Automatic data tiering to Spectra Logic tape libraries greatly lowers storage costs and provides a single view of data across flash, disk, tape and cloud

LONDON, UK – 12th September 2017 — / — Pixit Media, the leader in high-performance software-defined storage solutions for the Media and Entertainment industry announced today that it has enhanced its PixStor Ngenea HSM software to archive digital assets to the Spectra® BlackPearl® Converged Storage System. Pixit Media used the Spectra S3 API to build its certified Spectra S3 client for PixStor and IBM Spectrum Scale to address the challenges of transparent migration and recall of data between filesystem and tape in order to free up valuable Tier 1 storage. BlackPearl clients use the Spectra S3 protocol, an extension of the commonly used S3 cloud storage interface.

Easy to deploy PixStor Ngenea HSM provides a single, simplified ingest point that manages the flow of content to each tier of storage from IBM Spectrum Scale into the BlackPearl Converged Storage System. The fully integrated solution provides a transparent means for users within any Media and Entertainment to easily migrate, search for and restore their assets, regardless of the storage tier it resides on, as well as make smart decisions based on storage requirements and budget through its provision of intelligent capacity usage analytics.

PixStor Ngenea HSM is provided in either an appliance or software-delivered format and easily connects to both existing Spectrum Scale and BlackPearl deployments. By integrating PixStor Ngenea HSM with BlackPearl, Spectrum Scale users are provided with an extremely cost-effective tier of storage within their existing file system namespace, without requiring users or administrators to manually copy or manage data. Users continue to access data in the same way they always have, with automated migration and recall of data occurring in the background between Spectrum Scale and BlackPearl. Data movement from Flash all the way through to Public Cloud and back again becomes a simple, online operation.

Spectra Logic BlackPearl acts as an object storage gateway to deep storage. It enables the use of RESTful interfaces to manage large amounts of data on multiple storage domains including online and nearline disk, LTFS tape, as well as public cloud. BlackPearl and PixStor Ngenea HSM deliver a simple solution that provides users the ability to easily move data to various storage tiers, including the lowest-cost storage tiers for greatest savings. Together, the solution offers a hybrid storage environment, by utilizing object storage to manage data on multiple tiers of storage.

“Pixit Media’s strategic partnership with Spectra is an enormous boost to our integrated end-to-end storage workflow for our customers who wish to store digital assets much more cost effectively,” said Ben Leaver, Managing Director of Pixit Media. “Spectra is the perfect partner to help us round out our storage offerings, given its unmatched expertise in the media and entertainment storage industry, and BlackPearl’s flexibility and rich feature set.”

“Media and entertainment workflows are both complex and unique, where no two environments are exactly alike,” said Matt Starr, chief technology officer, Spectra Logic. “BlackPearl is an incredibly flexible solution that offers connections to multiple storage types, including tape, SATA and SAS, to meet the individual requirements of many different types of workflows. The solution’s numerous client offerings including the latest from Pixit Media, position BlackPearl as the ideal converged storage solution for customers managing and protecting digital assets.”

Visit Spectra Logic in booth #7.J30, and Pixit Media in booth #7.K01 at IBC this week in Amsterdam.

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