A NAS environment that allows Cloud Storage to be used as local storage

HENDERSON, NEVADA – November 16, 2021 — /BackupReview.info/ — BridgeSTOR, LLC, the company that facilitates the easy transfer of files to the Cloud, today announced the release of the Brooklyn Edge Cache allowing Windows and NFS IT Professionals to create a local NAS environment by combining virtual machine technology and the cost benefits of unlimited cloud storage. The Brooklyn NAS Edge Cache built on Centos 7 allow corporate users to easily transfer files from Windows, NFS or Centos 7 Linux environments to third party Cloud Storage Vendors allowing existing applications and file management tools to natively use Cloud Storage without any modifications or third-party tools.

Three major issues have slowed users from using Cloud Storage. The first is the lack of integration with Windows and NFS applications. The Brooklyn Edge Cache includes the BridgeSTOR Coronado NAS Gateway which exports Windows and NFS protocols and is compatible with Active Directory or LDAP for authentication allowing easy seamless access to Cloud Storage.

The second issue is slow internet access and latency to and from Cloud Storage Vendors. Current Cloud Storage users are forced to use third party tools and must wait until all selected files have been completely transferred into the cloud. The Brooklyn Edge Cache will reduce user wait time by immediately accepting the files and writing the files to a local disk cache allowing background threads to transfer files into the cloud essentially allowing the Cloud Storage to seem like a local NAS appliance. Even while the files are being transferred to the cloud, the files are still locally accessible allowing existing applications to continue in the same fashion as local NAS storage. The Brooklyn Edge Cache also stores the most accessed files in the local cache so future access to the files will come from local disk and not from the cloud saving egress fees charged by Cloud Storage Vendors and as the cache fills up, the oldest files will be removed freeing up disk space for new files.

The third issue is NAS backup where 3rd party backup tools must be used to save backups of the NAS Storage. Cloud Storage Vendors support version control where copies of deleted or overwritten files are maintained in the cloud. If a file needs to be recovered, it may easily be pulled from the Cloud Storage Vendor eliminating the need for local backup. This reduces annual costs by removing expensive Backup Software and Backup Equipment.

“The Brooklyn Edge Cache allows IT professionals to create a NAS environment with unlimited storage while removing the daily headache of backing up the NAS Storage.” says John Matze, CEO, BridgeSTOR, LLC. “Now you can lower storage cost by easily creating a NAS environment based on Cloud Storage while limiting the amount of local storage.”

The Brooklyn Edge Cache is compatible with many Cloud Storage Vendors including Amazon S3, Backblaze, Microsoft Azure and Wasabi and other products supporting the Amazon S3 protocol.

The Brooklyn Edge Cache ships as a virtual machine OVA and is available from BridgeSTOR Channel partners or may be downloaded from https://www.bridgestor.com/download/software/

BridgeSTOR, LLC, headquartered in Henderson, NV, is advancing the technology of cloud edge products to bridge the gap between data centers and remote sites to Cloud Storage. The company is extending the boundaries of NAS to include integrated backup while optimizing data transfer to Cloud Storage for long term retention of data. BridgeSTOR makes access to Cloud Storage simple, affordable to businesses of all sizes using a Perpetual License or Subscription models delivering data protection and overcoming the limitations of traditional NAS storage products.

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Dawn Matze

Source: BridgeSTOR