With iland, Allegany prioritizes security while recouping significant resource savings

HOUSTON, TX – November 2, 2021 — /BackupReview.info/ — iland, a leading VMware-based cloud provider for application hosting, data protection and disaster recovery services delivered on the iland Secure Cloud Platform, today announced Allegany Insurance Group is using iland Secure Cloud DRaaS for Veeam® to simplify the company’s disaster recovery plan, ensure business uptime and meet industry regulatory security and compliance requirements.

Allegany provides personal and commercial line insurance policies, including farm insurance, through a network of over 400 select independent agents in New York and Pennsylvania. Driven to be the go-to insurer for partner agents throughout the region, Allegany leads with a commitment to cutting-edge automation, product selection and personal service.

Before turning to iland, Allegany’s business continuity strategy required an unnecessary amount of in-house heavy lifting, and the company had to operate a secondary data center with redundant hardware purely for disaster recovery purposes. As a small business operating in a relatively rural area, the company only had one choice when it came to internet services which created additional challenges. The 100 mbps fiber connection, although generally reliable, was responsible for keeping Allegany’s two locations connected and the business up and running. Its two offices were located only a couple of hours apart, meaning if an outage or disaster were to occur that impacted both regions, the company would be unable to failover and stay online.

Since Allegany already used Veeam® for backup on premises, they sought a partner that could seamlessly integrate into their existing Veeam solution, while simultaneously implementing disaster recovery in the cloud. Veeam, the leader in backup, recovery and data management solutions that delivers modern data protection, and iland, the industry’s only five-time winner of Veeam’s Impact Cloud and Service Provider Partner award and a recognized leader in disaster recovery, were a perfect fit for these requirements.

“There were a number of big factors that led us to choose iland, including its ease of setup, competitive pricing and reputation as an industry leader,” said Benjamin Hewitt, Senior Vice President and CIO of Allegany Insurance Group. “Our chief goals were to reduce the need to host our own hardware and rely on our local internet connection for redundancy across the business. Rather than carrying that burden ourselves, it just seemed much easier to address our issues by turning to a cloud provider like iland. iland allowed us to greatly simplify our DR strategy and save on expenses like redundant servers, fiber internet and our secondary building. I haven’t quantified all of the savings, but it’s been significant.”

The steady rise in threats like ransomware, which has become the fastest growing type of cybercrime, impacting a new organization once every 11 seconds, according to research by Cybersecurity Venture, was also front and center in Allegany’s decision-making process. As an insurance carrier regulated by the Department of Financial Services, cybersecurity is a top priority for Allegany. Unplanned downtime can often result in irrecoverable, long-term damage to the company. Whether from cybercrime, hardware failure or natural disasters, the impact of a disaster event can often be felt for years in terms of revenue loss, customer churn or the inability to continue business operations.

With iland Secure Cloud DRaaS for Veeam, the team was able to meet all of their business objectives and greatly simplify the company’s disaster recovery plan. Allegany no longer had to rely on its fiber internet connection or maintain its secondary data center, saving money and freeing them up to focus on more pertinent business initiatives.

iland provides the highest levels of security capabilities and features available today, integrated with all services, and ready to adapt to today’s ever-increasing security requirements. From Secure Public or Private Cloud (IaaS) to Secure Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Secure Cloud Backup as a Service (BaaS), which can include Insider Protection to further protect organizations from internal rogue actors, iland is able to offer the solutions and support needed to protect a company’s data.

Learn more about iland Secure Cloud DRaaS for Veeam here — https://www.veeam.com/

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