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Minneapolis, MN — Jun 4, 2020 — / — Code42, the leader in insider risk detection, investigation and response, releases the following statement addressing the issue of racism and systemic inequities.

“At Code42, we are heartbroken over another senseless death of an unarmed person of color at the hands of law enforcement. As a society, we must acknowledge the daily and systemic racism that black people have experienced in America for almost 400 years. To stay silent is to be complicit. We want to engage in the conversation and hear the voices from people of color, women, the LGBTQ community and people of all beliefs. At Code42, we are committed to a regular dialogue with these communities.

“As many protesters have impassionedly stated, we need meaningful, systemic change. This crisis gives us the determination to try harder and take action now.”

In addition to lending our voice to those directly affected by racism, Code42 plans to take the following steps:

  • Set concrete goals for a more equitable organization with a workforce that more closely reflects the demographics of the communities where our offices are located. We also want to ensure those team members have a voice that is heard.
  • Hire an expert in inclusion to counsel us on how to make our culture more inclusive for historically oppressed people.
  • Ask each employee to devote half of their volunteer time off (VTO) days per year to support communities of color.
  • Raise additional funds through the Code42 Foundation to support the immediate needs of the Black community in Minneapolis as the city is rebuilt. Created in 2016, the foundation’s mission is to disrupt the systems that perpetuate inequities, to maximize opportunities for communities that have historically lacked equal opportunities, and for every person to be accepted as a whole human.
  • Engage in the conversation about race on an ongoing basis through quarterly company meetings and identify ways we can do better for the under-represented and under-privileged in our organization.

“While this isn’t an exhaustive list, we can hold ourselves accountable and measure against these initial commitments over the next year. At Code42, we believe in the relentless pursuit of better in all that we do — so expect us to demand more from our company and ourselves as time passes. We are committed to leaving the world a better place.”

About The Code42 Foundation
The Code42 Foundation distributes funds to organizations whose mission is to address systemic inequities and strive to make lasting, impactful change. A mission of the Code42 Foundation is to end racial inequity. Donations to the foundation are tax-deductible and can be made using the instructions found here. Contributions are processed by the Minneapolis Foundation, which administers the Code42 Foundation Fund.

About Code42
Code42, the global leader in cloud-based endpoint data security and recovery, protects more than 47,000 organizations worldwide. Code42 enables IT and security teams to centrally manage and protect critical data for some of the most recognized brands in business and education. From monitoring endpoint data movement and use, to meeting data privacy regulations, to simply and rapidly recovering from data incidents no matter the cause, Code42 is central to any organization’s data security strategy. Code42 is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn., and backed by Accel Partners, JMI Equity, NEA and Split Rock Partners. For more information, visit

Gerri Dyrek
Vice President Corporate Marketing

Source: Code 42




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Woburn, MA – June 4, 2020 — / — Kaspersky recently conducted a survey to highlight the importance of security protection and awareness for smaller enterprises. The research found that, although small businesses are less inclined to provide their staff with company devices to work from home, only one third of employees (34%) have received instructions on how to securely work on personal laptops, tablets and smartphones.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, working from personal devices has become a necessity for some small businesses. As a result, organizations have been tasked with protecting personal devices from cyber risks so that sensitive business and customer data stored on them remains safe, and employees can work without downtime should their device become a target of ransomware or other malware infections.

During the pandemic, the survey found that three-in-five employees of small organizations (57%) were not provided with corporate devices from their employers, compared to an average of 45% of staff working in all companies. Additionally, only one third of small business staff (34%) indicated they were given any IT security requirements to work securely on personal devices.

These requirements could include having an anti-malware solution installed by a user or provided by an organization, using strong and unique passwords on devices and WiFi routers, and regularly updating device operating systems in order to reduce risks from unpatched vulnerabilities.

Having such instructions in place has become even more necessary in the current global climate, given that 35% of small business employees admitted they have begun to store more valuable corporate information on their home devices, as well as in personal cloud storage services (25%).

Small companies may be in difficult circumstances and their first priority is to save their business and employees during the lockdown, so it is no surprise that cybersecurity may become an afterthought,” said Andrey Dankevich, senior product marketing manager for B2B Product Marketing at Kaspersky. “However, implementing even basic IT security requirements can decrease the chances of malware infection, compromised payments or lost business data. Moreover, there are plenty of recommendations already given by cybersecurity experts that businesses can share with their employees to help them keep their devices safe. And of course, the requirements should be followed not only during home isolation but continued when staff work remotely in the future.”

Kaspersky advises small companies to follow these IT security requirements to protect their employees while working from personal devices:

  • Home devices should be protected with an antivirus solution. Kaspersky offers small businesses a dedicated solution, Kaspersky Small Office Security, which can be installed remotely on any device, whether corporate or employee-owned and managed from the cloud.
  • Device operating systems, as well as applications and services, should be always updated to the latest versions.
  • Password protection should be switched on for all devices including mobiles and WiFi routers. If a router has a default password it should be changed to a new and strong one. The password manager feature in a security solution helps to generate and store unique and strong passwords for every account.
  • Home WiFi connections should be encrypted, ideally with the WPA2 encryption standard. This can be done in router settings.
  • A VPN should be used if an employee is using unknown WiFi hotspots.
  • Use a security solution that enables device and server encryption and creates backups for all corporate data – this will help to restore data quickly in case of a ransomware infection.
  • Provide employees with a list of reliable cloud services that they can use to store or transfer corporate data.
  • Conduct basic security awareness training for your employees. This can be done online and should cover essential practices, such as account and password management, email security, endpoint security and web browsing. Kaspersky and Area9 Lyceum have prepared a free course to help staff work safely from home.
  • Last but not least, ensure your employees know who to contact if they face an IT or security issue.

More information about Kaspersky Small Office Security can be found on the product page –

For additional findings from the report, please visit “How COVID-19 changed the way people work”–

About Kaspersky
Kaspersky is a global cybersecurity company founded in 1997. Kaspersky’s deep threat intelligence and security expertise is constantly transforming into innovative security solutions and services to protect businesses, critical infrastructure, governments and consumers around the globe. The company’s comprehensive security portfolio includes leading endpoint protection and a number of specialized security solutions and services to fight sophisticated and evolving digital threats. Over 400 million users are protected by Kaspersky technologies and we help 270,000 corporate clients protect what matters most to them. Learn more at

Media Contact:
Cassandra Faro

Source: Kaspersky




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Actifio Webinar: Rapid Cloning for SAP HANA Databases with IBM Virtual Data Pipeline, Powered By Actifio

WALTHAM, Mass — June 3, 2020 — / –

WHO/WHAT: Actifio, the pioneer of multi-cloud copy data management software, will host a webinar on June 10 that will demonstrate how to leverage the IBM Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP), powered by Actifio, rapidly clone or refresh SAP HANA databases for DevOps or Analytics.

IBM VDP provides a scalable, enterprise-grade copy data management (CDM) solution for SAP databases, allowing for instantly provisioned on-demand databases that enable developers to accelerate release cycles and increase agility. During this webinar, Actifio’s Jason Brown and Anthony Kessel will elaborate on how IBM VDP, powered by Actifio, works for SAP HANA as well as how to overcome common challenges.

WHEN: 11:00 a.m. ET; June 10, 2020

REGISTER: Click here –

To learn more about the IBM Virtual Data Pipeline, powered by Actifio, click here –

About Actifio:
Actifio is the pioneer of multi-cloud copy data management software. With more than 3,600 customers around the world, Actifio enables organizations to virtualize and deliver their data instantly, anywhere. An enterprise-class software platform powered by patented Virtual Data Pipeline™ technology, Actifio helps accelerate adoption of hybrid, public and multi-cloud strategies, build higher quality applications faster, and improve business resiliency and availability. For more, visit or follow @Actifio on Twitter.

Media Contact:
Carissa Ryan, CTP for Actifio

Source: Actifio




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Joint customers can now instantly monitor, analyze, detect and respond to insider threats

SUNNYVALE, CA – June 03, 2020 — / — Druva, Inc., the leader in Cloud Data Protection and Management, today announced the launch of an API integration with FireEye extending visibility and control over endpoint backup data to monitor, analyze, detect and respond to data breaches from ransomware, data theft, and insider attacks. Joint customers of Druva and the FireEye Helix platform can now dramatically reduce incident response times, minimize downtime, and accelerate recovery from protected backup data.

With businesses facing a rapidly changing remote workforce population, the spotlight is on IT teams to ensure the security and reliability of critical business data. At the same time, ransomware attacks and insider threats are accelerating. FireEye Helix is a cloud-hosted security operations platform that integrates disparate security tools and augments them with next generation SIEM, orchestration and threat intelligence capabilities to capture the untapped potential of security investments. The API integration with Druva inSync helps ensure a cyber-resilient enterprise can continue to function during an attack and is agile enough to adapt and recover from any incident. With pre-built rules and alerts, Druva and FireEye provide Security Ops teams with the ability to react rapidly, substantially reducing the operational effort for a security analyst. This is done by:

  • Identifying abnormal data restoration, ensuring data being restored is within the enterprises’ network
  • Ensuring compliance to geography-based data access and restoration policy
  • Offering visibility into who is accessing the system, tracking Unauthorized Admin Login attempts, password changes and Admin attempts to download or recover data
  • Creating alerts, generated by the pre-built rules, which trigger pre-configured playbooks to help security analysts to rapidly assess the event and take appropriate mitigation actions

“The spread of enterprise data inside and outside organizations makes it increasingly challenging for security teams to gain the full visibility they require,” said Sean Morton, Vice President, Customer Experience, FireEye. “Traditional backup solutions can be a ‘black box’, but Druva’s unique capabilities offer greater visibility into ongoing activities. Data security and protection continue to be top of mind for IT leaders and we are excited to work with Druva to deliver powerful solutions that help keep enterprises safe and secure.”

“The cost of successful security breaches is only rising – between regulatory policies, security reviews, reputational management, and of course business interruption – and its impact can easily have a significant impact on a business’s ability to continue operations,” said Stephen Manley, Chief Technologist, Druva. “The current environment of a dispersed workforce, inconsistent security approaches, and increasingly aggressive malicious actors have only raised the stakes. Druva’s unique ability to offer naturally air-gapped data immutability and seamless integrations with a wide variety of platforms and solution providers, like FireEye, helps companies take control of their data and have the visibility required to keep teams safe.”

Additional Information:

  • Read more about Druva’s technology partnerships –
  • Learn how Druva is helping businesses protect remote workers and their data –

About Druva
Druva delivers Data Protection and Management for the cloud era. Druva Cloud Platform is built on AWS and offered as-a-Service; customers drive down costs by up to 50 percent by freeing themselves from the burden of unnecessary hardware, capacity planning, and software management. Druva is trusted worldwide by over 4,000 companies at the forefront of embracing the cloud. Druva is a privately held company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and is funded by Sequoia Capital, Viking Global Investors, Tenaya Capital, Riverwood Capital and Nexus Partners. Visit and follow us @druvainc.

Jesse Caputo
Senior Manager, Public Relations
Druva, Inc.

Source: Druva, Inc.




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The latest version of NAKIVO Backup & Replication adds Backup to Amazon S3, Instant P2V and more

Sparks, NV – June 3, 2020 — / — NAKIVO Inc., a fast-growing software company dedicated to protecting virtualized, physical, cloud and SaaS environments, announced today the release of NAKIVO Backup & Replication v9.4.

The new features in NAKIVO Backup & Replication v9.4 include:

Backup to Amazon S3
NAKIVO customers can now send backups and backup copies directly to Amazon S3, an affordable and scalable cloud storage platform. Once backups are in the cloud, customers can instantly recover files, application objects, and VMs directly from the cloud backups.

Instant P2V
NAKIVO Backup & Replication can now instantly restore Windows and Linux physical machines as VMware VMs. With this feature, customers can instantly recover from a physical machine failure, test updates before applying them to production machines, and simplify migration from a physical to a virtual environment.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
NAKIVO Backup & Replication has added role-based access control to improve the security of data protection activities and give administrators greater control of task delegation. Administrators can assign preset and custom roles with a unique set of rights and permissions to users. This way, a business ensures that users have the right level of access to NAKIVO Backup & Replication.

Instant Object Recovery to Source for Microsoft Exchange
v9.4 can instantly restore Microsoft Exchange objects — emails, contacts and calendar items, for example — to the original or a custom location directly from deduplicated backups.

Instant Object Recovery to Source for Active Directory
Customers can simplify Active Directory management by restoring individual Active Directory objects, such as user accounts and groups, to their original location or a custom location. Active Directory objects can be recovered directly from deduplicated backups.

Backup of Fault-tolerant VMware VMs
VMware fault-tolerance works by creating a synchronized replica of a VM, to which the live VM will automatically fail over if necessary. Support for fault-tolerant VMware VM adds another data protection method to the host of services provided by NAKIVO Backup & Replication.

“NAKIVO Backup & Replication v9.4 expands businesses’ ability to tailor backup and recovery to their specific needs,” said Bruce Talley, CEO of NAKIVO Inc. “We are delighted to continually offer customers more flexibility when it comes to choosing backup destinations, recovery types and security controls.”


  • Trial Download:
  • Datasheet:
  • Success Stories:

NAKIVO is a US-based corporation dedicated to delivering the ultimate backup and site recovery solution. With 20 consecutive quarters of double-digit growth, 5-star online community reviews, 97.3% customer satisfaction with support, and more than 14,000 paid customers worldwide, NAKIVO provides an unprecedented level of protection for virtual, physical, cloud and SaaS environments. As one of the fastest-growing data protection software vendors in the industry, NAKIVO provides a data protection solution for major companies such as Coca-Cola, Honda, and China Airlines, in addition to working with over 4,100 channel partners in 140 countries worldwide.

Visit at:
Follow on Twitter:
Connect on Facebook:
Join on LinkedIn:

Sasha Tolkachova
PR Manager
+1 416 845 3381

Source: Nakivo




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Grand Rapids, Southfield and Detroit Metro, Michigan; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Oak Brook, Illinois to launch enhanced data center services

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – June 02, 2020 — / — US Signal, a leading data center services provider, today announced that the company is expanding its cloud and data protection capabilities to additional data centers. Beginning today, customers have the ability to consume multi-tenant and private cloud services in US Signal’s Grand Rapids, Southfield and Detroit Metro, Michigan data centers. The same services will be available at US Signal’s Oak Brook, Illinois data center in July and its Indianapolis, Indiana facility in September.

Organizations will now benefit from enhanced disaster recovery, backup and managed security services and solutions. In addition, customers that colocate physical infrastructure in these sites can leverage private Layer 2 network connectivity to US Signal Cloud resources, including its HIPAA- and PCI DSS-compliant Hosted Private Cloud— or a direct connection to hyperscale providers.

US Signal’s data center services support the large-scale adoption of cloud-first, hybrid, and off-premises data center strategies—all of which require colocation space. The growing demand for each of these services is highlighted within US Signal’s recent 2020 State of Data Center Offerings Survey. The report also calls out end-user preferences for third-party edge data center providers with a solid record in security, compliance and network capacity—areas in which US Signal continues to demonstrate excellence and leadership.

“US Signal has seen a 300% growth in its data center business over the past five years,” explained Dave Wisz, executive vice president of operations at US Signal. “This is a trend that’s been steadily increasing over the last year but has come to the forefront in the last few months as companies migrate to the cloud in ever-increasing numbers, due to support of remote work. Today’s announcement demonstrates that US Signal remains highly responsive to evolving customer requirements and shows that we offer flexibility to customers at every stage of their digital transformation journey.”

The dramatic increase of remote work since COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of flexible and scalable cloud-based IT resources. To address these needs, US Signal also enables access to its extensive geo-diverse data protection solutions—all with high-speed connectivity, high availability and extremely low latency of 5 milliseconds or less.

US Signal is accepting inquiries from interested colocation customers. To find out more, please visit:

About US Signal
US Signal is a provider of data center services, offering connectivity, cloud hosting, colocation, data protection, and disaster recovery solutions – all powered by its wholly owned and operated, robust, fiber network. US Signal also helps customers optimize their IT resources through managed and professional services.

Alyssa Palotti
US Signal

Source: US Signal




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Robinson Township, PA-based managed service provider achieves exclusive status with world’s leading provider of IT solutions

PITTSBURGH, PA – June 2, 2020 — / — Today, MidnightBlue announced it has achieved the exclusive Enterprise partner status with Datto, the world’s leading provider of IT solutions delivered through managed service providers (MSPs). Datto’s Enterprise status represents the top 10 percent of the company’s partners, worldwide.

MidnightBlue has exceeded high standards of performance to qualify for Enterprise status within Datto’s Global Partner Program. Enterprise status includes many exclusive programs and benefits designed to support further enablement and business growth.

Based in Robinson Township, PA., just outside Pittsburgh city limits, MidnightBlue provides outstanding technology and managed services and solutions for small to mid-sized businesses across the Southwest Pennsylvania region.

“It’s an honor to be part of an elite group of successful Datto partners. I see this as a testament to how we do business differently at MidnightBlue, with our commitment to ensuring that small and medium-sized businesses have the same access to the high-quality, consistent, and top-tier solutions as large enterprise organizations.,” said Larry Schwartz, President, CEO & Founder of MidnightBlue. “Datto has played a key role in MidnightBlue’s growth, success, our ability to reach our sales and marketing objectives, and our ability to service our customers, year after year. Our entire team is looking forward to seeing what the next year of our partnership will bring.”

“We are thrilled that MidnightBlue has reached Enterprise Partner Status,” said Rob Rae, vice president of business development, Datto. “It’s been fantastic to see MidnightBlue leveraging our training, support, and marketing resources to take their business to the next level. We look forward to more success in 2020 as we continue to roll out new partner services.”

To learn more about MidnightBlue, visit To learn more about Datto, visit

Connect with MidnightBlue on social media:

  • Facebook —
  • Twitter —
  • LinkedIn —

About MidnightBlue
Founded in 2005, Midnight Blue Technology Services is a Southwest Pennsylvania-based technology services provider, offering full-service and scalable technology solutions that keep small to mid-sized business systems fully secured, backed up, and always running. Learn more at

About Datto
At Datto, our mission is to empower the world’s small and medium-sized businesses with the best in enterprise-level technology. We do it by equipping our unique community of Managed Service Provider partners with the right products, tools and knowledge to allow each and every customer to succeed. It’s an approach that’s made us the world’s leading provider of MSP delivered IT solutions. Datto is headquartered in Norwalk, Conn., with offices worldwide.

Larry Schwartz
Midnight Blue Technology Services
P: +1-412-342-3800

Midnight Blue Technology Services, LP
4955 Steubenville Pike, Suite 160
Pittsburgh, PA
USA, 15205

Source: MidnightBlue




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SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 02, 2020 — / — DrChrono Inc., the company developing the essential platform and services for modern medical practices, announced today that it will be a presenter at an upcoming webinar with partner BirdEye on June 4, 2020 on the topic “Working Remotely with Medical Records and Effectively with Innovative Solutions.”

On June 16, 2020, the company will also be a panelist at the upcoming virtual healthcare event organized by cyber protection partner Acronis that will focus on “Healthcare IT at the Crossroads: Through the Pandemic and Beyond.” DrChrono is also a participant in Square’s Small Business Hackathon.

“We are committed to helping our community during this pandemic by teaming up with our partners via these various events to make a positive impact,” said Daniel Kivatinos, Co-founder and COO of DrChrono. “It’s important now more than ever to share lessons learned and insights related to telehealth and other digital health topics that can help practices and other health-related businesses as they make adjustments and grow during this time.”

Upcoming Partner Events:
BirdEye – DrChrono will co-host a joint live webinar with BirdEye on Thursday, June 4th from 11:00am – 12:00 pm PDT on the topic “Working Remotely with Medical Records and Effectively with Innovative Solutions.” Daniel Kivatinos of DrChrono will share with attendees how to create a modern medical practice that enables physicians, providers and staff to work anywhere. He will provide tips on what hardware to pick, learn about medical apps and get suggestions on workflows that can help with practice efficiencies.
Register for this event at:

Acronis – This live one-day healthcare tech event organized by Acronis, a leader in cyber protection, entitled, “Healthcare IT at the Crossroads: Through the Pandemic and Beyond,” will take place on Tuesday, June 16th at 10:00 am PDT. The agenda will feature prominent thought leaders in healthcare technology that will discuss topics including: executing on plans for newly viable and essential telemedicine applications, learning from healthcare and tech innovations in the professional sports (MLB) world and charting a course for the future of healthcare technology in the post-pandemic era to name a few. Daniel Kivatinos will be part of a healthcare telemedicine roundtable with Clinton Phillips of Medici and Candid Wüest of Acronis, discussing the state of the industry and sharing their planning tips. Additional featured speakers at the event include: Gaidar Magdanurov, Acronis, Joe Kvedar, Harvard Medical School, Aenor Sawyer, NASA, and James Napoli, Medliminal.
Register for this event at:

Square – DrChrono’s Daniel Kivatinos is a judge for the Square Small Business Hackathon which is currently underway. Developers are invited to build software applications that can help small businesses adapt and recover as a result of COVID-19’s impact on their business. Categories include healthcare, retail, food & beverage, and services & other. In addition to judging submissions, Daniel has framed healthcare specific challenges that developers can use as inspiration for their applications. The deadline to register for the hackathon is June 22nd and winners will be announced on July 17th.
Register for this event at:

About DrChrono
DrChrono develops the essential platform and services for modern medical practices to make care more informed, more interactive, and more personalized. The open platform powers electronic health record (EHR), practice management, medical billing, and revenue cycle management solutions for thousands of physicians and millions of patients, and is fully extensible via a robust API and marketplace of applications and services. The platform is facilitating millions of patient appointments and is processing billions of dollars in medical billing. For more information about DrChrono, visit

Media Contact:
Gina Rezendes
Big Swing Communications

Source: DrChrono




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Monroe, NJ – June 3, 2020 — / — Synametrics Technologies, Inc., a New Jersey-based solutions provider for IT professionals and computer systems developers, has release a major update of Syncrify Version 4.9.

Synametrics Technologies is now introducing an upgraded tool for backing up, synchronizing, and restoring important documents. Syncrify Version 4.9 introduces a new feature in which the user has the ability to search for files directly from the web interface. This provides for an easier backup experience as users are able to efficiently and effectively find what they are looking for from any location and any device. Along with this, users are also granted the ability to backup to Wasabi Cloud Storage. This will allow users to branch out on their backup capabilities while still ensuring their information is being protected in the most secure fashion possible. The newest release allows for an enhanced user experience all while providing the services that businesses need to ensure private information remains secure and stored properly without interruption.

In addition to these features, Syncrify Version 4.9 also includes:

  • Improved reporting for Cloud snapshots
  • Reporting for cloud snapshots have been improved
  • Several security updates

Thanks to Vladimir TOUTAIN of Certilience for letting us know about it.

  • Bug Fix: Several problems related to XSS attacks were fixed, which were described in CVE-2016-10735, CVE-2018-14040, CVE-2018-14042, CVE-2018-14041, CVE-2019-8331, CVE-2018-20677, CVE-2018-20676
  • Bug Fix: Pings from Syncrify Client to Server fails if the host name contains a non-English character
  • Bug Fix: Log files are not attached when a request is sent from the web interface

Syncrify is a private-cloud backup software allowing multiple customer machines to backup folders/files to a central repository within its own enterprise. The comprehensive, multi-platform data protection solution provides 100% security and allows customers to access their files from anywhere at any time.

Syncrify also offers across-the-board folder synchronization and an incremental backup feature that intelligently recognizes small changes to larger projects, thereby making backup jobs run faster and more smoothly. Syncrify’s multi-tier backup software has the ability to transfer a modified part within a file, called a delta. By dividing a file into multiple blocks and computing checksum on both ends, Syncrify allows for users to transfer data in an efficient and secure manner.

Geared toward a multi-user environment, Syncrify is well suited for situations where source and destination are far apart, like across the Internet. This program allows for files to be accessed from anywhere at any time using a web browser. Syncrify’s backup repository also allows for users to not only backup their data but also share files among colleagues while avoiding any third-party interruption.

For more information about this update and the complete version history for Syncrify, please visit

About Synametrics Technologies, Inc.
Synametrics Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company based in Monroe, New Jersey that have been providing solutions for the IT community since 1997. Based on the success of our initial product offerings, such as WinSQL, Xeams, SynaMan and Syncrify, we continue to create and hone innovative products that help our customers get more from their computer applications, databases, and infrastructure. To date, over one million users around the world have chosen Synametrics solutions to help power their accelerated business or personal computing needs.

For additional information, visit:

Casey Eggers
Synametrics Technologies, Inc.

Synametrics Technologies, Inc.
983 Route 33
Suite E
Monroe Township, NJ 08831

Source: Synametrics Technologies, Inc.




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Comprehensive Backup and Retention Solution Powered by Veeam Protects Against Accidental Deletions, Malware, Security Threats and Retention Policy Gaps

Ann Arbor, MI – June 2, 2020 — / — Otava, a global leader in secure and compliant cloud solutions, has added Otava Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365. The new Software as a Service (SaaS) offering provides backup service powered by Veeam® for users of Microsoft 365 online applications on top of Otava’s compliant cloud infrastructure. Following the recent introduction of Otava Cloud Connect and Otava Cloud Backup, Otava’s fully managed and self-managed backup solutions, Otava Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 is yet another addition to the company’s comprehensive portfolio of Veeam-based cloud backup solutions.

“As the secure and compliant cloud provider, our mantra is to deliver exceptional experiences for our customers and our mission is to ensure reliable data protection and accessibility,” said Brad Cheedle, CEO at Otava. “We chose to partner with Veeam, the leader in Cloud Data Management™, to ensure everyone has access to a comprehensive solution that is easy to use, affordable and works to protect businesses and providers alike.”

According to a Veeam study conducted in August 2019, 74 percent of Microsoft 365 users have no protection strategy despite the fact that Microsoft 365 does not come with a comprehensive and long-term backup. Microsoft permanently deletes recycle bins after one month, SharePoint and OneDrive items after three months, and departed employee data after one month.

Otava Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 is simple, intuitive data protection, offering backup coverage of the entire Microsoft suite for both active and archived files including SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Exchange mailboxes, Teams, Tasks, Notes and Journals. The solution provides complete protection against accidental deletions, malware, security threats and retention policy gaps with no additional fees for bandwidth, storage or licensing.

“Veeam recently commissioned a report with 451 Research that indicates there’s a common misconception that SaaS-based customer data is secure and protected because it’s ‘in the cloud,’” said Matt Kalmenson, Vice President of Americas Cloud and Service Providers at Veeam. “The simple fact is that it’s not, and in the case of Microsoft 365, the licensing agreement clearly states that adequate data protection remains the responsibility of the customer. We are proud to partner with Otava to help more users protect their valuable data and their customer’s security.”

Otava Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 users can choose one, three or seven-year data retention options with flexible restoration methods to meet all business needs. The intelligent search function enables data retrieval with the same ease as traditional on-premises backup and data is encrypted end to end, both in flight and at rest. The service resides in fully compliant centers that are HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI, SOC1/2/3, ISO 27001 and Privacy Shield certified.

Otava Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365 compliments Otava’s suite of hybrid cloud solutions, backup, disaster recovery and security solutions, providing comprehensive protection and risk mitigation layered atop its cloud infrastructure. A 30-day free trial is available for new customers on all Otava backup services. Additional information is available at

To access the full Veeam commissioned 451 Research report, Taking Control of Your Office 365 Data, visit

About Otava
Otava provides the secure, compliant hybrid cloud solutions demanded by service providers, channel partners and enterprise clients in compliance-sensitive industries. By actively aggregating best-of-breed cloud companies and investing in people, tools, and processes, Otava’s global footprint continues to expand. The company provides its customers in highly regulated disciplines with a clear path to transformation through its effective solutions and broad portfolio of hybrid cloud, data protection, disaster recovery, security and colocation services, all championed by an exceptional support team. Learn more at

Otava Media Contact
Leigh Picchetti
LPK Consulting for Otava

Source: Otava




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37 Million AARP Members Now Eligible for Special Offer on Norton™ AntiVirus Plus and Norton™ 360 Standard, Deluxe and Premium

TEMPE, AZ – June 02, 2020 — / — To help bring leading Cyber Safety protection to millions of AARP members looking for solutions to better safeguard their devices and online privacy, NortonLifeLock (NASDAQ: NLOK), a global leader in consumer Cyber Safety, today announced AARP members can now subscribe to Norton AntiVirus Plus and Norton 360 Standard, Deluxe and Premium at special rates.

“We’re proud to make Cyber Safety protection accessible for AARP members and help them stay safe in an increasingly complex digital landscape,” said Samir Kapuria, President, NortonLifeLock. “As our lives have gone progressively digital – from more financial transactions online to virtual social engagement with family on video calls to telehealth appointments – cyber criminals have evolved their tactics to dupe and attack consumers who are new to this technology-first way of life. We believe it is essential for everyone to have access to the proper tools to help protect their devices and personal information, and we want to help this community get ahead of the risks.”

It comes as little surprise that 91% of U.S. adults 55-73 want to do more to protect their privacy. According to the 2019 NortonLifeLock Cyber Safety Insights Report, a survey conducted by NortonLifeLock in partnership with The Harris Poll, half of U.S. adults 55-73 (50%) have ever experienced cyber crime, with nearly 1 in 4 (23%) having done so in the last year alone.

“By making these NortonLifeLock products available, we hope to build on AARP’s education efforts around helping people 50+ to fight fraud and scams. As cyber crime continues to inundate consumers’ digital lives, now members have access to discounted cyber safety tools with multiple layers of protection to help keep their devices protected,” said Angela Jones, SVP Lifestyle, Caregiving and Emerging Business, AARP Services, Inc.

The following NortonLifeLock products are now available at special rates for AARP members:

  • Norton AntiVirus Plus: Powerful protection for your device and the personal information it stores, including real-time threat protection, Password Manager, Smart Firewall and 2GB of PC Cloud Backup.
  • Norton 360 Standard: Multiple layers of protection for devices and online privacy, including real-time threat protection for 1 device, Secure VPN to safeguard your Wi-Fi connections, Dark Web Monitoring Powered by LifeLock, Password Manager, and 10GB of PC Cloud Backup.
  • Norton 360 Deluxe: Powerful layers of protection for devices and online privacy for the whole family, including Parental Control, real-time threat protection for up to 5 devices, Secure VPN to safeguard your Wi-Fi connections, Dark Web Monitoring Powered by LifeLock, Password Manager, and 50GB of PC Cloud Backup.
  • Norton 360 Premium: Protection covering up to 10 devices, including real-time threat protection, Secure VPN to safeguard your Wi-Fi connections, Dark Web Monitoring Powered by LifeLock, Secure VPN to safeguard your Wi-Fi connections, and 75GB of PC Cloud Backup.

AARP members can visit or call NortonLifeLock at 1-844-388-0379 to learn more.

About NortonLifeLock
NortonLifeLock Inc. (NASDAQ: NLOK) is a global leader in consumer Cyber Safety. NortonLifeLock is dedicated to helping secure the devices, identities, online privacy, and home and family needs of nearly 50 million consumers, providing them with a trusted ally in a complex digital world. For more information, please visit

No one can prevent all identity theft or all cybercrime.

About AARP Services, Inc.
AARP Services, Inc., founded in 1999, is a wholly-owned taxable subsidiary of AARP. AARP Services manages the provider relationships for and performs quality control oversight of the wide range of products and services that carry the AARP name and are made available by independent providers as benefits to AARP’s millions of members. The provider offers currently span health products, financial products, travel and leisure products, and life event services. Specific products include Medicare supplemental insurance; credit cards; auto and home, mobile home and motorcycle insurance; life insurance and annuities; member discounts on rental cars, cruises, vacation packages and lodging; special offers on technology and gifts; pharmacy services and legal services. AARP Services also engages in new product development activities for AARP and provides certain consulting services to outside companies.

About AARP
AARP is the nation’s largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering people 50 and older to choose how they live as they age. With a nationwide presence and nearly 38 million members, AARP strengthens communities and advocates for what matters most to families: health security, financial stability and personal fulfillment. AARP also produces the nation’s largest circulation publications: AARP The Magazine and AARP Bulletin. To learn more, visit or follow @AARP and @AARPadvocates on social media.

Jenna Torluemke
NortonLifeLock Inc.
(415) 767-7800

Heaven Lampshire
Edelman for NortonLifeLock
(206) 664-7840

Source: NortonLifeLock Inc.




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AI-Powered Integration of Data Protection and Cybersecurity for MSPs

DENVER, CO – June 02, 2020 — / — Pax8, the best place to buy cloud solutions, today announced that Acronis Cyber Protect is now available to its partner community in North America. The new cyber protection solution integrates backup, disaster recovery, next-gen anti-malware, cybersecurity, and endpoint management tools, all into one service.

“With Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, our partners have access to a solution that integrates everything they need for backup and recovery, anti-malware, and endpoint management—all in one,” said Ryan Walsh, Chief Channel Officer at Pax8. “This solution enables partners to detect and prevent attacks, as well as protect and recover data—addressing all five vectors of cyber protection. We are thrilled that it is now available through Pax8.”

According to Forbes, data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records in the first six months of 2019. As of 2019, the World Economic Forum stated that cyberattacks are considered among the top five risks to global stability. As the threats continue to rise, businesses are seeking leading-edge technologies to protect their data. With Acronis Cyber Protect, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can proactively protect their clients from cyberattacks, reduce downtime, ensure fast recoveries, and automate the configuration of client protection to counter cyberthreats. Acronis Cyber Protect covers all five vectors of Cyber Protection—Safety, Accessibility, Privacy, Authenticity, and Security (SAPAS).

“Almost overnight, organizations had to transition from an office environment to a remote office environment, essentially moving away from their office IT team who had managed the security of their Internet, network, firewalls, and more. As a result, the increase in remote work environments brings with it an increase in cyberattacks, and cyber protection solutions are exactly the stop gap measures needed to overcome this new vulnerability,” said Patrick Hurley, Vice President and General Manager at Acronis. “Acronis Cyber Protect is the only solution that brings together the power of data protection and cybersecurity in one complete solution to ensure our partners can deliver improved productivity and increased cyber protection against cyberattacks.”

To start a trial of Acronis Cyber Protect or to learn more about the solution, please contact the cloud solutions advisors at (855) 884-PAX8, email, or visit

About Pax8
Pax8 is modernizing how partners buy, sell and manage cloud. As a born-in-the-cloud company, Pax8 simplifies the buying journey, empowering its partners to achieve more with cloud technology. The company’s technology displaces legacy distribution by connecting the channel ecosystem to its award-winning transactional cloud marketplace. Through billing, provisioning, automation, industry-leading PSA integrations, and pre and post-sales support, and education, Pax8 is a proven disruptor in the market. In 2018, Pax8 was ranked number 68 on the Inc. 5000 and in 2019, the company was ranked number 60. If you want to be successful with cloud, you want to work with Pax8. Get started today at

Follow Pax8 on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Media Contact
Amanda Lee
VP of Corporate Communications at Pax8

Source: Pax8




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Enterprises Can Now Get to Cloud Faster While Protecting Business Critical Apps With Backup as a Service That Lowers Retention Costs by 50 Percent

SANTA CLARA, CA – June 2, 2020 — / — Clumio, innovators of authentic SaaS for enterprise backup, today announced data protection for Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) workloads, eliminating cost, risk and compliance-related barriers to cloud adoption — specifically, the migration of mission critical apps to the cloud. Clumio’s service, the first data protection service for long-term retention of AWS native services, also orchestrates operational recovery snapshots for free. The company continues to advance SaaS backup for the all cloud enterprise, delivering a seamless public cloud backup solution and enabling companies to get to the cloud faster.

Today’s data protection landscape presents several challenges for enterprises. On-premises backup tools are complex, costly and don’t “translate” to the cloud; these on-premises solutions only provide snapshot data protection, meaning data backup and compliance are not addressed. Meanwhile, cloud backups that use snapshots alone for file recovery and data retention have inherent cost, compliance and ransomware risks. These risks severely limit companies attempting to move mission critical databases to the public cloud. Clumio’s enterprise backup as a service consolidates operational recovery, backup and compliance requirements – all within a predictable cost model. Clumio includes snapshot orchestration for free, air-gap snapshot protection and long-term retention, translating to secure and compliant data protection at a substantially lower cost. This announcement for AWS comes after Clumio’s recent addition of Microsoft 365 to its enterprise backup as a service — the first enterprise data protection service in the market to protect private cloud, public cloud and SaaS on a single platform. Clumio’s AWS and Microsoft 365 data protection “firsts” empower enterprises to map to an “all cloud” model efficiently and effectively, expediting innovation in the process.

“Enterprises are telling us that they spend 40 percent of their total storage budget on snapshots — and for that they don’t even get complete data protection or compliance,” said Poojan Kumar, CEO and co-founder, Clumio. “With Clumio, companies shave up to 50 percent off their snapshot spend and can stop paying competitors for snapshot orchestration altogether when they use the free tier in Clumio. Clumio’s air-gap data protection, unified policy management and seamless cloud backups — all with a predictable cost model — allow companies to move their business critical apps to the cloud without worry.”

“At FrogSlayer, we must think about how to address operational recovery, data recovery, and compliance for our enterprise clients,” said Brian Cahill, technology director at FrogSlayer. “Clumio seamlessly handles operational recovery while significantly reducing our snapshot costs. Even better, I don’t have to worry about snapshot limitations, or develop scripts and retention algorithms because Clumio handles all of this. We now have line of sight to significantly reduce our TCO for long-term data retention since it is an integral part of the Clumio service.”

“Moving to AWS introduces new complexities for compliance, long-term data retention, and data security,” said Joseph Alcorn, manager of infrastructure services and architecture, Point Loma Nazarene University. “Addressing these complexities are ‘musts’ for our mission-critical database applications, and our legacy, on-prem approach simply did not scale to the cloud. As a single service that protects EBS and RDS for operational recovery, data recovery, and long- term retention, Clumio will dramatically reduce our business risk and costs as we accelerate to the cloud.”

“Organizations migrating their mission critical databases to the cloud are in a quandary when it comes to data protection options. Snapshot-only protection strategies are costly, risky and can be non-compliant,” said Steve McDowell, senior analyst, Moor Insights and Strategy. “Clumio’s secure SaaS backup for AWS native services outsmarts snapshot managers by delivering the same functionality for free, allowing Clumio to focus its innovative tiered pricing model on what enterprises value more – lower TCO for long-term retention and compliance for their data in the cloud.”

Clumio’s AWS data protection service includes the following capabilities:

  • Operational Recovery: Point-in-time recovery, in-account snapshots and free snapshot orchestration for EBS and RDS workloads
  • Data Recovery: Simple restores, granular record retrieval and air-gap snapshots
  • Compliance: Long-term retention, record-level retrieval and deletion, export for legal hold/eDiscovery and data store

Clumio for Amazon EBS became available in November 2019. Clumio for Amazon RDS will be available on June 11, 2020.

Additional Resources

  • See Clumio for AWS RDS –
  • Learn How Clumio is Reimagining Enterprise Backup –
  • Read our Blogs –
  • Follow us on Twitter –

About Clumio
Clumio is the innovator of authentic SaaS for enterprise backup. Using this secure service, organizations eliminate hardware and software for on-premise backup and avoid the complexity and cost of running third-party backup software in the cloud. As enterprises move aggressively to cloud, they use Clumio to protect workloads like VMware Cloud on AWS and AWS native services. Born in the public cloud, Clumio can leverage the most modern cloud services to ensure it meets the current and future backup requirements of the most demanding enterprises. For more information, visit:

Media Contact
Danielle Salvato-Earl
Offleash for Clumio

Source: Clumio




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ROCHESTER, N.Y. and BOSTON, June 2, 2020 — / — OffsiteDataSync, a J2 Global company and the industry leading cloud services provider offering Infrastructure (IaaS), Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) and Backup (BaaS), is proud to announce the expansion of its partnership with Zerto®, an industry leader for IT Resilience™, to become a Gold Level Zerto Alliance Partner. The move further enables OffsiteDataSync to serve a broad spectrum of businesses with top performing DRaaS options powered by Zerto.  Zerto’s solutions provide enterprises with Continuous Data Protection, enabling of near zero recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs).

OffsiteDataSync and Zerto make DRaaS easy while ensuring RTOs and RPOs of near zero. Zerto replicates virtual infrastructure securely to OffsiteDataSync’s Tier IV Data Centers powered by Cisco Infrastructure and Nimble storage resulting in power house performance that can handle any Disaster Scenario.

Additional highlights include:

  • RTOs and RPOs of Seconds: Near instant recovery is achievable with Zerto’s proprietary technology, regardless of application.
  • End-to-end Protection: Data encrypted in transit ensures protection to its destination.
  • Fast and Accurate Backups: Technology safely accelerates backup and replication speed.
  • Complete DR: Features world-class storage, compute, memory and networking, with hosted backups securely and safely storing copies of critical systems.
  • 1-Click Failover: Both testing and failover can be orchestrated to automate recovery, minimizing disruption.
  • Comprehensive Compliance: Best in Class data center ecosystem (SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS and HIPAA).

OffsiteDataSync helps companies eliminate the risk and complexity of modernization and cloud adoption, replacing multiple legacy solutions with Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform. With enterprise-level scale, OffsiteDataSync DRaaS, powered by Zerto, can deliver continuous availability for an always-on customer experience.

“We’ve worked together so successfully, that we are all looking forward to growing this relationship,” said Coley Burke, Chief Revenue Officer for Zerto. “Together, with data protection industry expert OffsiteDataSync, we can deliver a single, agile DRaaS solution, supported by visibility across multi-site and cloud environments. As a result, large enterprises can protect themselves – and save time, resources and money – like never before. And both our organizations can quickly expand market share.”

OffsiteDataSync, a J2 Global business, is an award-winning global cloud services provider (CSP) that goes to market in North America as OffsiteDataSync and in Europe, Australia and New Zealand under the trusted KeepItSafe brand. It delivers data protection and availability using the world’s most advanced data centers and enterprise-grade solutions, ensuring customers remain operational, no matter what the scenario.

“We establish partnerships with industry leaders, like Zerto, to bring customers the most effective data protection options and greatest flexibility possible,” said Dan Timko, Chief Strategy Officer for Cloud Backup, J2 Global. “This further unites top performers in their respective ends of the DRaaS realm. With our past work and knowledge of each other’s tech – and a relationship marked by even deeper commitment and support – we’re the natural choice for enterprises needing the highest levels of data protection and availability.”

About OffsiteDataSync
OffsiteDataSync, part of J2 Global’s industry-leading cloud services group, is a global provider of highly available and secure cloud data protection solutions, including Infrastructure (IaaS), Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) and Backup (BaaS). We deliver best in class data protection and availability solutions built on technology from such leaders as Zerto, Veeam, VMware and Cisco. The OffsiteDataSync footprint spans North America, while covering EMEA and APAC under the KeepItSafe brand, meeting our diverse customer compliance needs, including SOC2, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, and  HIPAA. To learn more about OffsiteDataSync, contact or visit

About Zerto
Zerto helps customers accelerate IT transformation by reducing the risk and complexity of modernization and cloud adoption. By replacing multiple legacy solutions with a single IT Resilience Platform, Zerto is changing the way disaster recovery, data protection and cloud are managed. With enterprise scale, Zerto’s software platform delivers continuous availability for an always-on customer experience while simplifying workload mobility to protect, recover and move applications freely across hybrid and multi-clouds. Zerto is trusted globally by over 8,000 customers, works with more than 1,500 partners and is powering resiliency offerings for 450 managed services providers. Learn more at

Jeff Miller
Metis Communications

Source: Zerto




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New Monitoring and Observability Solution Includes Predictive Maintenance and Advanced Analytics, Providing Greater Insights, Cost Savings and Adaptability

SAN MATEO, CA – June 2, 2020 — / — Cloudian® today announced HyperIQ, a monitoring and observability solution for proactively and efficiently managing Cloudian storage and related infrastructure across on-premise and hybrid cloud environments—all from a single interface. HyperIQ features intelligent storage and user analytics, along with health checks, that enable predictive maintenance, enhanced security and resource optimization. As a result, customers can reduce mean time to repair, increase availability and accelerate new deployments, thereby saving operational costs and enabling them to adapt more easily to workload demands.

The Challenge of Managing Modern Storage Infrastructure
Today’s modern storage infrastructure is increasingly distributed across geographically dispersed data centers, both on-premises and in public clouds. Unlike traditional, siloed systems, modern storage assets can be deployed wherever they are needed, with all devices sharing a single management environment. However, one challenge has been the lack of a monitoring solution that can provide a comprehensive view of this geo-distributed storage and networking infrastructure.

HyperIQ: Building on Cloudian’s Expertise in Exabyte-Scale, Geo-Distributed Storage Management
Cloudian is a recognized leader in providing limitlessly scalable, highly cost-effective and geo-distributed object storage managed under a single, global namespace. With HyperIQ, the company is extending this leadership to give customers an intelligent, unified view of their entire Cloudian storage infrastructure, encompassing interconnected users, applications, network connections and storage devices. HyperIQ features and benefits include:

  • Intelligent monitoring—Complete observability with real-time interactive dashboards and historical data that include the ability to slice and dice resource utilization by data center, node, services and more.
  • Customizable dashboards—In addition to pre-configured dashboards, flexibility to build one’s own dashboards from over 100 available data panels and drill into user or storage data at a more granular level.
  • Predictive maintenance—Proactive alerts for predicting hardware failures, assessing maintenance needs, and avoiding performance impacts.
  • User behavior analytics—Monitor user activities, provide insights into usage patterns such as uploads/downloads, API usage, S3 transactions, request sizes and HTTP response codes and enforce security and compliance policies.
  • Anomaly detection—Identification of trends and faults so that rectifying action can be taken, such as creating support cases, triggering repairs or making other corrective actions to ensure optimal operations.
  • Custom notifications—Custom alerts for more proactive monitoring of applications and flexibility to integrate with multiple notification channels such as Slack, OpsGenie, Kafka and PagerDuty.
  • Customer health checks—Personalized monthly health checks with actionable plans based on trends and analysis from the customer’s Cloudian infrastructure as well as analytics from global learning across Cloudian’s install base.

Availability, Pricing and Additional Resources
Two versions of HyperIQ are immediately available as a virtual machine for download. HyperIQ Basic includes pre-configured dashboards and is offered to Cloudian customers at no charge. HyperIQ Enterprise, which includes advanced analytics features, is licensed by capacity at 0.025 cents per GB per month, including support. In future product releases, Cloudian plans to extend HyperIQ to cover other parts of the IT infrastructure.

To learn more about HyperIQ:

  • Watch this video overview at
  • See a demo at
  • Visit Cloudian’s HyperIQ webpage at

Supporting Quotes
“As object storage use cases rapidly increase, on-premises S3 is becoming the unified storage platform of choice in many data centers,” said Paul Evans, principal architect at Daystrom Inc. “Given this and Cloudian’s tremendous scalability, HyperIQ couldn’t be more timely: it provides the analytics and insights needed to understand evolving user needs and make smart choices about allocations and performance.”

“We depend on Cloudian’s HyperStore object storage platform to help us manage and protect our growing data volumes,” said Tom Lee, technical director at Nexstor. “By providing increased insight into our storage environment, HyperIQ will enable us to more efficiently and cost-effectively deploy resources, adapt to our clients’ future needs and grow our business.”

“Over the past year Cloudian has continued to demonstrate its leadership in object storage, with new solutions, name-brand customers and notable partnerships,” said Amita Potnis, research director at IDC. “With HyperIQ, they’re setting a high bar for analytics-based monitoring, reporting and management, thus delivering greater customer value.”

About Cloudian
Cloudian is the most widely deployed independent provider of object storage systems, with the industry’s most advanced S3 compatibility and an extensive partnership ecosystem. Its award-winning flagship solution, HyperStore, provides limitless scalability and cloud-like technology, flexibility and economics in the data center. Cloudian’s global data fabric architecture enables enterprises to store, find and protect object and file data seamlessly across sites, both on-premises and in public clouds, within a single, unified platform. Learn more at

U.S. Media Contact
Jordan Tewell
10Fold Communications
+1 415-666-6066

EMEA Media Contact
Will McCurdy
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
+44 (0) 20 7403 8878

Source: Cloudian




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Veeam 2020 Data Protection Trends Report indicates global businesses are embracing Digital Transformation, but struggle with antiquated solutions to protect and manage their data; data protection must move to a higher state of intelligence to support transformational needs and hybrid/multi cloud adoption

COLUMBUS, Ohio – June 2, 2020 — / — As organizations look to transform their business operations and revolutionize customer service, Digital Transformation (DX) is at the top of most CXOs’ agendas; in fact, DX spending is expected to approach $7.4 trillion between 2020 and 2023, a CAGR of 17.5%. However, according to the latest industry data released today from Veeam® Software, the leader in Backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management™, almost half of global organizations are being hindered in their DX journeys due to unreliable, legacy technologies with 44% citing lack of IT skills or expertise as another barrier to success. Moreover, almost every company admitted to experiencing downtime, with 1 out of every 10 servers having unexpected outages each year — problems that last for hours and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars – and this points to an urgent need to modernize data protection and focus on business continuity to enable DX.

The Veeam 2020 Data Protection Trends Report surveyed more than 1,500 global enterprises to understand their approach toward data protection and management today, and how they expect to be prepared for the IT challenges they face, including reacting to demand changes and interruptions in service, as well as more aspirational goals of IT modernization and DX.

“Technology is constantly moving forward, continually changing, and transforming how we do business – especially in these current times as we’re all working in new ways. Due to DX, it’s important to always look at the ever-changing IT landscape to see where businesses stand on their solutions, challenges and goals,” said Danny Allan, CTO and SVP of Product Strategy at Veeam. “It’s great to see the global drive to embrace technology to deliver a richer user experience, however the Achilles Heel still seems to be how to protect and manage data across the hybrid cloud. Data protection must move beyond outdated legacy solutions to a higher state of intelligence and be able to anticipate needs and meet evolving demands. Based on our data, unless business leaders recognize that – and act on it – real transformation just won’t happen.”

The Criticality of Data Protection and Availability
Respondents stated that data delivered through IT has become the heart and soul of most organizations, so it should not be a surprise how important “data protection” has become within IT teams, including not just backing up and restoring data, but also extending business capabilities. However, many organizations (40%) still rely on legacy systems to protect their data without fully appreciating the negative impact this can have on their business. The vast majority (95%) of organizations suffer unexpected outages and on average, an outage lasts 117 minutes (almost two hours).

Putting this into context, organizations consider 51% of their data as ‘High Priority’ versus ‘Normal’. An hour of downtime from a High Priority application is estimated to cost $67,651, while this number is $61,642 for a Normal application. With such a balance between High Priority and Normal in percentages and impact costs, it’s clear that “all data matters” and that downtime is intolerable anywhere within today’s environments.

“Data protection is more important than ever now to help organizations continue to meet their operational IT demands while also aspiring towards DX and IT modernization. Data is now spread across data centers and clouds through file shares, shared storage, and even SaaS-based platforms. Legacy tools designed to back up on-premises file shares and applications cannot succeed in the hybrid/multi-cloud world and are costing companies time and resources while also putting their data at risk,” added Allan.

DX and the Cloud
Enterprises know they must continue to make progress with their IT modernization and DX initiatives in order to meet new industry challenges, and according to this report’s feedback, the most defining aspects of a modern data protection strategy all hinge upon utilization of various cloud-based capabilities: Organizations’ ability to do disaster recovery (DR) via a cloud service (54%), the ability to move workloads from on-premises to cloud follows (50%), and the ability to move workloads from one cloud to another (48%). Half of businesses recognize that cloud has a pivotal part to play in today’s data protection strategy; and it will most likely become even more important in the future. For a truly modernized data protection plan, a company needs a comprehensive solution that supports cloud, virtual and physical data management for any application and any data across any cloud.

Allan concluded: “By already starting to modernize their infrastructures in 2020, organizations expect to continue their DX journey and increase their cloud use. Legacy solutions were intended to protect data in physical datacenters in the past, but they’re so outdated and complex that they cost more money, time, resources and trouble than realized. Modern protection, such as Veeam’s Cloud Data Management solutions, go far beyond backup. Cloud Data Management provides a simple, flexible and reliable solution that saves costs and resources so they can be repurposed for future development. Data protection can no longer be tied to on-premises, physically-dedicated environments and companies must have flexible licensing options to easily move to a hybrid/multi cloud environment.”

Other highlights of the Veeam 2020 Data Protection Trends Report include:

  • The No. 1 challenge that will impact organizations within the next 12 months is cyber threats (32%). Shortage of skills to implement technology (30%) and meeting changing customer needs (29%) were also cited as key hurdles in the next 12 months.
  • Lack of staff to work on new initiatives (42%) was cited as the most impactful data protection challenge organizations currently have. Lack of budget for new initiatives (40%) and lack of visibility on operational performance (40%) were also cited.
  • Over half (51%) of respondents believe DX can help their organization transform customer service. Almost half said it could transform business operations (48%) and deliver cost savings (47%).
  • Almost one-quarter (23%) of organizations describe their progress towards achieving DX initiatives and goals as mature or fully implemented.
  • Almost a third (30%) of organizations are currently in the early stages of implementing or planning DX.
  • Over a third (39%) of respondents said the ability to improve reliability of backups is the most likely reason to drive their organization to change its primary backup solution. 38% cited reduced software or hardware costs and 33% said improving return on investment.
  • Almost a quarter (23%) of organizations’ data is replicated and made business continuity (BC)/DR capable via a cloud provider. Over a fifth (21%) of data across organizations globally is not replicated or staged for BC/DR.
  • Over a quarter (27%) of organizations’ data is backed up to the cloud by a Backup as a Service (BaaS) provider. 14% of data across organizations globally is not backed up.
  • Over two in five (43%) organizations plan to leverage cloud-based backup managed by a BaaS provider within the next two years.

About the Report
Veeam commissioned Vanson Bourne, a leading technology sector research partner, to conduct a comprehensive online survey of 1,550 randomly selected business leaders and ITDMs across 22 different countries, in early 2020. The countries surveyed include Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Middle East, Netherlands, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and the USA.

VeeamON 2020 is now online and you can Elevate Your Cloud Data Strategy on June 17-18 for free and from anywhere. The event consists of two days of live and interactive experiences that will help unlock the power of your data with Veeam products and solutions and accelerate your DX plans. Attendees will gain the latest insights, hear inspiring keynotes and access more than 30 breakout sessions to level up their skills and discover what’s next in Cloud Data Management. Keith Urban will also be performing a live concert for attendees.

To register for free, visit

For more information, visit

Supporting Resources:

  • Global Infographic:
  • The Veeam 2020 Data Protection Trends Report:

About Veeam Software
Veeam® is the leader in Backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management™. Veeam provides a single platform for modernizing backup, accelerating hybrid cloud and securing data. With 375,000+ customers worldwide, including 82% of the Fortune 500 and 67% of the Global 2,000, Veeam customer-satisfaction scores are the highest in the industry at 3.5x the average. Veeam’s 100% channel ecosystem includes global partners, as well as HPE, NetApp, Cisco and Lenovo as exclusive resellers. Veeam has offices in more than 30 countries. To learn more, visit or follow Veeam on Twitter @veeam.

Veeam Software
Director, Global Public Relations
Heidi Monroe Kroft
614-339-8200 x8309

Source: Veeam Software




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June 01, 2020

The top 100 online backup companies are grouped into 4 categories, namely:

1) Consumer – for the general consumers

2) Small Medium Business (SMB) – for small and medium businesses

3) Enterprise – for large enterprise corporations

4) Enablers – for enablers, channel, white label companies

The top 100 Online Backup Companies are determined mainly based on these criteria outlined in this article: How Do I Choose the Best Online Backup Provider?

In addition to the points specified in the above link, we also take into consideration news releases companies publish in the preceding month, server stability, reports from our mystery shoppers, our own reviews, the company’s culture and ethics, users’ feedback, company corporate blogs, and more.

To read our official news release regarding our top 100 online backup companies, please click here.

The Top 100 Cloud Backup Companies for June 2020

Online Backup Reviews: Top 25 Top 75 Top 100 Online Backup Service Providers

Unless otherwise indicated, all domains are “dot com” websites.

Note: Some companies might have products and/or services in 2 or more categories.

01 Carbonite Safe Arcserve Databarracks Asigra
02 Backblaze Carbonite Server StorageCraft Veeam
03 IDrive Backup-Everything Code42 Rubrik
04 Acronis IDrive Business Assured-DP Novastor
05 SpiderOak Code42 StorageGuardian Datto
06 Livedrive CloudOak iomart (Backup-Technology) BaculaSystems
07 KeepVault Cohesity OwnBackup
08* MSP360 HYCU Acronis
09 SugarSync* JungleDisk Nasuni CommVault
10 Dropbox* DataDepositBox Egnyte Arcserve
11 Box* ElephantDrive Zerto*** Dell EMC
12 ADrive DriveHQ ExaGrid Druva
13 SOSOnlineBackup BackupAssist Cloudian Barracuda (Intronis)
14 OpenDrive* USDataVault Nakivo Vembu
15 Backupify** UKBackup Falconstor
16 Memopal Datastring KeepItSafe IBM (Spectrum Protect)
17 MyPCBackup Novosoft DataStorageCorp LiveVault
18 LongViewSystems Actifio
19 iCloud* SolutionUnion Kaseya Axcient
20 Google Drive* Rackspace Redstor (Attix5)
21 OneDrive* Unitrends
22 Amazon Drive* BackupManager N2WS (Veeam)
23 Norton Nordic-Backup SunGard CTERA
24 SecureBackup IASOBackup DataDepositBox
25 Cloud Daddy CentralDataStorage Veritas Infrascale

To learn more about the enabling companies and their respective categories, click here.


* Storage and collaboration solution good for consumers as well as enterprises.

** Backupify is a backup tool for social networking accounts (e.g. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

*** Replication solution


Do you have any feedback on these top 4X25 cloud backup companies picks? Are there companies listed in a wrong sector? Did we miss your favourite company? Tell us why. Click here for our directory

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June 01, 2020

The growth of the cloud backup industry, over the last decade has been dramatic. The market has witnessed the rise and fall of many startups and stabilization of others. Interestingly, the companies that have gained a strong foothold in the industry are not all similar. There is a subtle distinction in the nature and types of services they offer. Some of these companies are pure enablers, while others combine enablement functions with direct-to-market services. Yet others, may license the software from enablers with or without re-branding options and service the cloud backup service needs of their clients.

Five distinct categories can be identified as under (click on links for details):
1/ Pure Enabler
2/ Enabler & Service Provider – Channel or Direct
3/ Service Provider – Channel Only
4/ Service Provider – Channel and Direct
5/ Service Provider – Direct Only (For complete list of companies, see our top monthly ranking list)

Based on a number of factors, such as technology, features, easy of use, dedication to MSPs, channel, revenue structure, reputation, support, price entry point, value, and corporate culture of the companies, we have summarized our rankings.

The companies are categorized in their respective columns. If we have made an error in the category or companies have changed their business plan and as a result need to be categorized in a different column, please let us know.

Top Online Cloud Backup Enablers

Note: Click on company names to read their profiles

No. Company Ranking (Click links for more details)
Pure Enabler Enabler & Service Provider
Channel or Direct
Service Provider Channel Only Service Provider Channel and Direct
1 Asigra Y
2 Veeam Y
3 Rubrik Y
4 Novastor  Y
5 Datto Y
6 BaculaSystems Y
7 OwnBackup Y
8 Acronis Y
9 CommVault Y
10 Arcserve Y
11 Dell EMC Y
12 Druva Y
13 Barracuda (Intronis) Y
14 Vembu Y
15 Falconstor Y
16 IBM Spectrum Protect  Y
17 LiveVault Y
18 Actifio  Y
19 Axcient Y
20 Redstor (Attix5) Y
21 Unitrends Y
22 N2WS Y
24 DataDepositBox  Y
25 Infrascale Y

For online backup companies that offer direct services to end users, please check out our top online backup monthly rankings. These 75 companies are listed in three columns – Consumer, SMBs and Enterprises.

I. Pure Enablers: These are companies that develop and own the online backup software. They license the product to their MSP partners. The MSPs can re-brand the product and sell services under their own banner and brand and are supported by the enabling company for deployment of the software. Pure enablers do not provide any cloud backup services themselves and do not own/host any vaults. No channel conflict. These companies may also partner with distributors and resellers for distribution or sale of licenses.

II. Enablers & Service Providers – Channel or Direct: These are companies who go direct-to-market with online backup services using software developed and owned by them or licensed from other enablers. If they own the software or have the distribution rights for the software they may license the software to their MSP partners for extending the reach of the market. MSPs can only act as channels for the Enabler or use the software (without branding) for providing services to their clients.

III. Service Providers – Channel Only: These are companies who go direct-to-market with online backup services using software developed and owned by them or licensed from other enablers. They may own/host their vaults, but go-to-market ONLY through their wholesale resellers. If they own the software or have the distribution rights for the software, they may license the software to their MSP partners for extending the reach of the market. MSPs can only act as channels for the Enabler or use the software (without branding) for providing services to their clients. They do not sell cloud backup services directly to end-user customers. No channel conflict.

IV. Service Provider – Channel and Direct: These are companies who go direct-to-market with online backup services using software developed and owned by them or licensed from other enablers. These companies license software from enablers, and own/host their vaults, but go-to-market BOTH directly to end-user customers AND through their wholesale resellers. If they own the software or have the distribution rights for the software they may license the software to their MSP partners for extending the reach of the market. MSPs can only act as channels for the Enabler or use the software (without branding) for providing services to their clients. Potential for channel conflict.

V. Service Providers – Direct Only: These are companies who develop and own their own software or license it from an enabler and own/host their vaults, but go-to-market directly to end-user customers. for providing online backup services to their clients. They do not sell cloud backup services via resellers. No channel conflict.

Below are enablers’ ranking profiles:

1. Asigra – Based in Toronto, Canada, Asigra describes itself as a company that is devoted to furthering cloud Backup, Recovery and Restore (BURR) by offering its cloud solutions entirely through its Partner ecosystem. The company prides itself on its role as a cloud service enabler and focuses all its energies on architecting a cloud solution that is agentless; differentiated with a robust backup and recovery engine and a capacity based pricing model. With over thirty years of experience and 1,000,000 deployments globally, Asigra is distinguished by its innovation and efforts at educating the data protection marketplace and driving the demand for best-of-the-breed cloud-based services. The company assumes a non conflicting role and believes in creatively nurturing its Partner ecosystem by providing its partners with value beyond the software. Asigra is committed to providing its partners with effective marketing and sales tools to help them scale their cloud backup business and position themselves as leaders within the market. With an aggressive Partner Program, Asigra partners are able to deploy cost-effective public, hybrid and private cloud solutions to consumers, SMBs and Enterprises worldwide. Service Providers Powered by Asigra, including Terremark (a Verizon company), NTT America, Centre Technologies, Highstreet IT Solutions, INFINIT Consulting, Pulsant and Backup Technology, are actively helping define standards for the industry. David Farajun, the CEO of the company does not hesitate to declare that Asigra’s success is defined by the success of its partners. For more information, visit

2. Veeam – Founded in 2006, Veeam currently has 51,000+ ProPartners and 267,500+ customers with the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry. It is headquartered in Baar, Switzerland, with has offices in more than 30 countries. Veeam® recognizes the new challenges companies across the globe face in enabling the Always-On Enterprise™, a business that must operate 24.7.365. To address this, Veeam has pioneered a new market of Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™ by helping organizations meet recovery time and point objectives (RTPO™) of less than 15 minutes for all applications and data, through a fundamentally new kind of solution that delivers high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance, verified recoverability, leveraged data and complete visibility. Veeam Availability Suite™, which includes Veeam Backup & Replication™, leverages virtualization, storage, and cloud technologies that enable the modern data center to help organizations save time, mitigate risks, and dramatically reduce capital and operational costs, while always supporting the current and future business goals of Veeam customers. To learn more, visit or follow Veeam on Twitter @veeam.

3. Rubrik – Launched in 2014 and headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Rubrik is one of the latest companies to enter the data protection space. It has developed the world’s first Cloud Data Management platform for data protection, search, analytics, archival and copy data management for hybrid cloud enterprises. With its motto to “simplify how businesses around the World keep and use their data”, Rubrik builds beautifully simple products for businesses to meet their most challenging data management needs. Rubrik blends expertise from both consumer and enterprise worlds to pioneer a fresh approach to an old problem. It combines traditional backup with the ability to recover, manage, and secure data across public and private clouds. In its short existence, Rubrik has spread its wings in 5 continents and grown into a 600 employee corporation, and now has $150M run-rate in bookings in just 8 quarters of selling, and signed 500+ channel partners across the globe. It has received numerous industry awards including: #7 on LinkedIn’s Top Companies | Startups 2017 list, Gartner Visionary in 2017 Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions, Gartner Cool Vendor, Forbes Cloud 100, Forbes Next Billion Dollar Companies, Business Insider’s 51 Enterprise Startups to Bet Your Career On, InformationWeek Top 25 Vendors to Watch, Top 20 Companies to Watch, Best of VMworld, and CRN Emerging Vendors, among others. Fortune 500 companies use Rubrik to manage data at scale while realizing data-driven services anytime, anywhere. “All Your Apps. Instantly Available.” For more information, please visit

4. NovaStor – NovaStor, a global company with offices in Switzerland, Germany and the U.S., markets its award-winning, Cloud, SMB and Enterprise backup and recovery products through MSPs, VARs, OEMs and System Retailers. It guarantees its Partners, Cloud, MSP, SMB and Enterprise customers personal account management, enticing discounts, extensive tailor-made product training, efficient lead generation, practical support for marketing and 24-7 local technical support. Further, it provides these Enterprise, Cloud and MSP Partners and customers with unlimited access to support forums, information portals and a variety of workshops, webinars and training sessions to promote the commercial interests of their partners. Partners and MSPs who sign up with NovaStor can expect to have the company’s full attention and support in building long-term, solid business relationships that are founded on transparency, simplicity and personal interaction. NovaStor proudly asserts on its website that its partner program constructs with all components required to to build successful companies that can capitalize on growth markets and create wealth for all stakeholders. The programs are designed to ensure that NovaStor and its partners, some of which include HP, General Mills, and Tieto, go to market with complete confidence that they will be successful together. For additional information, please visit

5. Datto - Datto Inc. is an award-winning global vendor of backup, disaster recovery (BDR) and Intelligent Business Continuity (IBC) solutions, providing best-in-class technology and support to its 5,000+ channel Partners throughout North America and Europe. Datto is the only hybrid-cloud BDR/IBC vendor that provides instant on- and off-site virtualization, and screenshot backup verification, achieved through its Inverse Chain Technology(TM). Catering to the specific needs of the small to medium-size business market, the Datto product line is comprised of three families; Datto SIRIS 2 (SIRIS 2 Business, SIRIS 2 Professional, SIRIS 2 Enterprise), Datto ALTO 2 (ALTO 2, ALTO XL, ALTO XL Professional), and Datto NAS. Datto partners with the best technology providers in the industry to deliver the most robust and seamless BDR and business continuity solutions available, including: AutoTask, ConnectWise, Kaseya, Level Platforms, Servoyant and StorageCraft. Founded in 2007 by Austin McChord, Datto is privately held. For more information, please visit

6. Bacula Systems - Bacula Systems is Switzerland based leading Enterprise Open Core backup and restore software- Company, which combines Bacula’s enterprise-class open standards software with first-class support and professional services. Bacula Systems – a company known in the industry for its commitment to safe, secure and reliable backup solutions. It is a company that represents the disruptive force of open core in the industry, combined with professional development methodologies, support and accountability expected from enterprise software vendors. Leveraging the millions of downloads of the community project, Bacula Enterprise, is by far the most popular Open Core software solution for backup, data recovery and protection of computer data. Bacula software offers up to ten times lower total cost of ownership compared to proprietary solutions, higher reliability and proven performance in mission-critical enterprise environments. Bacula Systems provides world-class technical support, renowned training courses, and Bacula Enterprise Edition products via the Bacula Systems Subscriptions. Since early 2000, Kern Sibbald has been leading the Open Source community in the development of the Bacula project, which over recent years has built up a strong reputation, as a true enterprise-ready backup solution. Bacula Systems SA was founded in 2009 in order to provide full professional support services to the enterprise and via its network of Bacula Partners. For additional information, please visit

7. OwnBackup, a leading cloud-to-cloud backup and restore vendor, provides secure, automated, daily backups of SaaS and PaaS data, as well as sophisticated data compare and restore tools for disaster recovery. Helping more than 1,000 businesses worldwide protect critical cloud data, OwnBackup covers data loss and corruption caused by human errors, malicious intent, integration errors and rogue applications. Built for security and privacy, OwnBackup exceeds the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements for backed-up data. Co-founded by seasoned data-recovery, data-protection and information-security experts, OwnBackup is a top-ranked backup and restore ISV on Salesforce AppExchange and was awarded the Salesforce Appy Award in 2018. Headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, with R&D, support and other functions in Tel Aviv and London, OwnBackup is the vendor of choice for some of the world’s largest users of SaaS applications.

OwnBackup is a team of passionate, creative, curious individuals from all over the globe, but we all share a common belief: No company operating in the cloud should ever lose data.OwnBackup believes that your data should be safe and accessible no matter where it is stored, so it built a platform that integrates with leading SaaS/PaaS solutions to keep you covered. OwnBackup’s system complements your vendor’s built-in data-protection mechanisms by protecting you from data loss & corruption, caused by accidental deletion, bad code, rogue integrations, and malicious employees. OwnBackup’s availability and downtime is tracked in real-time on a publicly available site for complete transparency into its service, Click here to view OwnBackup’s historical availability on-demand —

OwnBackup is drawing on its experiences in data recovery, data protection, and information security to build a best-in-class company that’s prepared for rapid growth.Its belief that you should never lose data on the cloud is driving it to constantly refine and improve its platform. It is the top-ranked backup & restore ISV on the AppExchange, and it was picked as a Gartner 2015 “Cool Vendor” in Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery. For more information, visit

8. Acronis - Headquartered in Burlington, MA and founded in 2002, Acronis a truly global provider of leading backup, disaster recovery, and secure file sharing and file access solutions. Acronis is a fast-growing international company with over 700 employees and over 900 partners in more than 145 countries worldwide. Acronis boasts well over 5,000,000 individual customers and over 500,000 business customers from various industries and has more than 50 patents under its name. Acronis’ award winning customer support centers offer 24/7 assistance to its customers worldwide. Acronis can help you securely migrate, protect and recover critical data wherever it resides in your physical, virtual or cloud environments. With a Unified Platform and new generation technology, its innovative solutions are designed to ease the management burden and reduce total cost of ownership, while improving your recovery time objectives. Acronis provides complete, efficient, and reliable backup solutions for desktop, server, virtual, and cloud environments, as well as leading file sharing and sync solutions for mobile devices. For more information, please visit

9. CommVault – Commvault is a leading provider of data protection and information management solutions. A Gartner Leader in Data Center Backup and Recovery market for the sixth consecutive year, Commvault helps companies worldwide activate their data to drive more value and business insight and to transform modern data environments. With solutions and services delivered directly and through a worldwide network of partners and service providers, Commvault solutions comprise one of the industry’s leading portfolios in data protection and recovery, cloud, virtualisation, archive, file sync and share. Commvault has earned accolades from customers and third party influencers for its technology vision, innovation, and execution as an independent and trusted expert. Without the distraction of a hardware business or other business agenda, Commvault’s sole focus on data management has led to adoption by companies of all sizes, in all industries, and for solutions deployed on premise, across mobile platforms, to and from the cloud, and provided as-a-service. For additional information, please visit

10. Arcserve - Arcserve is a leading provider of data protection and recovery solutions, giving organizations the assurance that they can recover their data and applications when needed. Launched in 1983, Arcserve now provides a comprehensive solution for cloud, virtual and physical environments, on premise or in the cloud. Once synonymous with legendary tape backup software, Arcserve has since been hard at work reinventing the industry. After 18 years under the CA Technologies umbrella, Arcserve struck out on its own as an independent, private data protection company. Understanding the importance of being nimble, Arcserve built out a portfolio of data protection technologies with an eye toward flexibility, scalability, and ease-of-use. The company was first to market with a unified data protection solution that offers comprehensive features and functionality, including industry-proven backup, replication, high availability, and true global deduplication—all managed from a single pane of glass. Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) was launched first as a software, then as a physical appliance, and now in the cloud. Backed by unsurpassed support and expertise, Arcserve’s award-winning backup and recovery solutions are used by 45,000 end users in more than 150 countries, and distributed by over 7,500 distributors, resellers and service providers around the world. Arcserve is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with offices around the world. For additional information, visit

11. Dell EMC – Dell EMC, a part of Dell Technologies, enables organizations to modernize, automate and transform their data center using industry-leading converged infrastructure, servers, storage and data protection technologies. This provides a trusted foundation for businesses to transform IT, through the creation of a hybrid cloud, and transform their business through the creation of cloud-native applications and big data solutions. Dell EMC services customers across 180 countries – including 98 percent of the Fortune 500 – with the industry’s most comprehensive and innovative portfolio from edge to core to cloud.

Products and Services:
Dell EMC Cloud Disaster Recovery: Cloud DR allows enterprises to copy protected VM’s from their on-prem Data Domain/ Integrated Data Protection Appliance to the public cloud, stored over object storage, then run orchestrated DR testing or Failover of those VMs copies to cloud instances and later automatically Failback those recovered cloud instances back to virtual machines on-premises. Cloud DR also allows customers to efficiently extend their on-premises data protection to VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC on AWS), by recovering the VMs copies stored over AWS S3 storage directly to new virtual machines over the VMC on AWS environment. The VMC on AWS environment is not required during on-going protection and can be obtained on-demand when recovery is needed. Customers that wish to use Data Domain replication from on-prem Data Domain to a DD VE instances in AWS to gain deduplication benefits, as well as Avamar’s agent-based application consistency, can use Cloud DR Advanced mode in order to enable orchestrated recovery of VMs and applications protected on-premises to EC2 instances in AWS and automated failback of those recovered instances back to on-premises virtual machines.

Data Domain Cloud Tier: Data Domain Cloud Tier provides best of breed technology that will allow businesses to gain the advantages of cloud while lowering overall TCO. With DD Cloud Tier, data is natively tiered to the public, private or hybrid cloud for long-term retention. Only unique data is sent directly from Data Domain to the cloud and data lands on the cloud object storage already deduplicated. With Dell EMC’s advanced deduplication, storage footprint is greatly reduced for cost-effective long-term retention in the cloud. A broad ecosystem of backup and enterprise applications and a variety of public and private clouds are supported with DD Cloud Tier. Data Domain’s pricing starts at sub $9K.

Data Protection Suite: Best-in-class Dell EMC Data Protection software solutions accelerate backups up to 20x and recovery up to 10x for mission-critical applications. Dell EMC software covers a broad range of applications, including everything from virtual machines to high IO/change rate OLTP, and VMware workloads running on AWS.

Dell EMC Data Domain has an open ecosystem strategy: It can serve as the target backup storage with both Dell EMC backup software as well as software from Dell EMC’s competitors, who incorporate Data Domain in their total solutions. Data Domain coupled with Dell EMC Data Protection Software gives customers the most out of their investment by providing them with a number of additional benefits.

Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA): Powerful data protection in a single appliance that is easy to deploy and manage — no matter where data resides. The integrated appliance brings together protection storage and software, search, and analytics, plus simplified management and cloud readiness. The clean, intuitive interface of the IDPA System Manager provides a comprehensive view of data protection infrastructure from a single dashboard.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Higher average deduplication rate – and more savings from the resulting reduction in amount of backup capacity required
  • Direct orchestration of long term retention/archiving to the Cloud with control of data movement policies
  • Instant access and restores for VM workloads
  • Cloud disaster recovery (replication and spin off of virtual machines in Amazon Web Service)

Key Features:

  • Reduces storage requirements by 10 – 55x with variable-length deduplication
  • Gain industry leading speed, scalability, and reliability


  • Back directly from a wide range of enterprise apps or primary storage
  • Deploy protection storage however you want it


  • DD Cloud Tier: Natively tier deduplicated data to the cloud for modern long-term retention
  • DD Cloud DR: Copy backed-up VMs to the public cloud (AWS) for disaster recovery

12. Druva – Druva is the global leader in Cloud Data Protection and Management, delivering the industry’s first data management-as-a-service solution that aggregates data from endpoints, servers and cloud applications and leverages the public cloud to offer a single pane of glass to enable data protection, governance and intelligence–dramatically increasing the availability and visibility of business critical information, while reducing the risk, cost and complexity of managing and protecting it. Druva’s award-winning solutions intelligently collect data, and unify backup, disaster recovery, archival and governance capabilities onto a single, optimized data set. As the industry’s fastest growing data protection provider, Druva is trusted by over 4,000 global organizations, and protects over 40 PB of data. Learn more at and join the conversation at

13. Barracuda – Barracuda (NYSE: CUDA) simplifies IT with cloud-enabled solutions that empower customers to protect their networks, applications, and data, regardless of where they reside. These powerful, easy-to-use and affordable solutions are trusted by more than 150,000 organizations worldwide and are delivered in appliance, virtual appliance, cloud and hybrid deployments. Barracuda’s customer-centric business model focuses on delivering high-value, subscription-based IT solutions that provide end-to-end network and data security. Barracuda’s data protection business includes Barracuda Backup, a solution designed for the cloud that provides the flexibility to easily back up data wherever it resides – on premises or in the cloud – and replicate data to a secure cloud or to a private location. Barracuda Backup can be deployed as a purpose-built backup appliance, in virtual environments, or for cloud-to-cloud backup. Barracuda Backup physical appliance combines software, local storage and offside replication in a single package. Barracuda Backup Vx is a software solution for virtual environments that leverages existing compute and storage infrastructures. Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup replicates data from supported cloud environments into Barracuda’s Cloud Storage. For additional information, please visit

14. Vembu – Vembu is not a direct-to-customer sales Company. This, Chennai, India based company, takes its place in the cloud backup and recovery marketplace as a cost effective, hybrid data protection product developer, catering to the needs of small and medium businesses, through the agency of its partners. With over 2000 MSPs, VARs, resellers and distributors registered and marketing its product– StoreGrid–the company categorizes as a cloud enabler–a service provider’s service provider. Vembu’s award winning software StoreGrid–is built around a simple, pay as you go licensing model that integrates business automation and RMM platforms; supports backup of Disk Image, MS SQL, MS Exchange, MS Sharepoint, MySQL, VMWare and Oracle and the interfaces are completely customizable and brandable. The company nurtures its partners by constantly interacting with them at webinars and conferences and providing them with a range of marketing strategy tools. The company’s dynamic and interactive website provides partners and their customers with access to support forums, How-to videos, knowledge bases, FAQs and other systems. For additional information, please visit

15. FalconStor - Headquartered in Melville, NY, FalconStor Software, Inc. is a publicly traded company on the OTC. It is a leading storage software company offering a converged data services software platform that is hardware agnostic. Our open, integrated flagship solution FreeStor® reduces vendor lock-in and gives enterprises the freedom to choose the applications and hardware components that make the best sense for their business. We empower organizations to modernize their data center with the right performance, in the right location, all while protecting existing investments. FalconStor’s mission is to maximize data availability and system uptime to ensure nonstop business productivity while simplifying data management to reduce operational costs. Our award-winning solutions are available and supported worldwide by OEMs as well as leading service providers, system integrators, resellers and FalconStor. The Company is headquartered in Melville, N.Y. with offices throughout Europe and the Asia Pacific region. For more information, visit or call 1-866-NOW-FALC (866-669-3252).

16. IBM Spectrum Protect - A solution by IBM, one of the leading technology companies, IBM Spectrum Protect™ (ISP) can simplify data protection where data is hosted in physical, virtual, software-defined or cloud environments. With ISP, you can choose the right software to manage and protect your data, while also simplifying backup administration, improving efficiencies, delivering scalable capacity and enabling advanced capabilities. ISP provides a single data protection platform and simplified administration for virtual and physical machines, using snapshots and backups. It is easy to use, provides policy-based multi-site replication, and flexible restore capabilities, allowing companies to scale and adapt quickly to changing business needs, without compromising security, privacy. It scales quickly and reduces backup infrastructure costs by more than half. ISP also feature: Automated deployment steps, Built-in cloud integration, Scalable performance, Multi-site replication, Optimized data protection, Reduced backup infrastructure costs, and Virtualized, software-defined infrastructures. For more information, visit:

17. LiveVault – Launched in 1996, LiveVault is one of the pioneers in the online backup technology. The company has endeavored to service its clients using the latest technological advancements in the rapidly changing cloud backup industry while maintaining close customer relationships. It delivers fully automated, turnkey, backup over the Internet or a private network connection for uninterrupted remote data protection. LiveVault provides automated and continuous backup, with protection intervals as low as every fifteen minutes, to ensure data is protected as it is created. Data is moved offsite to secure; mirrored data centers and is completely secure and protected at every step of the way using stringent procedures, protocols, and standards.

The handling of data has evolved significantly in the past few years in response to security threats and legislative acts addressing privacy and financial reporting issues. The LiveVault service enables businesses which are subject to these regulations to easily comply with the data backup and storage requirements of HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC, NASD, and Graham-Leach-Bliley. LiveVault encrypts all data at the source using 256-bit AES encryption with a unique private/public key pair. For an additional layer of protection, LiveVault® uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to establish a secure, resilient communication tunnel to offsite data centers.

LiveVault is a General Services Administration (GSA) contract holder and provides online backup services to government clients. These clients include federal, state and local governments and other government entities. LiveVault is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and has data vaults in various locations in the US and Canada. The Utility Class data centers are access-restricted with 24-hour security guards, strategic monitoring equipment, and electronic security systems. All data facilities are controlled environments with redundant air conditioning and power systems, emergency diesel generators, state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems, and multiple high-speed Internet connections. LiveVault is owned by j2 Global. Visit their website

18. Actifio - Actifio is the world’s leading Data-as-a-Service platform. It enables thousands of users around the world to deliver their data just as they deliver their applications and infrastructure… as a service available instantly, anywhere. An enterprise-class software platform powered by patented Virtual Data Pipeline™ technology, Actifio frees data from traditional infrastructure to accelerate adoption of hybrid cloud, build higher quality applications faster, and improve business resiliency and availability. Actifio comes with rapid incremental forever backup and scalable instant recovery for database, NAS and file workloads in VMs, physical machines, and the Cloud; and a high-performance, scalable database cloning and instant recovery solution that is purpose-built for Oracle, MS SQL and ERP applications. Enterprise customers use Actifio to build higher quality applications faster by making high fidelity test data instantly available to authorized developers, to improve business resiliency and availability by rendering traditional backup and disaster recovery point tools obsolete, and to accelerate adoption of hybrid cloud architectures in service to those and many other enterprise use cases. Actifio captures data at a block level in native format, according to customized SLA, allowing to manage a physical copy, moved once and stored anywhere. Actifio uses unlimited virtual copies for instant access and protection, reducing business risk by minimizing application downtime, drastically reducing backup windows, and delivering lower RTOs and RPOs, for any size dataset across a wide variety of enterprise applications. Actifio delivers maximum advantage with lower TCO by reducing license, infrastructure, and operational costs, and by eliminating multiple point tools, data sprawl and manual processes. Actifio is Agile, Resilient, Independent, Secure and Scalable. For more, visit or follow us on Twitter @Actifio.

19. Axcient – Axcient (founded in 2006 at Mountain View, California), is a privately held company backed by Allegis Capital, Peninsula Ventures and Thomvest. The Company provides cloud services through a network of MSPs, distributors and resellers. A dedicated management team is geared to develop its partner programs and provide continuous support with a variety of training options and co-marketing choices. Certification of at least one member of the staff as Axcient Support Technician is a precondition to partnership. The company does not encourage development or modification of Axcient’s appliances or request for phone based trainings. The frictionless partnership philosophy is extended to partner relations and indirectly to customer relations. The Axcient platform combines ease of use with unprecedented uptime guarantees to the small and medium business segment. Users can expect to enjoy cost savings with pay as you go service features, zero investment in infrastructure, license or software expenditures. The service integrates the best elements of on-premise data protection and online disaster recovery services to ensure customer satisfaction. For additional information, please visit

20. Redstor (Attix5) - Founded in the UK in 1998, and headquartered in Reading, UK, Redstor is a well-respected and trusted global provider of cloud backup and disaster recovery software and services. Redstor is a fast growing, international, data management software as a service (SaaS) business. In the fall of 2015, Redstor acquired Attix5, a South African based cloud backup enabling company. For almost two decades, Redstor has been the Data Management & Security Company of choice for businesses and organisations looking for a trusted advisor to manage and secure their data. Redstor’s focus is on partner-enabled cloud backup as a service (BAAS), delivering these services either through its own storage platforms around the world, or by supplying its Backup Pro software to power its partners’ own service platforms. Redstor-powered services are currently available through hundreds of partners worldwide. As an ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified organisation, Redstor combines technical excellence with proven processes to deliver innovative, flexible and secure cloud services that reduce risks and cost to end users. Redstor platform currently addresses Backup, DR and Archiving and its journey is towards incorporating security, access and insight, all managed and controlled from one place. Restor gives its customers control over their most valuable asset — their data — wherever, whenever, all from a single console. For more information, visit

21. Unitrends - Headquartered in Burlington, MA, Unitrends increases uptime, productivity and confidence in a world in which IT professionals must do more with less. Unitrends leverages high-availability hardware and software engineering, cloud economics, enterprise power with consumer-grade design, and customer-obsessed support to natively provide all-in-one enterprise backup and continuity. The result is a “one throat to choke” set of offerings that allow customers to focus on their business rather than backup. Unitrends eliminates backup complexity and stress with all-in-one enterprise backup and continuity. Unitrends provides simpler, better, and smarter IT solutions, allowing you to get more free time with all-in-one backup appliances powered by simplicity. Unitrends solutions are pre-integrated and optimized with high-speed performance, deduplication, and predictive analytics needed to protect diverse environments. Built-in ransomware detection and SLA Policy Automation save time and deliver complete confidence in recovery. Learn more by visiting or follow on Twitter @Unitrends and LinkedIn.

22. N2WS - Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, N2WS was founded in 2012 with the mission of providing enterprise-class data protection for production environments deployed in the public cloud. N2WS Backup & Recovery, Cloud Protection Manager (CPM), was designed and built from the ground up to meet all backup and DR requirements for enterprises on AWS and is now the leading enterprise-class backup, recovery, and disaster recovery solution specifically optimized for Amazon’s AWS EC2 infrastructure. Enterprises can recover complete servers/instances, specific volumes, or individual files in seconds to other AWS regions or even another AWS account, and be back up to production in only seconds. N2WS offers a 30-day free trial with no credit card needed. Interested parties can test-drive all features of our Enterprise edition so they will be able to see first hand how to efficiently and cost-effectively protect their EC2 instances, RDS, DynamoDB, Aurora databases, as well as Redshift clusters, utilize both cross-region and cross-account DR, as well as take advantage of all new and enhanced latest versions. N2WS wasacquired by Veeam in January 2018 for $42.5 Million all cash. Veeam kept N2WS as a separate entity until November 2019, then volunteerly sold it back to the original founders for an undisclosed amount (rumoured to be sold at a huge discount from its original purchase price of $42.5M), after Veeam became the subject of investigation by the US government for its Russian operation. For more information, visit

23. CTERA Networks - CTERA Networks revolutionizes storage and data protection for SMBs and branch offices with Cloud Attached Storage®, a hybrid solution that combines secure cloud storage services with on-premises storage appliances for a seamless user experience. Current solutions for data storage and data protection – such as file servers and backup tape drives – are unnecessarily expensive and disparate. Since SMBs and branch offices are in short supply of IT staff and data management practices are often non-existent, there is a real need for a cost-effective, all-in-one solution for centralized storage and secure off-site data protection. Cloud Attached Storage by CTERA is the answer to the storage and data protection woes of SMBs and remote/branch offices (ROBO). Integrating reliable cloud storage with appliances that are integrated cloud storage gateways and network attached storage (NAS) devices, it provides much needed reliability and storage flexibility, bundled as an easy-to-use, remotely managed storage service. CTERA has designed its technology to cater to the needs of service providers, and is partnering with leading cloud service providers, MSPs and resellers to deliver managed storage, hybrid local/off-site backup and file sharing services to their customers. CTERA Networks is privately held and backed by Benchmark Capital. For additional information, please visit

24. DataDepositBox – DataDepositBox’s Partner programs enable more than 1,000 MSPs, and OEMs offer branded online backup and recovery services to more than 200,000 customers across sectors with a minimum monthly commitment or on an agreed commission basis. An integrated remote desktop feature of the software links mobile workers and remote offices with the service provider’s data center and creates the necessary mesh for effective anywhere, anytime, business operations. Partners can set up the entire system in a few hours. The powered by label on the partner website defines the source of the SaaS software engine that keeps the system running. The account management web portal is template based and can be customized by the Partner to their taste. The GUI facilitates personalization and management of APIs with carrier class scalability and reliability. The authorized reseller has full access to all the knowledge resources of the parent company, including marketing and sales strategies. Partners can use the logo and trademark; marketing collateral materials; online banners and email marketing templates to position themselves effectively in their chosen market. In March 2020, Data Deposit Box suffered a data breach as discovered and reported by vpnMentor. Personal data containing allegedly more than 270,000 users were found unencrypted in a misconfigured Amazon S3 bucket. For additional information, please visit

25. Infrascale – Infrascale is a parent company of SOS Online Backup (, a leading provider of cloud backup, recovery and archiving solutions for businesses and consumers, supporting more than 50,000 small businesses and individuals around the world. Infrascale provides the most powerful disaster recovery and cloud backup solutions in the world, and is recognized as a 2017 Gartner Leader for Disaster Recovery as a Service. Founded in 2011, the company aims to give every organization the ability to recover from a disaster — quickly, easily and affordably. Combining intelligent software with the power of the cloud, Infrascale cracks the disaster recovery cost barrier by removing the complexity and cost of standby infrastructure to restore operations in minutes with a push of a button. Infrascale equips businesses with the confidence to handle the unexpected by providing less downtime, greater security, and always-on availability. In March 2020, SOS Online Backup, a solution offered by Infrascale, suffered a data breach as discovered and reported by vpnMentor. Personal data containing allegedly more than 135 million users were found unencrypted in a misconfigured Amazon S3 bucket. Visit or follow us on Twitter at @Infrascale for more information.

© 2020 –




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Share/Save/Bookmark releases ranking of the top 100 online backup companies, categorized into four sectors: Consumer, SMB, Enterprise, and Enablers; based on predefined standardized criteria, to help users select the appropriate online backup company.

June 01, 2020 - publishes the June 2020 list of top ranking cloud backup companies, categorized into four sectors: Consumer, SMB, Enterprise, and Enablers. The list comprises of 25 companies under each category, for a total of 100 online backup solutions, based on standardized criteria defined on its site. This standardization of selection criteria goes a long way towards enabling users select the right online backup service for their specific needs.

“From 2005 to 2008, we ranked the top 25 companies on a monthly basis in one basket; and that was not easy to identify the solutions easily. Then in 2009, we added 50 more companies and started ranking the top 75 companies in three sectors – Consumer, SMB and Enterprise solutions. And beginning the October 2011 ranking, we have added a fourth column that identifies and ranks the top enablers”, said editor Ezra Brook. The top companies are presented in order of their rankings.

With hundreds of companies offering seemingly the same service, choosing the best online backup provider could be challenging. Users need a standard set of criteria on which to evaluate the different services and understand which one would suit them the best. Factors that generally play a role in selecting online backup service include service requirements such as: cost per GB, cost per PC or per account, security, speed (backup and restore), reliability, uptime, quality, customer service, accessibility and financial standing of the company.

For more details, check our criteria – How Do I Choose the Best Online Backup Provider.

The top 5 cloud backup companies, from each sector include:

  • Consumer: Carbonite Safe, Backblaze, IDrive, Acronis, and SpiderOak
  • SMB: Arcserve, Carbonite Server, Backup-Everything, IDrive Business, and Code42
  • Enterprise: Databarracks, StorageCraft, Code42, Assured-DP, and StorageGuardian
  • Enablers: Asigra, Veeam, Rubrik, Novastor, and Datto

The complete list of the top 100 cloud backup companies for June 2020 is found here.’s reviews, daily up to date news, articles and monthly rankings of the top online backup services, are supplemented with the voices from online backup and data storage companies. The CEO Interview spotlight section features interviews with CEOs/VPs and other senior executives of online backup and data storage companies. The ranking of the top 100 online backup companies is the endpoint of dedicated research and hours of hard work on the part of our research team. Interviews with key personnel in the online backup and data storage industry, reviews, articles on backup basics and links to third party websites on the site, bring a 360 degree view of the online backup and data storage industry.

About the company: has been running since 2004 and is dedicated to serving the online backup and data storage industry. By providing all relevant information, BackupReview helps potential users make the right choice for online backup solution. The site’s daily posts are published in a number of other websites, including Twitter, and its complimentary blog. The complete list of sites, where BackupReview’s posts are published, is found here. Feature highlights of the site include: Daily up to date cloud backup and storage news, directory of online backup companies, articles on backup basics, reviews of online backup services by its editors, and from other review sites, and aggregated online backup companies’ corporate blogs.

For more information, please visit:


editor {@}





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TORONTO, ON – June 1, 2020 — / — TheNewswire – Toronto, Ontario – GlobeX Data Ltd. (OTCQB:SWISF) (CSE:SWIS) (“GlobeX” or the “Company”), the leader in Swiss hosted cyber security and Internet privacy solutions for secure data management and secure communications, is pleased to announce that it has launched a new Social Media Influencers Affiliate Program (“SMIAP”) in order to spread the awareness of GlobeX’s cybersecurity and data privacy secure solutions. The program is already enrolling influencers and plans to be fully deployed by the beginning of August 2020.

Video: GlobeX Data begins a social media influencers program for cyber security

The SMIAP campaign consists of reaching out to social media influencers in order to spread the use of GlobeX’s cybersecurity and data privacy products in the entertainment, media, financial, legal, real estate, medical and other targeted industries, in order to protect the data and privacy of the people involved in those industries.

The Company plans to offer discounted deals on all its solutions on specific landing pages for Social Media Influencers, enabling subscribers to get discounts of up to 50% to normal retail prices published on the Company’s websites. The services promoted will include:

- DigitalSafe, the Company’s Swiss hosted secure document management and collaboration cloud business tool, which comes with a data backup and recovery, secure file share, collaboration tool, a password manager and a secure email all in one.
- PrivaTalk Messenger, the Company’s Swiss hosted secure communications suite, which includes encrypted messaging with self-destruct timer and secure email with proprietary SecureSend and SecureReply anti-phishing technology.
- Custodia, the Company’s Swiss hosted end-to-end encrypted email service with its proprietary SecureSend and SecureReply anti-phishing technology.

Alain Ghiai, CEO of GlobeX Data said: “We are very excited to work with social media influencers and media spokespersons in order to offer our cybersecurity and data privacy solutions. In the entertainment industry for example, too many celebrities have been targeted and their privacy breached by malicious hackers with disastrous financial and reputational consequences for the targeted persons. The SMIAP initiative is a novel way to reach out and do some good in the world by protecting the targeted persons with our unique Swiss hosted cybersecurity and data privacy solutions. We already have DigitalSafe ready to go and we plan to launch PrivaTalk Messenger and Custodia Secure Email landing pages and programs in the next couple of months. We expect some good uptick as cybercrime is exponentially growing and there is no sign of slowing down.”

The Company has an organic target of 5000 users by the end of fiscal year 2021, bringing upwards of US$1,500,000 (CAN$ 2,000,000+) per year in gross revenues depending on the solutions selected and the discounts applied. The business model is a recurring monthly or yearly revenue with the influencers getting a fixed percentage of the gross revenues.

GlobeX’s Data privacy solutions are all hosted in Switzerland, protecting users’ data from any outside data intrusion requests. In Switzerland, the right to privacy is guaranteed in article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution. The Federal Act on Data Protection (“FADP”) of 19 June 1992 (in force since 1993) has set up a strict protection of privacy by prohibiting virtually any processing of personal data which is not expressly authorized by the data subjects. The protection is subject to the authority of the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner.

Under Swiss federal law, it is a crime to publish information based on leaked “secret official discussions.” In 2010 the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland found that IP addresses are personal information and that under Swiss privacy laws they may not be used to track Internet usage without the knowledge of the individuals involved.

About GlobeX Data Ltd.
GlobeX Data Ltd. is a Cybersecurity and Internet privacy provider of Swiss hosted solutions for secure data management and secure communications. The Company distributes a suite of secure cloud-based storage, disaster recovery, document management, encrypted e-mails, and secure communication tools. GlobeX Data Ltd. sells its products through its approved wholesalers and distributors, and telecommunications companies worldwide. GlobeX Data Ltd. serves consumers, businesses and governments worldwide.

For more information please contact GlobeX Data at or visit at

For more information on DigitalSafe visit at:

For more information on PrivaTalk and PrivaTalk Messenger visit at:

Forward Looking Information
This news release contains certain forward-looking information within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities laws (“forward-looking statements”). All statements other than statements of present or historical fact are forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are often, but not always, identified by the use of words such as “anticipate”, “achieve”, “could”, “believe”, “plan”, “intend”, “objective”, “continuous”, “ongoing”, “estimate”, “outlook”, “expect”, “project” and similar words, including negatives thereof, suggesting future outcomes or that certain events or conditions “may” or “will” occur. These statements are only predictions. These statements reflect management’s current estimates, beliefs, intentions and expectations; they are not guaranteeing future performance. GlobeX cautions that all forward-looking statements are inherently uncertain and that actual performance may be affected by a number of material factors, many of which are beyond GlobeX’s control. Such factors include, among other things: risks and uncertainties relating to the future of the Company’s business; the success of marketing and sales efforts of the Company; the projections prepared in house and projections delivered by channel partners; the Company’s ability to complete the necessary software updates; increases in sales as a result of investments software development technology; consumer interest in the Products; future sales plans and strategies; reliance on large channel partners and expectations of renewals to ongoing agreements with these partners; anticipated events and trends; the economy and other future conditions; and other risks and uncertainties, including those described in GlobeX’s prospectus dated May 8, 2019 filed with the Canadian Securities Administrators and available on Accordingly, actual and future events, conditions and results may differ materially from the estimates, beliefs, intentions and expectations expressed or implied in the forward-looking information. Except as required under applicable securities legislation, GlobeX undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise forward-looking information.

On behalf of Management
Alain Ghiai
President and Chief Executive Officer

Source: GlobeX Data Ltd.




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WANdisco automates and minimizes risk of Hadoop migration with an expected ROI of three months

SAN RAMON, CA – June 01, 2020 — / – WANdisco (LSE: WAND), the LiveData company, today announced the limited public preview availability of WANdisco LiveData Platform for Azure, a new service offering available on Microsoft Azure exclusively.

The WANdisco LiveData Platform features the company’s patented consensus engine which ensures data consistency, accuracy, and accessibility across any environment, be it on-premises, hybrid (on-premises and cloud), hybrid cloud, multi-region or multi-cloud. In short, enterprises looking to migrate their on-premises data lake to the cloud, may now turn to the WANdisco LiveData Platform on Azure for a turnkey data migration solution with zero business downtime.

Customers are able to leverage this new service and continue to enjoy the same seamless experience they have already with their existing Azure experience. The LiveData Platform services are fully integrated in the Azure Customer Portal, Azure CLI, and Azure Marketplace. Customers will have the same seamless billing experience through Azure Billing as they have with other native Azure services.

WANdisco is also announcing two service offerings available exclusively on the WANdisco LiveData Platform – LiveData Migrator for Azure and LiveData Plane for Azure. These two offerings work in conjunction to establish an active-active data plane consistency between an enterprise’s Big Data Hadoop environment located on-premises and in Azure Data Lake Storage. LiveData Migrator performs the initial bootstrapping through a one-time scan, and then feeds that into LiveData Plane to ensure that any changes (creates, updates, and deletes) are immediately captured after that point.

Additionally, LiveData Plane for Azure fully integrates with managed Hadoop environments such as Azure HDInsight.  The Hive plugin keeps operational meta stores in sync with changes that occur on the data plane, thereby ensuring end to end consistency.

Enterprises have either already embarked on their digital transformation journey or they plan to very, very soon. The reasons are unique to each organization, however, the data lake migration pattern usually falls into one of these scenario buckets:

One-Way Migration
Organizations intending to complete their on-premises migration (lift-and-shift or re-platform) inside a 12-18 month window, but will begin to make investments into standing up cloud-native solutions now to mitigate incurring future technical debt.

Hybrid Data Estate
Enterprises intending to maintain on-premises assets for the next several years, but still divert all new investments into cloud-native solutions for similar reasons as in a one-way migration.

Disaster Recovery
Using a public cloud to host their turnkey DR environment is a common entry point for some customers because of the immediate cost savings observed when decommissioning an environment they hope they never have to use, but are obliged to have one should the need occur.

Taking advantage of well-priced and boundless storage capacity.

Enabling enterprises to access compute and storage in the cloud when required rather than building infrastructure for peak capacity.

LiveData Migrator for Azure and LiveData Plane for Azure together address all five migration scenarios with ease and with equal strength and capabilities across all of them. Specifically with the one-way migration and hybrid data estate scenarios, customers are often challenged on how to approach a feat that appears insurmountable or at least rife with challenges both technical and logistical in nature. All too often, these very real concerns revolve around the challenges inherent to physically shifting the existing black hole, better known as data gravity, from one site to another.

LiveData Plane for Azure effectively solves the data gravity problem at petabyte scale so that the enterprise can shift their intellectual capital towards the other components of their digital transformation journey. LiveData Plane for Azure addresses concerns such as maintaining business continuity while changes occur, ensuring that all data is transmitted securely, and matching or exceeding the same data integrity levels once that data lands in Azure Data Lake Storage. With its turnkey deployment and no downtime, customers are able to recoup their data and analytics investments sooner by reducing the data engineering and migration costs (the lion’s share of most on-premises migrations) by orders of magnitude. With LiveData Plane for Azure, customers are now free to invest in next-gen trends such as augmented analytics and ubiquitous data governance native in the public cloud.

In collaboration with Microsoft and Infosys Ltd., WANdisco successfully conducted a private preview with customers, and reviews have been very outstanding. This initial success has led to excitement and momentum in the Microsoft Azure ecosystem.

“WANdisco technology provides a unique platform to migrate ‘live’ data at scale into and within Azure without business disruption,” said Satish HC, Executive Vice President, Data & Analytics, Infosys Ltd.  “We have proven its capabilities in a multi-petabyte scale customer environment. The native integration with Azure simplifies deployment and makes LiveData Migrator for Azure the primary choice in live data migration scenarios. We look forward to working closely with WANdisco in the future to capitalize on the migration opportunity.”

“We are excited to be launching a new service in Microsoft Azure,” said WANdisco CEO and Chairman David Richards“The LiveData Platform service along with LiveData Migrator for Azure and LiveData Plane for Azure offerings are the culmination of joint engineering work between WANdisco and Microsoft with the objective of creating a new service offering built around data movement and data consistency. These are just the first and we plan to continue building more turnkey solutions. Customers are already seeing the benefits and we are excited to unlock this over $1B market opportunity we have with Microsoft. We are also excited to be the first ISV to be launching a new Azure-native service and play a key role in the ADLS Data Lake Migration Program.”

Tad Brockway, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft Azure Storage, Media and Edge added, “Customers have a significant opportunity to optimize costs and expand analytics and insights capabilities by moving their on-premises data lakes to the cloud. WANDisco LiveData Migrator and LiveData Plane are the first offerings to provide a fully integrated and turnkey experience for customers migrating Hadoop data into Azure Data Lake Storage seamlessly and without business disruption.”

About WANdisco
WANdisco is the LiveData company. WANdisco solutions enable enterprises to create an environment where data is always available, accurate, and protected, creating a strong backbone for their IT infrastructure and a bedrock for running consistent, accurate machine learning applications. With zero downtime and zero data loss, WANdisco LiveData Cloud Services keep geographically dispersed data at any scale consistent between on-premises and cloud environments allowing businesses to operate seamlessly in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment. WANdisco has over a hundred customers and significant go-to-market partnerships with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Oracle, and others as well as OEM relationships with IBM and Alibaba. For more information on WANdisco, visit

Media Contact
Josh Turner
Silicon Valley Communications
+1 (917) 231-0550

Source: WANdisco

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Veristor Recognized on Annual List for 12th Consecutive Year

ATLANTA, GA – June 1, 2020 – / — Veristor Systems, Inc., a leading provider of transformative business technology solutions, announced today that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named Veristor to its 2020 Solution Provider 500 list. This is the 12th consecutive time Veristor has been recognized on the annual list.

Each year, CRN releases its list of top 500 solution providers, a ranking of the leading IT channel partner organizations across North America by revenue. CRN’s Solution Provider 500 list serves as the industry’s benchmark for recognizing the top-performing technology integrators, strategic service providers, and IT consultants, and as a valuable resource for technology vendors looking to partner with top solution providers.

“Being recognized, once again, on the CRN Solution Provider 500 list is an honor and underlines the value we place on delivering the practical innovation our customers need to achieve their technology goals,” said Ashby Lincoln, President and CEO, Veristor. “This annual achievement is a testament to the passion, expertise and collaborative approach of the entire Veristor team. Together, we live IT so that we can continue to guide businesses to the right solutions for their most pressing challenges.”

“CRN’s Solution Provider 500 list showcases the top IT channel partner organizations across North America,” said Bob Skelley, CEO of The Channel Company. “This year, companies on this list represent a combined revenue of $393 billion, a data point that underscores the impact and influence these solution providers have on the IT industry. On behalf of The Channel Company, I’d like to congratulate these companies for their outstanding contributions to the growth and success of our industry.”

CRN’s complete 2020 Solution Provider 500 list is available online at and a sample from the list will be featured in the June issue of CRN Magazine.

About Veristor Systems, Inc.
A leading provider of transformative business technology solutions, Veristor helps its customers accelerate the time-to-value for the software, infrastructure and systems they deploy. We do this by harnessing deep expertise in today’s most advanced data center, security, networking, hybrid cloud, and big data technologies and guiding businesses to the right solutions for their most pressing challenges. And with a full suite of design, deployment, support, and managed service offerings, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers at every step of their technology journey to make technology truly work for them. IT’s just who we are. Learn more at

About The Channel Company
The Channel Company enables breakthrough IT channel performance with our dominant media, engaging events, expert consulting and education and innovative marketing services and platforms. As the channel catalyst, we connect and empower technology suppliers, solution providers and end users. Backed by more than 30 years of unequalled channel experience, we draw from our deep knowledge to envision innovative new solutions for ever-evolving challenges in the technology marketplace.

Follow The Channel Company: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

Copyright ©2020. CRN is a registered trademark of The Channel Company, LLC.  All rights reserved.

Wendy Goins
Veristor Systems
Director of Marketing

Source: Veristor




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Wharfedale’s Cloud Now – Pay Later program allows organizations dealing with the economic impact of Covid-19 to undergo critical SAP cloud transformations without out-of-pocket costs for 6 months

PRINCETON, NJ – May 29, 2020 — / — Wharfedale Technologies, a leading cloud service provider, today announced the availability of its Cloud Now – Pay Later program. This program was created to help organizations carry out crucial SAP cloud transformations without compromising near-term cash management. SAP customers who take advantage of the Cloud Now – Pay Later program can migrate their SAP landscape to Azure Cloud with no upfront costs and 180 days of deferred payment on Wharfedale’s SAP Managed Services.

Cloud adoption has surged with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. For organizations dealing with the economic impact of Covid-19 induced shutdowns, the Cloud Now–Pay Later program presents an opportunity to undergo crucial SAP cloud transformation projects without incurring sizable costs near-term. In this current economic climate, this program is the best option for organizations that want to realize the agility and increased innovation that comes with hosting SAP workloads on the cloud.

“Cloud technology gives IT the ability to deliver business value at low cost and great velocity,” said Anil Mahendra, Wharfedale Technologies Senior Vice President of Sales. “With the Cloud Now – Pay Later program, SAP customers can maximize the performance of their mission-critical SAP systems on Azure with less financial burden during this period of economic uncertainty”.

Like Wharfedale’s Zero Dollar Down Migration offering, the Cloud Now – Pay Later program is a wholistic solution that covers the migration, modernization, and management of an organization’s SAP landscape on Azure Cloud. With it, companies can get the benefit of an SAP Cloud Migration to Azure without out of pocket costs for 6 months in order to ride out the crisis and focus on business recovery.

This offering aims to help companies in 3 distinct areas:

  • Relief – No upfront cloud migration costs and 180 days of deferred payment to help near-term cash management
  • Resilience – Realization of agility, cost savings, and greater innovation in mission-critical SAP landscape to deliver business value at lower cost and greater velocity
  • Resurgence – Overall improvement of business performance to secure a position of strength in a restructured market

More information on the Cloud Now – Pay Later program is available at

About Wharfedale Technologies Inc.
Wharfedale Technologies Inc. (WFT) is a leading technology consulting firm specializing in infrastructure integrations and cloud services in support of SAP solutions including upgrading to SAP HANA and migrating SAP S/4HANA to Microsoft Azure, as well as private/public hybrid cloud solutions. Wharfedale is a certified provider of SAP hosting, infrastructure and cloud services, and Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Platform. As a the very first SAP-certified cloud service and 2-time winner of the Microsoft MSUS partner award for SAP on Azure solutions, Wharfedale offers comprehensive solutions for SAP high availability, disaster recovery, advanced sizing for virtualization, backup/recovery integration, systems refresh automation and landscape optimization.

For more information on Wharfedale and WFT Cloud services, please visit or call us at (888) 533-3113.

SAP and other SAP products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP SE (or an SAP affiliate company) in Germany and other countries. See for additional trademark information and notices. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.

Ganesh Radhakrishnan
Wharfedale Technologies Inc.

Catherine Tseng
Wharfedale Technologies Inc.

Source: Wharfedale Technologies Inc.




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New research from email security firm Tessian reveals how risky remote working behaviors pose increased threat to companies’ data security

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – May-28, 2020 — / — A new report from email security firm Tessian looks at the state of data loss in organizations and reveals that nearly half of employees (48%) are less likely to follow safe data practices when working from home. The State of Data Loss Prevention 2020 report  –  — reveals how the global shift to remote working poses new security challenges for businesses and why traditional security solutions are failing to curb the problem of the insider threat and accidental data loss.

Remote Work Compounds Insider Threats
While 91% of IT leaders trust their staff to follow best security practices when working remotely, over half of employees (52%) believe they can get away with riskier behavior when working from home. Half (48%) cite “not being watched by IT” as a reason for not following safe data practices, closely followed by “being distracted” (47%). Additionally, staff report that security policies are a hindrance — 51% say such policies impede productivity and 54% will find workarounds if security policies stop them from doing their jobs.

Eighty-four percent of IT leaders also say data loss prevention is more challenging when employees are working from home and 58% of employees think information is less secure when working remotely.

Data Loss is Pervasive and IT Leaders are Struggling to Contain It
According to the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, — (  ) 30% of breaches involve internal actors exposing company information, as a result of negligent or malicious acts. Insider threats and data loss over email is particularly challenging for IT leaders to control, due to lack of visibility of the threat.

Key findings from Tessian’s report reveal:

· U.S. employees are more than twice as likely as UK workers to send emails to the wrong person (72% vs. 31%).

· IT leaders in US organizations with over 1,000 employees estimate that 480 emails are sent to the wrong person every year. Yet, Tessian data reveals that employees send at least 800 misdirected emails per year —1.6x more than IT leaders estimate.

· U.S. employees are twice as likely to send company data to their personal email accounts than their UK counterparts (82% vs. 35%).

· IT leaders in US organizations with over 1,000 employees estimate that just 720 emails are sent to unauthorized accounts a year. The reality, according to Tessian data, is at least 27,500 unauthorized emails are sent a year — 38x more than IT leaders estimate.

· One-third (34%) of employees take company documents with them when they leave a job, with U.S. workers twice as likely as UK workers to do so (45% vs. 23%).

IT leaders rely on security awareness training, policies and legacy technologies to prevent data loss, yet these practices may not be as effective as they think. The report finds that employees who receive security training every 1-3 months are almost twice as likely to send company data to personal accounts as those who receive training once a year (80% vs. 49%).

“Businesses have adapted quickly to the abrupt shift to remote working. The challenge they now face is protecting data from risky employee behaviors as working from home becomes the norm,” said Tim Sadler, CEO and co-founder of Tessian. “Human error is the biggest threat to companies’ data security, and IT teams lack true visibility of the threat. Business leaders need to address security cultures and adopt advanced solutions to prevent employees from making the costly mistakes that result in data breaches and non-compliance. It’s critical these solutions do not impede employees’ productivity though. We’ve shown that people will find workarounds if security gets in the way of them doing their jobs, so data loss prevention needs to be flexible if it’s going to be effective.”

Differences by Age and Company Size
In addition to differences in safe security practices by region, there are also notable contrasts among age groups and startups vs. large enterprises. For example:

· 50% of workers from small companies (2-49 employees) agree they’re less likely to follow safe data practices when working from home, compared to only 30% from companies with 1,000 employees or more.

· Workers in the 18-30 age demographic are 3x more likely to send emails to the wrong person — 69% vs. 21% of workers who are 51 or older. And while 31-40 year olds are more careful on email, over half (57%) admit to sending misdirected emails.

· 41% of workers aged 18-30 have taken company documents with them when they’ve left a job, compared to only 13% of workers aged 51 and older.

Read Tessian’s full Data Loss Prevention report here:

About the research
In addition to using Tessian platform data, Tessian commissioned OnePoll to survey 2,000 professionals (1,000 in the U.S. and 1,000 in the UK) across various company sizes and industries, as well as 250 IT professionals to identify trends in data loss based on human behavior and error.

About Tessian
Tessian builds technology to empower people to work safely, without security getting in their way. Tessian’s Human Layer Security platform automatically protects employees on email – where they spend 40% of their time – from risks like data exfiltration, accidental data loss and phishing. The company has raised $60m from security investors like Sequoia and Accel and has offices in San Francisco and London.

Press Contacts
Laura Brooks
M: +44 7810691271

Kelsey Williams
M: 503-407-6610

Source: Tessian




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Sesame Software, a leader in cloud data protection, brings new offerings to backup and recovery solution as Salesforce is set to retire data recovery services

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 28, 2020 — / — Sesame Software, creator of Relational Junction and a leading provider of cloud-based data backup and recovery, has launched new patented features and an enhanced data recovery user interface. Sesame Software is redefining how organizations of all sizes protect and manage their data with its most complete and scalable backup and recovery solution for Salesforce.

Salesforce is an integral part of business processes for many organizations. Although losing Salesforce data would be devastating for these businesses, many entrust their Salesforce data backup and recovery to Salesforce, at their own risk. has recently announced that “effective July 31, 2020, Data Recovery as a paid feature will be deprecated and no longer available as a service.”

Sesame Software’s Relational Junction for Salesforce was first offered in Spring 2005 as a backup and recovery solution, being one of the earliest data compliance offerings in the Salesforce ecosystem. Since that time, Sesame’s customers have performed countless recoveries of mission critical data.

As of April 2020, Relational Junction has an entirely new self-service page which allows customers to perform full or partial recoveries of Salesforce data. This simplifies the task of doing full or record level searches from the unlimited number of versions of any record to find historical data, all without having to store a complete copy of all the data every day. Intra-day changes are also tracked, allowing both a complete audit trail and point-in-time recovery.

Rick Banister, CEO and Founder, explains: “We are extending the recovery capability for other applications and databases, so that you will be able to recover all or part of your data back to any point in time, and to preview what changes will happen before they happen. Using a versioned database for the backup instead of a single versioned database or flat files enables so much functionality and the new user interface is very easy to use.”

Competing recovery solutions typically provide you with text files of your data, making the actual recovery an all or nothing proposition. Relational Junction does incremental backups of your Salesforce data throughout the day – not just once a day – and keeps every version of every record in a relational database. This allows you to recover your data whenever needed, at any level of granularity, and is always available for fast point-in-time restoration. Only new and changed records are copied after the initial backup, so it’s very efficient.

Sesame Software has been awarded multiple patents on its data protection technology, including the recent issuance of patent 10,540,237. This combined patent portfolio enables Sesame to provide a unique technology that also enables Business Intelligence on the same relational database as the backup repository.

Sesame Software has been recognized as a leader in cloud data protection for the increasing number of businesses utilizing Salesforce, as well as other enterprise applications. Through its integration with Salesforce, Sesame supports businesses worldwide in preventing data corruption and data loss, ensuring business continuity, minimizing operational disruptions and meeting compliance mandates. Sesame Software’s Relational Junction is also widely used as a high-performance bi-directional data warehousing and integration solution for Salesforce.

For more information on how Relational Junction provides secure, cost-effective data backup and recovery for Salesforce, request a demo here –

You can also contact the Sesame Software Sales Team at (408) 550-7999 or by email at

About Sesame Software
Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Sesame Software is a leader in Enterprise Data Management, delivering data rapidly for enhanced compliance, reporting, analytics, and data integration. Sesame Software’s patented Relational Junction suite of products offer superior solutions for data warehousing, integration, as well as backup and compliance to fit your business needs. Quickly connect to over 100 SaaS, on-premise, and cloud applications for accelerated insights. To learn more, go to

Media Contact:
Crystal Duarte
Chief Marketing Officer
Sesame Software
Tel: (408) 838-8972

Source: Sesame Software, Inc.




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HARTFORD, Conn. — May 29, 2020  — / — Whittlesey announced it has achieved exclusive Blue partner status with Datto, the world’s leading provider of IT solutions delivered through managed service providers (MSPs). Datto Blue status represents the top 5 percent of the company’s partners, worldwide.

“We’ve been partnered with Datto since 2014,” said Mark Torello, Partner in Charge of Whittlesey Technology. “We’ve been growing with them as they’ve branched out from data back?up and recovery products to networking, cloud continuity, and device management. The reliability of their products and services and outstanding customer and technical support have been consistently top?notch and provided us the resources to accelerate our business growth. It’s an honor to be acknowledged for putting these products and tools to use and demonstrating success.”

Whittlesey has exceeded high standards of performance to qualify for Blue status within Datto’s Global Partner Program, the highest classification provided by Datto. Blue status includes many exclusive programs and benefits designed to support further enablement and business growth.

“We are thrilled to recognize Whittlesey as a Blue Partner,” said Rob Rae, Vice President of Business Development, Datto. “We are committed to providing Whittlesey and all of our partners with the necessary capabilities to develop deep relationships with their customers and keep growing their brands and businesses. We look forward to more success from Whittlesey in 2020, as we continue to roll out new partner services.”

About Whittlesey
Founded in Hartford in 1961, Whittlesey is one of the largest regional CPA and consulting firms in New England. With offices in Connecticut and Massachusetts, we provide a comprehensive array of advisory, assurance, tax, and technology services to a broad range of businesses and individuals.

For more information, visit:

Media Contact:
Margie Craig, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

280 Trumbull Street, 24th Floor
Hartford, CT
USA, 06103-3509

Source:  Whittlesey Technology




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Partnership Simplifies Endpoint Analysis While Increasing the Value of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Data

ATLANTA and MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – May 28, 2020 — / — Veristor Systems, Inc., a leading provider of transformative business technology solutions, and Respond Software, innovators in robotic decision automation (RDA) for security operations, today announced that Veristor has been named a strategic member of the Respond Software partner program. As a result of the partnership, Veristor will offer Respond Analyst, a software automation solution for security operations, to customers looking to decrease the time to diagnose cybersecurity incidents while helping organizations realize more value from all their available data sources.

“In the face of increasing cybersecurity threats, and a growing cybersecurity workforce skills gap, it’s critical to leverage innovative automation technology to protect business networks and data,” said Jackie Groark, vice president of security and CISO, Veristor. “Respond Analyst powerfully addresses these challenges. Making the most of all available data sources, it provides thoroughly analyzed, real-time, actionable security incidents. This empowers customers to protect their critical systems and data by identifying and remediating security threats faster.”

“Veristor is an exceptional example of the sophisticated, expert security solution providers we select to join our ecosystem of channel partners,” said Mike Armistead, CEO and co-founder, Respond Software. “They offer a superior level of security expertise that empowers our mutual customers with the multi-layered security approach that not only keeps cybersecurity threats at bay, but also improves the overall security posture of today’s enterprises – whether users are working onsite or remote. We are pleased to name them as a strategic member of our partner network.”

The Respond Analyst is a virtual security analyst built on robotic decision automation (RDA), a new class of software automation for security operations. RDA combines the best of human judgment with the scale, consistency, and depth of analysis software can provide. Its reasoning and decision-making skills tackle the complexity and high volume of today’s data facing security teams.

Respond Analyst is now offered as a part of the Veristor suite of security solutions that are designed to solve business challenges through the intelligent application of next-generation security technology. For more information visit:

For more information about how Respond Software automates security monitoring while leveraging data for better security decisions, watch this video –

About Veristor Systems, Inc.
A leading provider of transformative business technology solutions, Veristor helps its customers accelerate the time-to-value for the software, infrastructure and systems they deploy. We do this by harnessing deep expertise in today’s most advanced data center, security, networking, hybrid cloud, and big data technologies and guiding businesses to the right solutions for their most pressing challenges. And with a full suite of design, deployment, support, and managed service offerings, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers at every step of their technology journey to make technology truly work for them. IT’s just who we are. Learn more at

About Respond Software
Respond Software delivers a near-instant return on investment to organizations in their battle against cyber-crime. As a leader in the emerging class of automated software known as Robotic Decision Automation (RDA), Respond Software is working to address the critical shortage of skilled security analysts impacting security teams of all sizes. Its patented intelligent decision engine uniquely combines human expert judgement with the scale and consistency of software to dramatically increase capacity and improve monitoring and triage capabilities at a fraction of the cost of in-house or outsourced personnel. Respond Software was founded in 2016 by security and software industry veterans and services customers across critical infrastructure sectors such as banking, energy, and retail.

Wendy Goins
Veristor Systems
Director of Marketing

Source: Veristor




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LOS ANGELES, CA – May 29, 2020 — / — J2 Global, Inc. (NASDAQ:JCOM), a leading Internet information and services company, today announced its participation in six investor conferences in June.

Details of the conferences are as follows:

Baird 2020 Virtual Global Consumer, Technology & Services Conference
Location: Virtual
Date and time: June 2, 2020, 12:15pm (ET)

RBC Rally on Rodeo Internet Bus Tour
Location: Virtual
Date: June 3, 2020
Webcast: No formal presentation

Bank of America 2020 Global Technology Conference
Location: Virtual
Date: June 4, 2020
Webcast: No formal presentation

STIFEL Cross Sector Insight Conference
Location: Virtual
Date: June 9, 2020
Webcast: No formal presentation

William Blair 40th Annual Growth Stock Conference
Location: Virtual
Date and time: June 11, 2020, 11:40am (ET)

Goldman Sachs Fifth Annual Leveraged Finance Conference
Location: Virtual
Date: June 25, 2020
Time & Webcast: Available via Goldman Sachs at a later date

About J2 Global
J2 Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: JCOM) is a leading Internet information and services company consisting of a portfolio of brands including IGN, Mashable, Humble Bundle, Speedtest, PCMag,, Spiceworks, Everyday Health, BabyCenter and What To Expect in its Digital Media segment and eFax, eVoice, iContact, Campaigner, Vipre, IPVanish and KeepItSafe in its Cloud Services segment. J2 Global reaches over 180 million people per month across its brands. As of December 31, 2019, J2 had achieved 24 consecutive fiscal years of revenue growth. For more information about J2, please visit

Scott Turicchi
(800) 577-1790
J2 Global, Inc.

Source: J2 Global, Inc.




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New investment to drive Wasabi’s global expansion as it meets infinite data storage demands of $90B public cloud storage market

BOSTON, MA – May 28, 2020 — / — Wasabi, the hot cloud storage company, today announced it has closed a $30 million financing round led by Forestay Capital, the technology innovation arm of Waypoint Capital, with participation from Wasabi’s previous investors. With today’s round, Wasabi has raised a total of $110 million.

Customers and partners are emphatically choosing Wasabi’s high performance and predictable, budget-friendly pricing models over cloud storage solutions from Amazon S3 and other first generation cloud providers. During this accelerated global migration to the cloud, the amount of new data Wasabi stores has grown by 4x over the same period last year. In 2019, Wasabi experienced 5x year-over-year revenue growth and tripled its customer base to nearly 15,000 organizations. Wasabi also grew its channel program to more than 2,300 partners during the program’s first 12 months.

The funding will be used primarily to expand Wasabi’s infrastructure and capacity to meet growing global demand for storage in the $90 billion public cloud storage market. Wasabi plans to extend its hot cloud storage service to Canada and additional markets in Europe, APAC and Latin America through Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and other channel partners.

“In an extremely difficult funding market, we’ve been able to raise money at a significant uptick in valuation,” said David Friend, Wasabi’s CEO and co-founder. “We focus 100% of our attention on doing one thing really, really well: storing data in the cloud. Our investors recognize the power of our business model and the virtually limitless market opportunity that we are addressing,”

Wasabi is changing the economics of the cloud with a predictable pricing model that is 1/5th the cost of legacy cloud storage offerings with no fees for egress or API requests.

“In just three years, Wasabi has harnessed the complex technology that powers its storage and built a strong distribution channel in record time,” said Frederic Wohlwend, Managing Partner of Forestay Capital. “Technology decision-makers don’t want to be locked into a single cloud ecosystem — they want choice, and Wasabi is empowering them to choose limitless storage at an unbeatable price. We are proud to be leading this financing round, and excited by the company’s future prospects.”

About Forestay Capital:
Founded in 2017, Forestay invests in the tech sector and is focused on earlier stage novel, revenue-generating technology companies, in Europe, the USA and Israel, that challenge established models and the status-quo, primarily through software and data. It is part of Waypoint Capital, chaired by Ernesto Bertarelli, which supports a broad portfolio of leading investment businesses. (

About Wasabi:
Wasabi provides simple, predictable and affordable hot cloud storage for businesses all over the world. It enables organizations to store and instantly access an infinite amount of data, tier-free and at 1/5th the price of competitors. Trusted by customers worldwide, Wasabi has been recognized as one of technology’s fastest growing and most visionary companies. Created by Carbonite co-founders and cloud storage pioneers David Friend and Jeff Flowers, Wasabi has secured $110 million in funding to date and is a privately held company based in Boston.

Follow and connect with Wasabi on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and our blog.

PR contact:
InkHouse for Wasabi

Source: Wasabi




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Precision knife manufacturer adds to Veeam and iland data protection strategy with new cloud-based disaster recovery solution

Houston, TX – May 28, 2020 — / — iland, an industry-leading provider of secure application and data protection cloud services built on proven VMware technology, today announced Benchmade Knife Company is adding iland Secure Disaster Recovery as a Service with Veeam Cloud Connect Replication to the iland Secure Cloud Console for a business continuity strategy that keeps the business up and running through unplanned downtime and data loss.

Benchmade Knife Company has been one of the top knife producers in the United States for over 20 years. Headquartered in Oregon and sold all around the world, its products are sold to numerous markets, such as everyday carry, outdoor sporting, cutlery, rescue, law-enforcement, martial-arts and military.

The company initially transitioned from physical tape backup to cloud backup with iland in 2018. The success of the solution led to the development of a multi-tiered business continuity cloud, including iland Secure Cloud Backup, iland Secure Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) with Veeam and iland Secure Cloud Backup for Microsoft Office 365 with Veeam.

Benchmade IT Infrastructure Manager Josh Van Slyke said the company was motivated to improve its backup and recovery capabilities after a routine audit revealed some slippery hazards.

“I knew I couldn’t sleep at night unless we were able to address the issues and prepare for other unknowns,” Van Slyke said. “That’s when we turned to iland for help.”

Van Slyke’s future goal of disaster recovery and business continuity was suddenly an immediate necessity. He quickly reached out to his iland sales rep, who employed iland Catalyst, a free tool that uses an analytical engine to “right size” the cloud solution using real-time data from the customers environment, instead of costly over-provisioning or under-provisioning resources. With the guesswork removed, Van Slyke created his entire backup and DR environment in a week, and began replicating data within two weeks.

“I couldn’t believe we were replicating all of our mission-critical data so quickly,” Van Slyke said. “It took me exponentially less time than I expected to start sleeping again.”

iland Secure DRaaS with Veeam allows IT workloads to be replicated from virtual or physical environments to our advanced security cloud infrastructure. With over a decade of award-winning disaster recovery expertise, iland Secure DRaaS goes far beyond simple replication to ensure all key workloads are protected while also being in tune with business priorities and compliance needs.

“We know from experience that disaster recovery and business continuity plans differ for each organization. In fact, we’ve built our solution based on this premise,” said Scott Sparvero, iland CEO and co-founder. “iland was built to help companies like Benchmade Knife Company quickly implement a plan that secures their data and keeps their business moving forward when a disaster strikes.”

With iland backup, including Office 365, and disaster recovery in place, Van Slyke and his team can view all their workloads from the iland Secure Cloud Console, which features an intuitive and powerful interface for unmatched visibility and control into all of the company’s iland services. This allows them to easily grow and scale as needed, knowing their data is secure from any manner of external and internal threats.

“Our experience with iland has been absolutely fantastic,” Van Slyke said. “iland was always focused on our needs and what was best for us moving forward. That is the sign of a true partner. We consider iland more of a partner than a vendor.”

About iland
iland is a global cloud service provider of secure and compliant hosting for infrastructure (IaaS), disaster recovery (DRaaS), and backup as a service (BaaS). They are recognized by industry analysts as a leader in disaster recovery. The award-winning iland Secure Cloud Console natively combines deep layered security, predictive analytics, and compliance to deliver unmatched visibility and ease of management for all of iland’s cloud services. Headquartered in Houston, Texas and London, UK, and Sydney, Australia, iland delivers cloud services from its cloud regions throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Learn more at

James Costanzo

Source: iland




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