New Dell EMC IDPA DP4400 delivers innovative capabilities and broad application support in a solution sized and priced right for mid-market customers

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News Summary:

  • New Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) DP4400 designed for mid-size organizations offers converged data protection—back-up, deduplication, replication and recovery, along with disaster recovery and long-term retention to the cloud
  • Delivers lowest cost to protect, with up to 2x shorter backup times, protects up to 4x more data in single 2U appliance with average 55:1 data deduplication
  • Simple to manage, deploy and upgrade; grows in place from 24-96TB – and up to 192TB in the cloud – with no additional hardware
  • Leading-edge VMware integration empowers vAdmins to perform most common backup and recovery tasks directly from native vSphere UI
  • Included in Dell EMC Future-Proof Loyalty Program, with new, up to 55:1 Data Protection Deduplication Guarantee

Full Story:
Dell EMC announced its newest Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA), the Dell EMC IDPA DP4400, providing simple and powerful converged data protection to help mid-size organizations transform IT while combating data sprawl and complexity.

Comprehensive data protection has been a challenge for mid-size organizations. Enterprise-class products come with higher cost and complexity, while lower cost products that have traditionally targeted these organizations sacrifice performance, efficiency and application support. Dell EMC built the IDPA DP4400 from the ground up as a simple, yet powerful, solution for mid-size organizations—featuring enterprise-class capabilities for backup, deduplication, replication and recovery. IDPA DP4400 also offers built-in cloud readiness features with disaster recovery and long-term data retention to the cloud.

“For years, mid-size organizations haven’t quite had a comprehensive data protection solution that was sized and priced right for them,” said Beth Phalen, President, Data Protection, Dell EMC. “With the IDPA DP4400 there are no compromises. We’re delivering a converged data protection solution that’s as simple to use as it is powerful —with support for the largest application ecosystem and expansion to the cloud. The IDPA DP4400 offers the right level of modern features and capabilities for mid-size data centers at the lowest cost to protect.”

Simple and Powerful, at the Lowest Cost to Protect
The IDPA DP4400 blends simplicity and performance for mid-size organizations and remote office-branch office (ROBO) environments. The solution is designed to provide organizations the lowest cost to protecti and is guaranteed under the Dell EMC Future-Proof Loyalty program.

The IDPA DP4400 is a converged data protection appliance in a dense 2U platform powered by Dell EMC PowerEdge 14th generation servers. Key features include:

  • Customer-installable and easy-to-use HTML5 user interface: Makes IDPA DP4400 ideal for deployment and management in mid-sized organizations and ROBO locations.
  • Grows in place with no downtime: A single 24TB appliance can grow in place to 96TB with a license key and no additional hardware to purchase.
  • Protect more data with 55:1 (ii) average deduplication: IDPA DP4400 can protect approximately 5PB of usable data capacity. And, with native Cloud Tier for long-term retention, the total protected usable capacity increases to 14.4 PB.
  • Supports largest application ecosystem (iii)Includes support for modern applications such as MySQL and MongoDB, both physical and virtual, and support for multiple hypervisors (VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V).
  • Delivers powerful performance with NVMe flash: Shortens backup windows by up to 2x (iv); backs up only de-duplicated data requiring up to 98% less bandwidth (v); and supports 7x more backup streams while delivering instant access and restore of virtual machines to help meet stringent SLAs and RPOs.
  • Cloud-ready solution: IDPA DP4400 comes with 5TB licenses each for Cloud Disaster Recovery and Cloud Tier as well as a Dell EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines starter pack that provides five VMs and a one-year subscription (vi).

The IDPA DP4400 simplifies data protection management via a modern HTML 5 user interface that automates daily tasks including management, monitoring and reporting. In addition, integration with VMware native tools, SQL Server Management Studio and Oracle RMAN enables application administrators to leverage protection features within familiar user interfaces.

With an average 55:1 deduplication rate, The IDPA DP4400 also offers efficient and cost-effective native Cloud Disaster Recovery (to Amazon AWS) with end-to-end orchestration—failover in three clicks, and failback in two clicks—all without the need for additional hardware.

The IDPA DP4400 is optimized for VMware environments, with leading integration that enables vAdmins to perform most common backup and recovery tasks directly from the native vSphere UI. Protecting up to 5x more VMs in a single 2U appliance (vii) and with automation across the entire VMware data protection stack (VM deployment, deployment of proxies and movement of data to protection storage), the IDPA DP4400 makes it easy and cost-effective to scale up to protect more VMs. It also provides faster VMware backups and recoveries, and more efficient networking and capacity with its leading deduplication and bandwidth utilization.

The IDPA DP4400 offers customers excellent value and TCO—costing up to 80% less to protect (viii). With up to 2x faster backup windows (ix), up to 20% more capacity in a 2U appliance (x), and an average rate of 55:1 deduplication—it offers the lowest cost to protect among competing products in its class (xi).

Guaranteed under the Dell EMC Future-Proof Loyalty Program
The IDPA DP4400 is part of the Dell EMC Future-Proof Loyalty Program, offering a three-year Satisfaction Guarantee (xii), Hardware Investment Protection (xiii), up to 55:1 Data Protection Deduplication Guarantee (xiv), and Clear Price—giving customers additional peace of mind with consistent and predictable maintenance pricing.

The Dell EMC IDPA DP4400 is available immediately through Dell EMC and authorized channel partners, starting at under US$80,000.

Customer Quotes:
Brian Linden, IT Director, Melanson Heath
“The IDPA DP4400 is a great product because it’s all in one. It’s highly scalable so you know that you’ve got great expansion capabilities. Because it’s Dell EMC, it’s ready to go and I can trust that I don’t have to do a lot of research and vetting to make sure it’s going to work for me. That’s peace of mind.”

John Sharp, IT Manager, The Vollrath Company
“Installation for IDPA DP4400 is easy. Within two hours we were off and running. I don’t have to be Lou Ferrigno to rack a 2U. It goes in quick. It plugs in and is ready to back up our data. It just works!”

Partner Quote:
Seife Teklu, Senior Solutions Architect, Arrow Electronics
“Before the announcement of IDPA DP4400, customers deployed individual data protection software components. Some customers did not leverage monitoring, search, analytics and reporting tools that were available to them. Dell EMC IDPA DP4400 integrated data protection appliance introduces a simple intuitive management interface with enterprise features. IDPA DP4400 appliance saves time, reduces overall risk and provides customers the tools they need for deeper insight into their data protection environment, making it an ideal solution for SMB and SME customers.”

Industry Analyst Quote
Phil Goodwin, Research Director, Storage Systems and Software, IDC
“Organizations today, especially mid-size organizations, are faced with increased complexity— relentless data growth, application diversity, increased numbers of users, and resource constraints—driving the need for solutions to meet these challenges with existing staff. However, users do not want to trade off simplicity for performance or capabilities. With the IDPA DP4400, Dell EMC is targeting a large swath of enterprises in that middle tier that want an all-in-one solution that is affordable, easy-to-use and has the modern data protection features they require to ensure their data is safe and their business can quickly recover in case disaster strikes.”

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(i) Dell EMC internal analysis using publically available competitive pricing from Rubrik and Cohesity, May 2018. Lowest cost to protect is based on $ per logical GB. Actual cost will vary.

(ii) Based on Dell EMC internal analysis of customer data as of May 2018.

(iii) Based on internal analysis, June 2018.

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(xi) Dell EMC internal analysis using publically available competitive pricing from Rubrik and Cohesity, May 2018. Lowest cost-to-protect is based on $ per logical GB. Actual cost will vary.

(xii) Satisfaction Guarantee: Requires purchase of a 3-year ProSupport agreement. Compliance is based on product specifications. Any refund will be prorated.

(xiii) Hardware Investment Protection: Trade-In value determined based on market conditions at Dell EMC’s sole discretion.

(xiv) Up to 55:1 Data Protection Deduplication Guarantee guarantees effective logical data protection storage capacity of up to 55x the purchased physical capacity. Individual results may vary.

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