ClearDB Powers Mission-Critical Customer Portal for Worldwide Colocation Service Provider

DALLAS, TX – June 27, 2018 — / — ClearDB, a pioneer in native enterprise cloud database technologies, today announced that Colt Data Centre Services, a global data center and colocation services provider, has selected ClearDB’s MySQL Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solution to power its multi-cloud, always-on customer portal and management application.

ClearDB’s global architecture is designed from the ground up for high availability and low latency to MySQL-powered applications with scheduled backups in multiple regions and time zones to ensure data availability and an international footprint. ClearDB’s highly available DBaaS architecture delivers a resilient, geographically redundant database infrastructure that ensures continuous, unfailing portal access to Colt Data Centre customers.

“Database uptime and resiliency are paramount for us, so we needed an extremely stable, resilient and well-managed database service. With double-digit growth rates, we required a service that could handle database usage spikes without affecting our data center power, CPUs or storage,” said Romain Tranchant, IT Transformation Director, Colt Data Centre Services. “With ClearDB’s DBaaS solution, we are able to support our customers with an always-on managed database that won’t fail when demand rises and that provides continuous portal access.”

Colt Data Centre Services prides itself on the highest levels of customer service and proactively supports service requirements, no matter what level of support customers choose. As such, the company depends on its expert team to select leading-edge technologies to support its mission critical applications, including its always-on customer portal.

“Value and dependability are key points for me,” added Tranchant. “With ClearDB, we have never had to put any of our resources into database troubleshooting and support. We can focus on our customer service and never have to wonder why our database isn’t working or why our customers can’t access their equipment. That is the most valuable thing to us.”

ClearDB’s geo-redundancy is a true competitive advantage and is a mission-critical feature for Colt Data Centre Services, as the company cannot afford any outages that cut access for its customers. With ClearDB’s ability to replicate data between geo-redundant locations, a customer’s database is not only resilient within local clusters but across geographies. If one location’s infrastructure fails, the other location can continue to process the database with no interruption. This geo-redundant capability isn’t offered by all managed service providers.

“We are pleased to support Colt Data Centre Services colocation services and clients,” said Allen Holmes, vice president of marketing and platform alliance for ClearDB. “Our single-tenant dedicated database solution provides customers with a faster, stronger, safer and more reliable way to get data to applications no matter where the applications are in the world.”

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