The Storage Made Easy File Fabric provides Office 365 and SharePoint customers a single pane-of-glass view and control of Office 365 and SharePoint Assets

LONDON, UK – July 5, 2017 — / — The Storage Made Easy (SME) File Fabric has extended its file protection solution to encompass Office 365 and SharePoint environments. The File Fabric Cloud backup ‘forever file’ solution automatically backups Office 365 data, to a secondary cloud of choice, without requiring any user intervention or having an impact on the corporate network.

Secondary copies of Office365, SharePoint or OneDrive files can be stored on cheaper cloud infrastructure such as Amazon Glacier, Google Nearline or on in-house Object Storage.

Cloud services are gradually replacing traditional on-premises IT making disaster recovery very important for Cloud stored data. In addition, Office 365 Data is not immune from Ransomware, particular with data residing on PC’s and being synchronised back to the Cloud.

The File Fabric Cloud backup forever file solution can be configured to keep copies of all data, even versions, renames, and deletions. In the event that the data is not available on Office 365 then the File Fabric will provide read only access to a backup/archive copy until the primary copy is restored on Office 365.

The File Fabric also audits Office 365, and other enterprise data, providing the results in a single Audit Dashboard that is searchable and exportable to meet legal and compliance needs.

For company’s sensitive data the File Fabric can also stream encrypt data before it is stored on Office 365 or SharePoint environments enabling companies to have complete control over the encryption keys at all times, with no personnel from the cloud service provider having access to these keys.

Jim Liddle, Storage Made Easy CEO, said, “The Storage Made Easy File Fabric simplifies how companies can access, manage and protect dispersed business data whether it is on-premises or in some other vendor’s cloud. Corporate IT are still responsible for business data no matter where it is located and the File Fabric takes a multi-cloud approach providing a single access point for protecting, viewing and managing all business data”.

The Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Share and Sync Fabric enables IT to regain control of “cloud data sprawl” to unify on-premises and on-cloud files into a single easily managed converged infrastructure with policy-based controls for governance, audit and security.

The File Fabric solution provides a “blanket” enterprises wrap around all their data: on premises, within public and public clouds, as well as on third-party software vendor clouds (SharePoint Online and SalesForce for example).

Customers use the SME File Fabric product to unify corporate data to enable workgroup collaboration with universal controls for security, encryption, audit, and data access.

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