Veronique Marimon brings 17 years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem, most recently as the Chief of Staff to the GM and EVP of Salesforce France

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – November 25, 2021 — / — Odaseva, the leading enterprise data platform for Salesforce, today announced the appointment of Veronique Marimon as Chief of Staff and General Manager, EMEA. In this role Veronique will utilize her extensive experience in the Salesforce ecosystem to strengthen Odaseva’s corporate governance and structure, and to instill and codify the company’s culture and values.

Veronique’s unique skillset and extensive Salesforce background comes from working in the Salesforce ecosystem for the last 17 years. In CRM leadership roles at ADP, she was responsible for implementing the Salesforce platform including data backup and data replication projects. She then joined Salesforce’s Customer Success department where she spent seven years working with some of the largest Salesforce customers through their periods of exponential growth and digital transformation, and experienced first-hand how data management impacts the success of customers’ Salesforce implementations.

Most recently Veronique served as Chief of Staff to the GM and EVP of Salesforce France, where she planned and executed company strategy and focused on building the culture. One of her projects included leading the Salesforce Ecosystem Talent Pool, which helped employees develop the diverse skills and experience necessary for Salesforce customers and partners to realize the true power of digital transformation.

“I’ve been closely following Odaseva’s development and growth since the company was founded, and have always believed in Sovan’s vision,” says Veronique. “This new role combines so many things that I’m passionate about – particularly people, engagement, culture, growth-driven strategy, and the Salesforce ecosystem.”

Throughout her career she has focused on the people-centric aspects of each role, bringing customer and employee needs to the forefront of driving success and growth. “To make your customers happy you need to make your employees happy,” says Veronique. “Businesses don’t create value – people do.”

“I’m thrilled that Veronique has joined Odaseva and will contribute to the growth of the company,” said Sovan Bin, Chief Executive Officer at Odaseva. “She has a highly unique blend of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem, both as a customer and as a leader. She understands the levers of success that need to be activated to help us achieve our short and long term goals.”

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