Rubrik Andes 5.0 release introduces Oracle database instant recovery, NAS Direct Archive, policy-driven Epic EHR, and certified SAP HANA® protection

New support for cloud-native applications, including Microsoft Office 365 on Rubrik Polaris SaaS platform and for Rubrik Datos IO for NoSQL databases

PALO ALTO, Calif., November 14, 2018 — / — Rubrik, the Cloud Data Management company, today announced the Andes 5.0 release of its flagship Cloud Data Management platform, delivering a single software to protect, automate, and govern applications and data across datacenters and clouds. Rubrik Andes, the company’s fourteenth and most expansive release, accelerates enterprise digital transformation with groundbreaking innovation for mission-critical applications, including Oracle and SAP HANA® business data platform, and cloud-native applications, including Microsoft Office 365 and NoSQL databases.

As enterprises drive digital transformation initiatives, they grapple with the fragmentation of business applications and data across multiple datacenters and clouds while adhering to ever more stringent security requirements. To successfully deliver business outcomes, enterprises require a data management solution that can protect applications across datacenters and clouds, automate self-service at scale, and eliminate operational complexity while maintaining governance, compliance, and security against cyber threats such as Ransomware.

“Legacy solutions are not built for digital-minded enterprises to meet compliance and protect against security attacks,” said Rubrik Co-Founder and CTO, Arvind Nithrakashyap. “Rubrik’s Andes 5.0 release provides a single software platform to protect and organize business critical information for implementing governance, meeting compliance, and recovering from today’s intensifying security threats. With Rubrik Andes, enterprises achieve business uptime, accelerate development, and leverage the cloud for all mission-critical and next-gen applications – all foundational to digital transformation.”

Automate and Secure Mission-Critical Applications

Rubrik Andes delivers instant access, cloud mobility, and self-service automation to mission-critical applications and data.

  • Oracle Databases: Rubrik Andes debuts Live Mount for Oracle databases, providing instant recovery and clones to maximize business uptime and accelerate application development. Rubrik delivers its trademark operational simplicity via auto-discovery and policy-driven automation for the largest Oracle database environments.
  • SAP HANA®: Rubrik Cloud Data Management 5.0 has certified integration with SAP HANA®. Database administrators can use native SAP tools, such as SAP HANA cockpit and SAP HANA studio, to quickly provide point-in-time recoveries with intelligent log management as well as to defend against Ransomware through data immutability.
  • EPIC Electronic Health Records (EHR): Healthcare providers facing HIPAA compliance and cyber risk can leverage Rubrik’s hallmark policy-driven automation and Ransomware immutability to easily protect and recover Epic EHR environments built on InterSystems Caché databases.
  • NAS Direct Archive: Rubrik Andes introduces NAS Direct Archive to efficiently and securely manage massive unstructured datasets across datacenter and cloud storage systems while delivering global search for instant and granular data discovery.
  • Physical Windows: Rubrik Andes provides Windows bare metal recovery, including full system migration to any hypervisor or cloud instance.

Protect and Manage Cloud-Native and Next-Gen Applications

Rubrik Andes deepens support for cloud-native and next-gen applications, building upon its cloud-native application protection and support of all major public clouds.

  • Microsoft Office 365: Rubrik orchestrates policy-based protection of Office 365 via its Polaris SaaS platform, offering unprecedented simplicity and performance for search and restore operations. Enterprises harness the elasticity of a cloud-native platform to auto-scale protection in line with their Office 365 needs and control where backup data is stored in the cloud.
  • NoSQL Databases: Rubrik Andes now works with Rubrik Datos IO to protect and manage NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Cassandra, allowing DevOps and database administrators to accelerate innovation for customer-facing applications.

Additional Cloud, Security, and Performance Enhancements

  • App-aware data protection for enterprise flexibility: Rubrik Andes introduces Elastic App Service to provide a high performance and secure data service for any application, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SAP HANA, MongoDB, and Cassandra. Database administrators can continue using their preferred management tools while using Rubrik’s automated data lifecycle management and data immutability to achieve greater network and storage efficiencies while protecting against cyber attacks such as Ransomware.
  • Cloud performance advancements: Rubrik Andes delivers significant performance increases in the cloud with incremental-forever cloud archival for faster recoveries and lower costs. By using Rubrik’s CloudOn services, enterprises can deliver cloud instantiations of sizable virtual machines in minutes for disaster recovery or test/dev.
  • Rubrik Accelerator for Microsoft Azure: Rubrik introduces Rubrik Accelerator for Microsoft Azure, a new offering purpose-built for Azure to provide enterprise data protection and application mobility across datacenters to Microsoft Azure.

Rubrik Customers on Andes 5.0
“ASL Airlines switched to Rubrik for its ease of use, cloud mobility, remote office orchestration with Edge, and integration with Oracle. We’ve already benefited from 3x faster restores and 4x administrative time savings. I expect Andes’ expanded offerings — particularly the addition of cloud-native Microsoft Office 365 support — to bring even greater value to our business as we embrace cloud and digital transformation.”- Fabrice De Biasio, Chief Group Information Officer at ASL Airlines

“Before Rubrik, backing up NAS data was a nightmare, and we were limited by our previous solution. Thanks to NAS Direct Archive, we can now mobilize hundreds to billions of files to our destination of choice, unlocking new cloud options and huge cost savings for my team. Combined with new data management applications like Radar, Rubrik will help us drive strategic business objectives, such as fortifying our defense against Ransomware and other cyber threats.” – Brandon Morris, System Administrator at City of Sioux Falls

“With Rubrik’s certified support for SAP HANA in the 5.0 release, we can now protect all mission-critical applications with the same ease and reliability that we have come to expect from Rubrik.” – Toby Tapp, Network Administrator at The Heritage Group

“One of the biggest advantages with Rubrik over legacy solutions is its policy-based management for Oracle RMAN workloads. As a result, we spend 83% less time on managing our Oracle databases today. I’m thrilled to see Rubrik offer deeper Oracle support in Andes 5.0 with even simpler management and instant recovery for our mission-critical databases – all while providing greater flexibility and control for our DBAs, developers, and backup admins.” – Edward Poll, Head of IT Infrastructure at Cranfield University

Rubrik Channel Partners on Andes 5.0
“Our customers love Rubrik because its platform offers simplicity, flexibility, and cost savings. Plus their rapid pace of innovation helps enterprises stay one step ahead. The added functionality in this release across Oracle, Epic EHR, SAP HANA, Microsoft Office 365, and more will make it easier than ever for customers in all verticals to use Rubrik to exploit cloud and adopt next-gen technologies that enable growth.” – Rob Owen, AVP & Chief Architect SVA at CDI

“Customers today are under incredible pressure to both move faster and provide greater data security. Rubrik meets these needs better than any other platform today. That’s why Rubrik is our fastest growing practice.” – Scott Trinque, President and CTO at EchoStor

“While legacy providers continue to struggle to meet customers’ new hybrid cloud needs, the 5.0 release further widens Rubrik’s lead in data management innovation. The latest version of Rubrik’s platform provides best-in-class support to protect, manage and orchestrate business-critical data and applications in a hybrid cloud environment—the model of choice for enterprises in our region today.” – Michael Todt, Head of Business Line – Business Continuity at SVA GmbH

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