Barcelona, Spain – March 1, 2022 — / / — During the Mobile World Congress in 2022, Huawei unveils a disaster recovery & backup service solution to enable enterprise users to achieve high reliability and resilience in cloud scenarios, and ensure service migration to the cloud.

Mr. Hank Stokbroekx, Vice President (VP) of Digitization and Technical Service Dept of Enterprise BG, said: “With the explosive development of digital technologies such as cloud and big data, cloud-native technologies such as container and microservices have entered the stage of large-scale application at a faster pace than expected. Huawei Enterprise Service has been committed to working with customers to meet challenges, providing multi-level disaster recovery service solutions based on industry standards, accelerating digital transformation of governments and enterprises, and innovative partners.

With the digital transformation of various industries, enterprise information systems are gradually transformed from office systems to production systems. System stability and continuity are particularly important. However, only 3% of data generated by various systems is stored, and only 10% of data is protected. In the face of threats such as natural disasters, software and hardware faults, viruses, and misoperations, service interruption or data loss may cause severe economic losses and even affect people’s livelihood.

Huawei DR solution includes DR consulting, architecture design, DR integration, and DR drills. With the aim of protecting the entire life cycle of service data, Huawei builds a multi-layer DR solution from bottom-layer data to upper-layer applications and from single data centers to cross-data centers. Based on the long-term accumulation in the DR area , Huawei provides multiple solutions including local high availability, intra-city DR, remote DR, and multi-cloud DR, meeting the strategic objectives of various industries and ensuring the IT system standards.

Different DR construction solutions are selected based on the importance of different service systems. Huawei provides more than 10 DR technical solutions covering four scenarios: local HA, intra-city HA, remote DR, and multi-cloud DR, meeting the six-level DR requirements in the Information System Disaster Recovery Specifications. Enterprise users can select corresponding solutions based on their own construction requirements and supervision specifications.

Huawei Intelligent Management Platform with DR and backup prediction, fault injection, fault detection, decision-making assistance, process control, DR switchover management, data backup and recovery management, DR and backup operation and maintenance management, and DR switchover and service recovery based on customer service disasters. Supports full scenarios, tenant self-service service and data recovery, and implements “3Q” of Quick-Demarcation, Quick Decision-Making, and Quick Recovery in disaster scenarios.

Huawei DR & Backup solution provides multiple DR solutions to meet regulatory requirements of different industries, shorten customer construction period, and improve switchover efficiency. With the aim of focusing on the full lifecycle protection of government and enterprise service data, Huawei helps customers improve business resilience and achieve business success by improving data protection capabilities and disaster recovery management.

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