Arcserve Replication and High Availability shifts the paradigm from application recovery times to application availability so businesses remain fully operational during unplanned disruptions

New release adds full system high availability for Linux, extends its full system support of Windows and Linux workloads to Azure, and increases support for multiple applications

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – June 04, 2019 — / — Arcserve, LLC, the world’s most experienced data protection provider, today announced the newest version of Arcserve Replication and High Availability (RHA), which delivers high availability combined with heartbeat-powered automatic failover, and continuous data protection for Windows and Linux applications and systems on-premises, remote, and in the cloud. With this release, Arcserve RHA adds full system high availability for Linux, extends its full system support of Windows and Linux workloads to Azure, and provides a number of enhancements including performance and usability improvements and new platform certifications.

According to Arcserve’s independent global study of 759 IT decision-makers, 93% of respondents reported they could tolerate minimal, if any, data loss from critical business applications, with nearly 50% stating they have less than an hour to recover before it impacts revenue. To meet the demands of today’s always-on economy and digital transformation, companies are changing how they approach business continuity, moving beyond data backups and application recovery times to solutions that ensure continuous availability of critical business systems and applications.

“Across many industries, large enterprises struggle to manage disparate replication tools that only work with specific applications or systems. This process can be extremely manual and inefficient,” said Andrew Smith, research manager on IDC’s Enterprise Infrastructure Practice. “Arcserve has designed RHA to address this challenge, integrating with multiple applications, operating systems, and platforms. This has the potential to ease the burden and costs of managing siloed tools, and can also reduce the risk of downtime for companies that can’t afford any disruption to business continuity.”

Using a journal-based process as opposed to snapshot-based backups, Arcserve RHA continuously replicates data at the file system level of files/folders and applications, and full physical/virtual systems with heartbeat-powered automatic failover to ensure they remain operational. Designed to work in dissimilar hardware and environments, it eliminates the need for a collection of expensive replication tools focused on specific applications and systems.

“We are using Stratus Technologies’ everRun Extend, powered by Arcserve RHA, in multiple locations to protect the Access Control Systems (ACS) for a large financial company, which we’ve found to be perfect for maintaining functional warm redundant servers,” said Patrick Callahan, VP of Sawyers Control Systems, Inc. “This solution has made maintenance work and the entire business continuity process very easy. It’s unlike any other high availability solution we’ve evaluated and allows us to seamlessly achieve continuous access to systems for our clients who can’t afford any extended downtime.”

Joost Verhofstad, channel sales manager at Stratus Technologies adds, “Some of the largest organizations in the world use Stratus everRun Extend, powered by Arcserve RHA, to transform their applications into continuously available solutions. Arcserve’s Replication and High Availability technology is added to Stratus’ leading offering of high-availability and fault-tolerant system solutions, in order to meet any and all of Stratus’ customers system redundancy and availability needs in the best possible way.”

System and Application Availability

  • Full System High Availability for Windows and Linux: Arcserve RHA allows IT teams to maintain up-to-date replicas of mission-critical systems; Windows systems to XenServer, VMware, Hyper-V, Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure; Linux systems to VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure
  • Application High Availability: Users can also keep applications available and accessible through real-time replication on physical servers, VMware, Hyper-V, Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure
  • Application-Aware Replication: Teams can manage the replication of data for Exchange, SQL, IIS, SharePoint, Oracle, Hyper-V and custom applications in one program
  • Data Rewind: Arcserve RHA also offers the ability to rollback applications to a point in time before a system crash, data corruption, or ransomware event
  • Encryption: IT teams can transfer data with AES-128, AES-256 or custom-level encryption between local and remote locations without the need for a VPN

“Arcserve RHA was developed to provide organizations with true, continuous application and system availability,” said Oussama El-Hilali, CTO at Arcserve. “There are vendors in the business continuity space that claim to offer high availability, but the technology just isn’t there. What they’re doing is providing snapshot-based backups, or replication with short RPOs. And many only support virtual machines so you’re stuck if you have critical physical on-premises systems that need to remain operational. Arcserve RHA, on the other hand, delivers availability for on-premises, remote, and cloud systems and applications; which are the foundation of most IT infrastructures.”

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