New interconnection capability with Wasabi cloud storage provides digital enterprises with additional IP Bandwidth options and premium connectivity

CHARLOTTE, NC – June 25, 2024 — / / —  Flexential, a leading provider of secure and flexible data center solutions, today announced its continued expansion of its FlexAnywhere® Platform and connectivity ecosystem by offering the industry’s first bilateral peering pathway to Wasabi Technologies, the hot cloud storage company. Customers using Flexential’s blended IP transit solution, IP Bandwidth, can use this direct connectivity to transfer data from Flexential’s colocation or cloud environment to Wasabi storage services.

The enhancement is available to any customers using Wasabi cloud storage services over Flexential IP Bandwidth across all 41 Flexential data centers and service locations in the U.S. The peering relationships have been deployed in all of Wasabi’s major metros in the U.S., which include Ashburn, VA; Plano, TX; and Hillsboro, OR.

High performance and mission critical applications require high speed, along with reliable and secure connectivity that can scale quickly and cost-effectively. In addition, outages, bad routing, and other network problems most often occur between different networks than within a network. As such, avoiding the need to traverse more networks allows for higher performance over time.

Flexential’s bilateral peering capability with Wasabi provides a premium internet experience for customers who require high performance without the additional costs and complexity associated with establishing private connections. Wasabi cloud storage enables companies to gain the freedom to use their data whenever they like without unpredictable fees or vendor lock-in. With bilateral peering, Flexential customers can utilize Wasabi storage services over standard internet connections without traffic egress to an Internet Service Provider (ISP), resulting in a direct connection to Wasabi for dramatically improved performance.

Key benefits that users of the peering pathway receive include:

  • Improved performance by reducing reliance on middle networks to help achieve low latency.
  • Cost effectiveness by avoiding costs associated with deploying private connections. Wasabi never charges for egress fees or API requests, providing users with predictably priced, high performance cloud storage.
  • A better security posture by optimizing traffic routes, reducing exposure to potential threats.
  • The technical simplicity that comes with being a Flexential IP Bandwidth customer, meaning no technical changes are required to access the peering network.

“Enterprises today are seeking high capacity, reliable networks as they scale their high-performance applications, from AI to data-intensive cloud offerings. That’s why Flexential is constantly expanding its interconnection services, and our peering connection to Wasabi is the latest innovation aimed at unlocking value for customers across the U.S.,” said Ryan Mallory, Chief Operating Officer at Flexential. “Partnering to deliver this best-in-class interconnection experience reflects our joint commitment to innovation and enabling reliable, cost-effective traffic exchange.”

Flexential’s bilateral peering with Wasabi also offers numerous security benefits by streamlining traffic flows and reducing exposure to potential threats. While highly connected digital applications need to maintain access to networks, content providers, and exchange participants, peering offers reliable low-latency connections that ensure optimized routes, reducing the physical distance traffic must travel to its destination and providing more control and predictability over latency.

“Wasabi and partners like Flexential are committed to providing organizations with fast, secure and reliable cloud solutions so companies can focus on innovating without worrying about cloud storage bills or slow performance,” said Jim Donovan, Chief Product Officer at Wasabi. “Wasabi and Flexential empower businesses to affordably store the data that propels their operations.”

Flexential’s peering arrangement comes as the company continues to expand and innovate the FlexAnywhere Platform and follows several other significant interconnection announcements, such as the launch of Flexential Fabric.

Utilizing Flexential Fabric, a software defined interconnection solution, to access Wasabi cloud storage environments enables customers to dynamically scale their connectivity and provision dedicated connections for segmented storage traffic to further optimize performance.

To learn how your organization can benefit from direct connection to Wasabi through Flexential’s flexible network service offerings, which include an IP transit service built on a blend of premium Tier I carriers with basic DDoS scrubbing protection, click here.

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About Wasabi Technologies
Recognized as one of the technology industry’s fastest growing companies, Wasabi is on a mission to store the world’s data by making cloud storage affordable, predictable and secure. With Wasabi, visionary companies gain the freedom to use their data whenever they like without being hit with unpredictable fees or vendor lock-in. Instead, they’re free to build best-of-breed solutions with the industry’s fastest-growing ecosystem of independent cloud application partners. Customers and partners all over the world trust Wasabi to help them put their data to work so they can unlock their full potential. Visit to learn more.

Company Contact:
Alison Brooker, Senior Director, Corporate Marketing

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