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Organizations activated more Microsoft 365 security features as they were increasingly targeted by cyber-attacks in the last year PITTSBURGH, PA – June 21, 2022 — / / — A global IT security and compliance survey of 800+ IT professionals found that the rate of IT security incidents increases the more Microsoft 365 security features […]

One of the leading global email cloud security and backup providers adds IT security awareness-building training to its portfolio PITTSBURGH, PA – May 24, 2022 — / / — Hornetsecurity, a global email cloud security and backup provider, today announced the acquisition of IT-Seal, a security awareness training company. This is the latest in […]

USA and UK join Germany as Hornetsecurity M365 backup storage regions Pittsburgh, PA – April 20, 2022 — / / — Hornetsecurity, a global email security and backup provider, has added the USA and the UK to the regions that partners and customers can automatically back up their Microsoft 365 data to, using the […]

Hornetsecurity announces new Chief Marketing Officer Katja Meyer Brings vast cybersecurity and channel marketing experience to the group Pittsburgh, PA – April 6, 2022 — / / — Hornetsecurity, a global email security and backup provider, today announced the appointment of Katja Meyer as Chief Marketing Officer. In this role, she will develop and […]

The survey, conducted by Hornetsecurity, reveals that hybrid cloud solutions are the long-term target for 2 in 3 companies PITTSBURGH, PA – March 14, 2022 — / / — A hybrid cloud adoption survey of 900+ IT professionals primarily based in North America and Europe found that the majority of businesses (93%) are adopting […]

All managed via a single, central console thanks to 365 Total Protection Enterprise Backup PITTSBURGH, PA – September 10, 2021 — / — Hornetsecurity has released a new solution to provide Microsoft 365 business users with the security and data loss prevention they require. Microsoft 365’s default protection is not enough: Its built-in email filters […]


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