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SANTA MONICA, Calif. – February 26, 2019 — / — Aparavi®, a Gartner Cool Vendor in the multi-cloud data management space, today announced that it has certified Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage with Aparavi’s Active Archive Platform, validating joint customers can achieve effective long-term data retention. Backblaze has also passed a stringent set of test cases necessary to fulfill the requirements for the Aparavi Certified Cloud Destinations Program and achieve “Aparavi Certified” status.

Active Archive gives B2 users fine-grained control and the ability to dynamically discover, index, classify, and prune unstructured data while ensuring long term retention. Because Aparavi gives its customers the ability to use the most strategic or cost-effective cloud storage for their needs, to use multiple clouds, and to switch cloud vendors at any time, this interoperability guarantee ensures archived files can be moved into or out of B2 without requiring data to be brought on-premises first.

“Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage is both reliable and extremely price-competitive with a pricing model that is completely predictable. They offer an attractive alternative to other leading cloud storage vendors,” said Jonathan Calmes, vice president of business development at Aparavi. “Our Active Archive platform enables the easy movement to B2 Cloud Storage, and together offer a compelling storage and data management solution for enterprises.”

“For over 12 years, Backblaze has earned customer trust by being open and transparent. We appreciate Aparavi’s similar approach in providing customers the power to manage and move their data across leading storage clouds,” said Nilay Patel, vice president of product and sales at Backblaze. “By focusing on empowering customer choice, Aparavi’s Active Archive Platform enables customers to make choices based on customer needs, not complicated infrastructure constraints.”

Backblaze has been a leading provider for cloud storage for over 12 years. Customers in more than 150 countries currently store more than 750 petabytes of data in Backblaze’s proven, scalable, high-density storage architecture. Backblaze’s B2 Cloud Storage is a competitive offering to Amazon’s S3, but at ¼ of the price. B2’s durability is an industry leading 11 nines with industry standard SLAs governing availability.

Aparavi Active Archive is an intelligent multi-cloud data management solution designed specifically for unstructured data. Aparavi indexes, classifies, retains, and archives unstructured data either on-premises or in any cloud. Cloud freedom, combined with Aparavi’s technology to reduce data up to 75 percent, delivers huge cost savings, agility, and independence. Data is stored in an open-source, published Open Data Format to guard against vendor lock-in and ensure data access forever, while data classification and tagging, along with full-content search, provides fine-grained control and enables regulatory and internal compliance. The SaaS model allows fast integration along with best total cost of ownership.

Aparavi has certified a growing list of cloud storage services in a multi-step validation process to ensure users have flexibility in choosing public and private cloud providers. Certified Cloud Partners also include Wasabi, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and more.

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Aparavi helps trail-blazing IT leaders master the growing volume of unstructured data with a multi-cloud, intelligent, and open data management platform. SaaS-based Aparavi Active Archive unlocks the value of data today in order to prepare for the uncertainty of tomorrow. For more information visit

About Backblaze
Backblaze delivers astonishingly easy-to-use and low-cost cloud storage and cloud backup services. Their B2 Cloud Storage platform is just $0.005/GB/month for data storage and $0.01/GB for general data egress. Backblaze has also structured $0.00/GB data transfer partnerships with Cloudflare, Packet, and Server Central. For over a decade Backblaze has been the trusted cloud storage provider for customers in over 150 countries worldwide. Today, Backblaze stores over 750 petabytes of data on their innovative high density storage pods uniquely arranged into their vastly scalable and performant Backblaze Vault architecture. They are known for their quarterly Hard Drive Stats reports, open-sourcing their Storage Pod design, and generally being an open and transparent company in the otherwise opaque cloud storage industry. For more information on Backblaze please visit

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