Partners Gain Powerful Readiness Assessment Service and Certified Support to Combat Rising Ransomware Attacks

Boston, Mass. – April 26, 2022 — / / — HYCU, Inc., a pioneering enterprise SaaS company specializing in on-premises and public cloud data backup and recovery as a service, today announced new ransomware assessment and recovery services for partners. In addition, HYCU rolled out a new certification program for MSPs, MSSPs, and CSPs, based on R-Score™, to help partners deliver ransomware recovery readiness assessments to provide actionable activities to alleviate and reduce the risk associated with escalating ransomware attacks. The new ransomware services and certification program aligns with the latest enhancements to HYCU Protégé as part of a foundation for ransomware protection and recovery. (See related news – From 16 days to 16 minutes, HYCU® Simplifies Ransomware Protection and Recovery Across On-Premises and Public Cloud Environments Through New Protégé Enhancements.)

“It has become an all too tired refrain, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ a ransomware attack will occur, but ‘when,’” said Colum O’Donovan, Senior Director, Global Cloud Alliances. “Today, when management wonders if they will be able to recover from a ransomware attack, there is typically no easy way to get a quick answer. When management asks their IT teams, they typically receive a long list of items the IT team is doing to protect their backups, but it still does not give them a simple assurance as to how safe they are. The power of R-Score is now organizations have a simple metric to track and get the IT teams completely aligned to protect and recover in the inevitable event of an attack. The new ransomware readiness assessment services and certification program provide our partners with a powerful resource to help their customers prevent and recover in the event of an attack.”

With the introduction of the CRN 5-Star PACE (Partners Accelerating Cloud Environments) Global Partner Program, HYCU laid the foundation for the new ransomware assessment and recovery services for partners. The new certification program has been completed by several partners including Kloud Data, 1st Basis and Incentro.

The newest Ransomware Assessment Services and Certification program provides HYCU partners with a specialized Consultative version of R-Score. Partners then have the ability to do a complete assessment of their customers’ preparedness to recover from a Ransomware event when one happens. In addition to the assessment, partners’ customers also receive recommendations to increase their score. As part of the launch of the new services, in addition to comprehensive training and support, HYCU provides certification for partners to deliver the assessment and ransomware readiness services to their customers.

“The HYCU Ransomware Assessment and Certification Program comes at an opportune moment in time for us at KloudData,” said Prashant Parekh, CEO, KloudData. “As our customers turn to us to secure and protect their environments from the rise of the scourge of ransomware, being able to identify and assess where each stands in a measurable and concrete way is critically important. The new assessment and certification program does just that and provides a blueprint of what actions need to be taken immediately in order to be best prepared to prevent and recover from an inevitable attack.”

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