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WASHINGTON, DC – June 10, 2021 — / — SpiderOak announces the release of CrossClave, a Zero-Trust collaboration solution for companies that require the highest level of security for their most valuable and confidential business communications. CrossClave is a security force multiplier in an industry dominated by insecure file share and collaboration products. Designed for […]

WASHINGTON, DC – June 1, 2021 — / — SpiderOak Mission Systems, provider of cryptographically secure communication and collaboration products, is pleased to announce that Lieutenant General Robert Walsh, U.S. Marine Corps (Retired), has joined the company’s Federal Advisory Board. The Board provides insight and guidance to SpiderOak in aligning business strategy and product development […]

Michael Campanelli Joins SpiderOak Mission Systems as Vice President of Federal WASHINGTON, DC – February 12, 2020 — / — SpiderOak is pleased to announce and welcome Michael Campanelli, who will join the SpiderOak Mission Systems team as the Vice President of Federal, working remotely from the DC Metro Area. Within this role, Campanelli will […]

As teams rush onto the next wave of workplace collaboration, Semaphor delivers the industry’s first Zero Knowledge, private collaboration tool KANSAS CITY, MO – January 28, 2016 — / — In celebration of Data Privacy Day, SpiderOak today announced Semaphor, a new workplace collaboration tool for teams and businesses that care about privacy. General availability […]

SpiderOakONE Version 6.0 updates key features and enables faster performance at a new price SAN FRANCISCO, CA – July 23, 2015 — / — Privacy solutions company SpiderOak today launched SpiderOakONE, the latest major release of its popular Zero Knowledge backup solution. During the past several months, SpiderOak has significantly improved performance, increased storage for […]

Publicly Released Audits by Least Authority and Leviathan Security Pave Way for New Future of Transparency and Openness SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Apr 29, 2014 — / — SpiderOak, the ‘Zero-Knowledge’ privacy cloud technologies provider, today announced the public release of the world’s first ‘Zero-Knowledge’ application development framework, Crypton. Crypton enables application developers — whether […]

With New Management Console and Enterprise Mobile App, SpiderOak Beefs Up Its Business Offerings SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Mar 19, 2014 — / — SpiderOak, the ‘Zero-Knowledge’ privacy cloud technologies provider, today announced that it will offer unlimited cloud storage to business users. The aggressively simple pricing model places no limits on account storage space, […]

Second Web Privacy Event Welcomes New Discussion About Protecting Data Online SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Feb 20, 2014 — / — SpiderOak, the ‘zero-knowledge’ privacy cloud technologies provider, is pleased to announce its second web privacy event entitled Crypto-Think II. This interactive event will offer participants a chance to share ideas and lead discussion around […]


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