Now offers support for OneNote, Kubernetes and Salesforce following major updates delivered in H1

Johannesburg, SA – 20 Jun 2021 — / — Redstor has expanded the reach and capability of its smart, cloud-native, data management and protection platform, providing partners and their end-users with a unified view of data residing on infrastructure, cloud and an ever-growing list of SaaS services for faster, easier protection – all from a single application.

The international data management software-as-a-service (SaaS) business has developed protection for Azure Kubernetes Services and Salesforce, as well as adding a host of new features and functionality.

Redstor has invested close to a million dollars alone on enhancing the RedApp, a feature-rich application, purpose-built for partners, enabling them to deliver rapid, effortlessly scalable protection and management of customer data, more easily, from a single application.

With headquarters in the UK and a growing development team in Spain, Poland and the Ukraine as well as South Africa, Redstor has been able to introduce a host of new features and innovations, including artificial intelligence for the detection and removal of malware from backups.

Redstor’s malware detection for backups complements existing anti-virus software by providing a powerful additional layer of protection for malware-free recoveries. A machine-learning model utilises shared insights, gained from malicious files found in backup sets, for community resilience against zero-day threats with automatic updates to improve protection every day.

New company-level analytics and Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace dashboards provide partners with an overview of protected data – both by customer and across all products – so at a glance they can drill down to see:

  • Number of accounts and users
  • Which accounts have grown, where and by how much over a month or year
  • Status of backups and restores in last 24 hours
  • Threat alerts (malicious files) detected for individual customers

The recent integration of the Redstor app with Google Marketplace has allowed partners to turbo-charge protection of customer data in Google Workspace.

Instead of an admin needing to grant multiple permissions for a backup to go ahead, Redstor’s integration with Google Marketplace app has reduced the set-up process to the tick of a single box, while single-item recovery is just as quick and easy to perform.

Redstor also now supports Microsoft’s OneNote, Class Notebooks and Staff Notebooks as part of OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams backups – creating the broadest M365 support of any backup provider. This has attracted huge interest from Redstor’s many education partners, keen to provide their schools with class and staff notebook support and to capitalise on a margin-rich service with seamless, automated onboarding.

As a result, Redstor has doubled the number of Google Workspace users and M365 users that it is protecting, in the first four months of this year alone.

Web app users can also remotely manage machines and backups without having to set up all the PCs they connect from.

The app not only simplifies the protection of infrastructure and cloud workloads but provides a bridge to the future with the ability to move them around.

A new Azure Mobility service makes it easy to perform a full system recovery or migrate a machine directly into Azure.

Redstor also makes it fast and easy to manage and recover Kubernetes containers in Microsoft Azure, radically reducing the impact of accidental deletion, malicious activity or data corruption.

Unlike traditional, machine-based backups that were not designed for modern, container-based applications, Redstor’s smart, cloud data management platform delivers operational simplicity and automated updates with no error-prone script deployments or configuration, no upfront costs and no complex licensing.

Redstor now offers unprecedented, flexible, cloud-native, hardware-free protection for the broadest range of data types and sources.

Paul Evans, Redstor CEO, said: “Data now exists in more formats than ever before – across a vast number of devices, applications and cloud platforms. Getting full oversight and visibility is difficult without the right tools.

“As data is moving to the cloud, Redstor is building out more connectors to those sources. After launching Salesforce this month, we will be looking to provide protection for Intuit and Sage.

“With many people now expecting to work wherever they need to and whenever they need to, service providers know they need smarter and more intuitive solutions to protect customer data if they are to enjoy recurring revenue and enduring relationships.

“Redstor is perfect for the post-COVID world and is already helping to establish our partners as trusted advisors. Quick to demo and deploy, it eliminates the need for hardware and the associated maintenance costs and site visits, and it also allows businesses to scale up or down easily as demand changes.”

About Redstor
Redstor is a disruptive data management SaaS business that has created a smart, cloud-native platform, which delivers rapid protection of data residing on infrastructure and in a wide array of SaaS applications. Channel focused and trusted by more than 40,000 clients, Redstor’s mission is to make data management simple, smart and safe.

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