Risk assessment and remediation is now available to activate for all global customers

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA – June 08, 2022 — / BackupReview.info / — CybrHawk, operators of the world’s most advanced enterprise cybersecurity threat intelligence tools and security-driven risk intelligence solutions, announced today a new product line of Cyber Remediation services with elevated cyber threat visibility to customers globally.

“Staying at the forefront of cyber threats is important for businesses, organizations, and governments. Our new cyber remediation services support our mission of not only securing, but creating solutions that improve their network infrastructure,” said Jacob Thankachen, CEO & Co-Founder at CybrHawk.

Cyber threats are increasing, but most businesses don’t know how to remediate those threats.

Research done by Thoughtlab in 2022 found that, “the pandemic has brought cybersecurity to a critical inflection point,” with the number of breaches rising by 20% from 2020 to 2021. The research also found that 29% of CEOs and CISOs admit their organizations are unprepared for rapidly changing cyber threats.

Cybrhawk’s mission now extends to building Cyber Remediation plans that identifies and enhances IT systems.

What is remediation in cyber security?
Cyber Remediation detects, contains, and eliminates cyber threats towards your business before it spreads. Through continuous monitoring and visibility we can identify network IT gaps, target, and eliminate threats before they happen.

Cybrhawk’s Cyber Remediation includes:

  • SWAT Team of Network, Systems, and Infrastructure Engineers
  • Risk Assessment & Planning
  • Continuous Monitoring & Visibility
  • Locate & Remediate Cyber Threats
  • Rebuild Damaged IT Environments

To learn more about CybrHawk’s Cyber Remediation services and how to secure your business, organization, or government IT network infrastructure, please visit https://www.cybrhawk.com/detect-respond-prevent-recover/

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About CybrHawk
CybrHawk is a leading provider of information, security-driven risk intelligence solutions focused solely on protecting clients from cyberattacks. We also pioneered an integrated approach that provides a wide range of cybersecurity solutions for organizations of varying size and complexity. Our solutions enable organizations to define their cyber defenses to prevent security breaches, detect real-time malicious activity, prioritize and respond quickly to security breaches, and predict emerging threats.

About UBX Cloud
UBX Cloud is a Michigan-based cloud service provider with data centers in the United States, South America and India. Our services include Managed IT-as-a-Service, Private/Hybrid Cloud, Disaster Recovery, Cloud Workspaces, Veeam Cloud Backup, and a variety of custom IT consulting services. Our team of IT Engineers helps organizations of all kinds maintain uptime and ensure business continuity. For more information, please visit us at https://www.ubxcloud.com or call 1-888-509-2568.

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Source: CybrHawk