Report Outlines Today’s Prevailing Data Management Challenges, Offers Archive360 Archive2Azure As Solution for Finding, Migrating and Managing Data in the Microsoft Cloud – Ideal for Meeting Business, IT, Budgetary, Legal and Compliance Mandates

NEW YORK, NY – August 20, 2018 — / — Archive360®, the world’s leader in intelligent information management solutions, today announced that Storage Switzerland, a premier authority on data management technology and methodology, has released a Product Spotlight entitled, “Fixing the Broken Archive – Archive360 2018 Update.”

In the report, George Crump, Storage Switzerland’s Founder and Chief Steward, comments, “Data Management (archiving) looks good on the IT whiteboard. It is the process of moving old data from existing primary storage systems to an archive system. The process should free up primary storage capacity, simplify the data protection process and provide the organization with a better data retention strategy. Often though, what looks good on the whiteboard doesn’t execute well in the real world and data management can be one of those situations.”

The report goes on to outline several areas where data management currently suffers. And follows with a potential solution: Archive360’s Archive2Azure, an intelligent information management platform for finding, migrating and managing data in the Microsoft Cloud in the most efficient and cost effective manner, while ensuring full legal preparedness and regulations compliance.

Crump summarizes, “Data management is no longer just a cost savings practice. In this era of increasing regulations on data retention and compliance as well as new initiatives like data privacy, data management is an absolute necessity. The challenge is getting the organization to a fully managed state. The upfront costs of hardware and software, as well as the operational challenges of making sure it is continuously managing data, are stumbling blocks for the organization. Companies like Archive360, through the use of the cloud and by providing support for many data sources are paving the way to a data management future that is easy to transition to and easy to maintain.”

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