Kubera improves Kubernetes as a data layer by simplifying and automating operations

PALO ALTO, CA – June 16, 2020 — /BackupReview.info/ — MayaData, the originator of the popular cloud-native projects OpenEBS and Litmus Chaos, today announced Kubera, a new solution for the efficient operations management of Kubernetes as a data layer including logging, alerting, visualization, reporting, backups, maintenance, compliance checks, troubleshooting, and lifecycle automation.

Kubera is delivered as SaaS or for on-premise deployments. Free individual plans are available. Kubera capabilities include:

  • Simplified configuration, management and monitoring of stateful workloads on Kubernetes, including Kafka, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, and other workloads
  • Simplified back-up of stateful workloads on Kubernetes, whether the workloads are stored in the CNCF open-source project OpenEBS or otherwise
  • Dynamic visualizations of an entire Kubernetes environment, with point and click controls for capabilities such as snapshotting and cloning of data and compliance checks and alerts
  • Automated lifecycle management of data layer components including the newly available Enterprise Edition of OpenEBS and underlying storage such as disks and cloud volumes
  • Team and Enterprise plans include support services from MayaData for the entire environment including the OpenEBS Enterprise Edition and related components

Kubera subscriptions start at $49 per user per month.

Leo Fillmore from Cort Furniture said, “We selected OpenEBS and MayaData’s Kubera because it was the most robust and easy to use solution for the use of Kubernetes as a data layer supporting our e-commerce and development systems. MayaData’s support has been consistently excellent, and their pace of innovation is impressive.”

Free accounts and subscriptions are available at Kubera Sign-up — https://account.mayadata.io/signup

Murat Karslioglu, Head of Product at MayaData, said, “Kubera builds on our experience in supporting a community of thousands of OpenEBS users. Originally intended to be used only by our support – we quickly learned that our users could benefit from Kubera as well. Enterprises of all sizes – and individual users – are finding that Kubera helps them to achieve cost savings and productivity gains while using Kubernetes as their data layer.”

A blog providing more detail about Kubera is available from the CEO of MayaData, Evan Powell, here: https://blog.mayadata.io/kubera-cloud-native-operations-of-kubernetes-as-your-data-plane

To see a live demo of Kubera being used to operationalize Container Attached Storage – including simple upgrades, troubleshooting, per workload monitoring, backups and data migration and more – please register for this June 24th webinar: https://go.mayadata.io/kubera_launch_webinar

About MayaData
MayaData products and services deliver data agility and massive cost savings. MayaData sponsors two Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) projects, OpenEBS – the leading open-source container attached storage solution – and Litmus – the leading Kubernetes native chaos engineering project, which was recently donated to the CNCF as a Sandbox project. As of June 2020, MayaData is the sixth-largest contributor to CNCF projects. Well-known users of MayaData products include the CNCF itself, Bloomberg, Comcast, Arista, Orange, Intuit, and others.

MayaData Media Contact:
Nisanta Sahoo

4300 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Suite 270
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