Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can now deploy edge cloud workloads anywhere in the world, not just within QuadraNet’s data centers. We are excited to announce that QuadraNet has joined the Federated Edge powered by Zadara Edge Cloud Services

LOS ANGELES, CA – June 03, 2021 — / — Managed Service Providers are now beginning to see the early benefits of workloads at the Edge, such as ultra-low latency, reduced cost and improved performance. These benefits enable countless new edge opportunities that will require edge computing capability, like streaming services, online gaming, 5G service, self-driving cars, healthcare, manufacturing, and drones. There are many definitions of the “Edge”, but QuadraNet believes it is all about the deployment of infrastructure and applications as close as necessary to where data is generated and consumed.

The Federated Edge now enables QuadraNet and their MSPs to provision IT-as-a-Service business solutions to customers as close as necessary to their workloads. Similar to deploying in QuadraNet’s data centers, MSPs can now optimize for latency, price, performance and security/compliance through a shared revenue model, still while maintaining favorable margins.

“QuadraNet Cloud is now available Worldwide. Powered by Zadara’s Edge Cloud Services, QuadraNet is excited to offer On-Demand Edge Cloud Services anywhere in the world.” Ilan Mishan, CEO.

Make Geographical Coverage a Key Differentiator for Your Business in 2021
The rapid move to remote work underscored the importance of resiliency and flexibility for MSPs and their customers. Most enterprises today are doing business globally, which is one of the key reasons companies move to the cloud.

Many MSPs have had to turn down business opportunities because a customer needed to deploy workloads in an area where they did not have a presence. They have come to expect infrastructure deployments to include complicated pricing schemes that typically require customers to predict their capacity needs 3-5 years out from when they sign a long-term, fine-print laden contract. The alternative was to work with large cloud providers that charge inordinate fees for accessing your data. Now, with just a few clicks, Federated Edge operators can access a large global uniform edge cloud unlike anything available in the market today.

Beside playing global and moving faster, the Federated Edge provides a great opportunity for the MSP to future-proof their business with QuadraNet’s Edge Cloud Services. QuadraNet joined the Zadara Federate Edge so they could pass benefits along to their customers, like pay per use and the flexibility to expand and shrink on demand. Whereas MSPs on their own may not be able to compete with hyperscalers, together as a federation MSPs can offer customers the benefits of edge workloads where they are needed most. Federated Edge enables QuadraNet’s MSP partners to serve customers in a new global way and to immediately benefit from doing business in more places and working with new customers around the world.

Compete At The Edge
The low latency, increased bandwidth, enhanced security and burgeoning 5G opportunities are some of the benefits of the edge. MSPs can future-proof their business by supporting the next generation of technology by offering edge cloud services including compute and storage.

The cloud was originally built to put data in, and consequently taking data out often comes with huge egress fees. QuadraNet does not charge for data going in or out of our edge clouds. This is one of the areas the edge can complement the traditional cloud or on-prem solution. Another benefit of edge workloads is they can be temporary and QuadraNet will not charge egress fees. If a doctor is in Alabama and wants to see a radiology image, the latency for the image traveling cross country and the price they pay for egress can be extremely high. To improve performance and eliminate fees health care companies are currently leveraging edge clouds for immediate needs, before moving data back to the source or to the cloud for archival.

Backup as a service is another great edge use case today. When clients backup locally the performance and user experience is much greater than backing up cross country.

Additional technologies that will take full advantage of edge computing are still on the horizon. By joining the Federated Edge, QuadraNet will have a first mover advantage in supporting these new advancements.

Federate Edge powered by Zadara will create more opportunities to deploy and cross sell globally that any business can benefit from. Many of these workloads exist today, but as the infrastructure matures, so will the opportunities for enterprises that require multiple geographic locations, whether local and/or global.

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