud ServerLink on AWS, FileCloud extends the technology further to enable new scenarios across on-premise servers and AWS. FileCloud ServerLink on AWS will unlock three important enterprise scenarios:

1) Enable Hybrid Cloud Scenarios
Adoption of hybrid cloud continues to grow as many organizations blend LAN and cloud infrastructure to support many new business scenarios. In case of FileCloud, one instance can run locally on the LAN for fast local access, and another site could run on AWS for remote file access outside the firewall. The experience will be seamless for users, who will continue to use the same FileCloud app and clients when they are at their offices as they would from any remote location. In the background, a local FileCloud site will be connected by ServerLink to the remote FileCloud site on the AWS cloud to ensure data is replicated.

2) Serve Users from Nearest AWS Region
A distributed global enterprise can run FileCloud instances in multiple AWS regions replicated via FileCloud ServerLink. Employees in a geographic region will be served from a FileCloud instance running in the nearest AWS datacenter. Such a setup would improve performance, reduce file access latency, increase data redundancy, and enable high availability and disaster recovery. In countries like Australia, serving from a local AWS vs. US data center would offer a big boost in performance.

3) Use AWS for Backup/Failover
An organization can have an additional FileCloud site as a standby or backup so that if the primary site goes down then the standby instance can be available for operation. Many organizations increasingly use cloud backup to prevent data loss. In case of FileCloud, in addition to replicating files/folders, it also replicates all related data such as users, groups, comments.

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