RecoverX v2.5 release comes packed with advanced recovery capabilities, delivers enterprise-grade security features, and delivers backup and recovery for geo-distributed cloud deployments

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 16, 2017 — / — Datos IO, the application-centric cloud data management company, today announced a significant upgrade to its RecoverX software platform that builds on the momentum the company has achieved since shipping its first product in 2016. This includes onboarding multiple Fortune 500 customers, launching joint solutions with strategic partners such as NetApp and Cisco, and extending public cloud partnerships with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Oracle Cloud. As organizations expand their use of cloud-native applications while maintaining strict standards against ransomware threats and racing to meet GDPR requirements, the latest release delivers important new product capabilities, including advanced recovery features for near-zero RTO, enterprise security features and support for geo-distributed cloud deployments.

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RecoverX 2.5 – Cloud Data Management for The Data Driven Enterprise
Modern applications deployed in public cloud environments and across multiple clouds are emerging as the de facto enterprise architecture. This modern IT architecture is comprised of microservices-based cloud native applications being deployed on the elastic databases, elastic compute and elastic storage services of cloud environments, requiring a fundamental reinvention of data management.

The momentum we are experiencing with our customers is strong validation that data management needs to be reinvented for the multi-cloud era.  Like Veritas did for the traditional data center and Veeam did for virtualized environments, Datos IO is setting the standard for data management for modern applications and cloud workloads,” said Tarun Thakur, CEO and co-founder of Datos IO. “With our latest product capabilities such as queryable restores, data-center aware backup, and advanced enterprise security, RecoverX 2.5 delivers to our customer’s expectations and extends our technology leadership in cloud data management for modern cloud applications.

Datos IO’s RecoverX solution is built upon CODR™, the company’s seminal scale-out distributed data management architecture. CODRtm is rooted in elastic compute services for cloud applications, a distributed metadata catalog for data portability, industry-first semantic deduplication for backup storage efficiency of modern cloud workloads, and granular backup and orchestrated recovery capabilities – all geared towards aligning data management to be application-centric. RecoverX supports modern and cloud data sources in the digital enterprise such as MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Apache Hadoop and Cloudera and supports data protection use cases including backup and recovery to/from/within the cloud, test/dev in the cloud, DR to/from the cloud and cloud instantiation.

“The rapid proliferation of business critical, 3rd platform applications built on NoSQL databases and Big Data file systems requires a re-evaluation of organizations’ data protection strategy,” said Ritu Jyoti, Research Director, IDC’s Enterprise Storage, Server and Infrastructure Software team. “Datos IO represents a new breed of backup and recovery solution designed specifically to address the unique requirements of these new, modern applications.”

Datos IO RecoverX 2.5 builds on this unmatched technology innovation to offer enhanced value to customers, including:

  • Advanced Recovery: The amount of data organizations need to protect is rapidly increasing but customers are constantly demanding faster RTOs to meet their business agility requirements and to address mandatory IT requirements such as those required by GDPR. These same organizations are typically building customer-centric applications that span hundreds of tables, with hundreds of TB’s of data (aka “Big Data”), with change rates approaching 300%, yet they expect recovery times of just a few hours. To address this new class of recovery requirements, RecoverX 2.5 now delivers advanced features including queryable recovery enabling fast, sub-table level recovery, as well as incremental and streaming recovery, both of which reduce recovery times down to minutes and minimize storage requirements for large scale restore operations;
  • Backup Anywhere, Recover Anywhere: Cyber attacks like ransomware present a real threat and organizations need to protect their data across data sources, applications, and any geographical boundary. Increasingly, customers have database tables spanning multiple data centers and multiple continents, but they want their data to be backed up and restored at the granularity of a single data center location. RecoverX 2.5 now delivers on this requirement with support for local backup of geo-distributed applications enabling local data center recovery for faster and more flexible RTO;
  • Enterprise Grade Security:  Datos IO is experiencing massive adoption in large enterprise customers across retail, ecommerce, financial services and healthcare organizations all of which have significant security requirements. RecoverX 2.5 introduces support for TLS/SSL encryption, support for X.509 certificates, LDAP authorization and Kerberos authentication to deliver optimized security between RecoverX and data sources and integration with enterprise security management tools.

Customer Momentum 
Datos IO continues to experience rapid growth in 2017, doubling its installed base in just the first half of its fiscal year, with 50% of its customers in the Fortune 500, spanning all major industry verticals.

In addition to recent customer wins including a Fortune 100 telco provider, and a Fortune 50 healthcare provider, examples of Datos IO customers include:

  • Fortune 100 Home Improvement Retailer – this customer rearchitected their ecommerce application from a monolithic, on-premises-based deployment architecture to microservices based cloud native application, deployed on Apache Cassandra cloud databases, all running natively on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With RecoverX, they achieved their required recovery SLA of one hour, reduced their backup storage cost by approximately 82% and automated their test/dev refresh process, enhancing DevOps productivity while supporting their continuous integration / development (CI/CD) methodologies.
  • Maxwell Health – this leading HR benefits management service was challenged with protecting their SaaS-based employee benefits application built on MongoDB databases running natively on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Using native tools, they were unable to meet their backup and recovery SLAs, and were incurring high monthly AWS S3 storage costs and developer productivity was hampered by a manual, script-based test/dev refresh process. With RecoverX automated backup and recovery, semantic deduplication and API-driven architecture they achieved greater than 90% reduction in backup storage costs, and reduced restore time by more than 30%, thereby meeting their recovery SLAs and increasing developer productivity by fully automating their test/dev refresh process.
  • World’s Leading Online Restaurant Reservation Company – using a native backup methodology this leading online restaurant reservation service was challenged with high costs, a complex recovery process that hampered DevOps productivity, and the inability to meet their recovery time objectives (RTO) for their reservations application built upon sharded MongoDB clusters running in datacenters spanning two continents. Using Datos IO RecoverX, the customer achieved a dramatic reduction in backup storage costs with RecoverX semantic deduplication, met their RTO by leveraging parallel data streaming and single-copy restore, and eliminated operational complexity and improved DevOps productivity using RecoverX’s policy-based management and automation.

Rich Industry Partnerships and Product Integrations
Datos IO is committed to supporting the richest ecosystem of cloud environments, applications, and hybrid cloud infrastructures. RecoverX already supports a broad range of modern technologies, including database sources such as Apache Cassandra, DataStax, Apache Hadoop (HDFS), Cloudera and MongoDB, cloud providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud and storage and infrastructure solutions from Cisco, NetApp, Cloudian, Igneous Systems and VMware.

Notable recent additions to the Datos IO ecosystem include:

  • Next Generation Data Center (NGDC) Workloads with NetApp and SolidFire:Datos IO and NetApp have partnered to provide robust and scalable solutions for storing, managing and protecting modern cloud applications that are prevalent in next-generation-data-center (NGDC) environments. The combined NetApp and Datos IO RecoverX solution provides complete storage performance predictability, enables rapid application deployment with guaranteed application performance and offers fully orchestrated backup and recovery for modern applications built on modern databases such as MongoDB and others.
  • Private Cloud Environments with Non-Relational Databases being Deployed on VMware: Datos IO RecoverX recently qualified as VMware Ready for the Application Software category, enabling customers to protect their next-generation applications and NoSQL databases deployed on VMware environments for private cloud deployments.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): About 60% of Datos IO’s customers are using RecoverX natively “in” the cloud to protect modern applications. Based upon this customer momentum, Datos IO recently achieved Advanced Technology Partner status in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN), demonstrating its proven product merits for cloud-native applications and workloads, validated customer engagement and overall product enterprise readiness.
  • Cloudera: As a member of the Cloudera Connect Partner Program, Datos IO has access to a broad range of resources and support from Cloudera to ensure Cloudera’s enterprise customers can leverage Datos IO RecoverX for backup and recovery, with unique features including file level deduplication across the cluster to provide storage efficiency at petabyte scale.
  • Channel Partner Program – Recognizing the critical role channel partners play in helping organizations navigate their digital transformation journeys, Datos IO launched its Rebellion Partner Program and welcomed new partners including Promark Technology, GroupWare Technology, Technologent, Evotek and others.

“Data protection is a critical enabler of digital transformations and creates an enormous opportunity for the reseller community,” stated Ned Engelke, CTO, EVOTEK. “With their application-centric approach and new capabilities like queryable restore, incremental restore, and data center aware backup and recovery, Datos IO RecoverX is the data protection solution we take to our customers to address the new requirements of modern cloud applications.”

About Datos IO
Datos IO is the application-centric data management company for the multi-cloud world. Datos IO delivers a radically novel approach to data management, helping organizations embrace the cloud with confidence by delivering solutions that protect, mobilize, and monetize their data — at scale. Unlike traditional data protection solutions that protect applications either at a VM-level or at a storage LUN-level, Datos IO has reinvented data protection by eliminating any dependencies on infrastructure constructs — thus, enabling a true application-centric data management approach. Fortune 500 and other leading companies including Ayla Networks, Barracuda, Maxwell Health, and OpenTable use Datos IO to protect, manage and recover data at scale and Datos IO has been recognized by Gartner’s Hype Cycle of Storage Technologies in 2016 and 2017. Backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners, True Ventures, Network Appliance (NetApp) and Cisco Investments, Datos IO is headquartered in San Jose, California. To learn more, please visit and follow us on Twitter at @datos_io.

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