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2BrightSparks offers a new and improved data backup software Singapore – October 07, 2021 — / — Most businesses today understand the importance of copying their data to multiple locations, as this gives them an unprecedented degree of protection against ransomware, hardware damage, file corruption, virus infection and accidental destruction. SyncBackPro backup software allows individuals, […]

Google Photos allows anyone to backup and automatically categorize all their memories to Google’s online storage for free. But no online service can ever be relied on to be permanently available and maintained. By allowing backups of these pictures and videos to take place, SyncBackPro lets users tap into the power and convenience of Google, […]

Data has become more important to a business than ever before, but for all the advances in storage and speeds, is now exposed to more threats than at any other time in history. 2BrightSparks now provide the most flexible solution to this problem SINGAPORE – September 18, 2018 — / — A computer or storage […]

2BrightSparks have released their most advanced protection against lost or damaged files, hardware damage and ransomware: SyncBackPro version 8 LONDON, UK – July 24, 2017 — / — Too many PC users don’t fully appreciate the extent that the files and data on their computers are at risk. Music, photos, financial records, website login details, […]

2BrightSparks releases SyncBack Version 7 and SyncBack Touch, giving home and business users the ability to backup your computer and synchronize files from Windows, Mac OSX and Android endpoints to and between a host of cloud and traditional storage media. SINGAPORE – October 28, 2014 — / — Covering the multitude of desktops, laptops, phones […]


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