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May 01, 2016

The top 100 online backup companies are grouped into 4 categories, namely:

1) Consumer – for the general consumers

2) Small Medium Business (SMB) – for small and medium businesses

3) Enterprise – for large enterprise corporations

4) Enablers – for enablers, channel, white label companies

The top 100 Online Backup Companies are determined mainly based on these criteria outlined in this article:

How Do I Choose the Best Online Backup Provider?

In addition to the points specified in the above link, we also take into consideration news releases companies publish in the preceding month, server stability, reports from our mystery shoppers, our own reviews, the company’s culture and ethics, users’ feedback, company corporate blogs, and more.

To read our official news release regarding our top 100 online backup companies, please click here.

The Top 100 Cloud Backup Companies for May 2016

Online Backup Reviews: Top 25 Top 75 Top 100 Online Backup Service Providers

Unless otherwise indicated, all domains are “dot com” websites.

Note: Some companies might have products and/or services in 2 or more categories.

Note: “Pure Enablers” are excluded from the providers list (i.e. Consumer, SMB, and Enterprise columns).

01 Carbonite (Our Review) DataDepositBox (Our Review) Backup-Technology Asigra (Our Review)
02 IDrive (Our Review) Databarracks DataDepositBox (Our Review)
03 Backblaze Carbonite Business Securstore (Our Review) NovaStor (Our Review)
04 Livedrive IBackup KeepItSafe Backup-Technology
05 Mozy (Our Review) MozyPro StorageGuardian Vembu (Our Review)
06 (Our Review) SOSonlinebackup BUMI Securstore
07 Code42 KeepVaultPro (Our Review) CoreVault
08 SugarSync VaultLogix UKBackup CoreVault
09 Acronis ElephantDrive OBC** StorageCraft
10 Dropbox DriveHQ Intronis Acronis
11 JungleDisk DataPreserve Yotta280 DattoBackup
12 SpiderOak 3X (Our Review) DataStorageCorp VaultLogix
13 KeepVault (Our Review) USDataVault Code42 Mozy
14 MyOtherDrive BackupRight Long View Systems CTERA (Our Review)
15 Backupify* Bacula Systems BackupAgent
16 Cubby NextVault eTegrity CommVault
17 MyPCBackup (Our Review) CloudBerryLab Armada Backup EVault
18 ADrive IASOBackup Another 9 Axcient
19 Concentsus DataCastleCorp SunGard Arcserve
20 AltDrive Novosoft EVault e-Ternity
21 Norton NetMass FCS*** Intronis
22 Verizon Redstor GlobalDataVault DakotaBackup
23 SafeCopyBackup VaultUSA Egnyte Venyu
24 SecureBackup Autonomy
25 CentralDataStorage BackupManager Xilocore

To learn more about the enabling companies and their respective categories, click here.


* Social networking accounts backup (e.g. Google+, facebook, twitter, etc.)

** OBC =

*** FCS = Fantastic Cloud Services =

Do you have any feedback on these top 4X25 cloud backup companies picks? Are there companies listed in a wrong sector? Did we miss your favourite company? Tell us why.

Here are our reviews of online backup companies that have not made it to our top pick list:

1. HPUpline (Our Review) (got out of business on March 31, 2009)

2. Dell DataSafe (Our Review)

3. SwapDrive (Our Review)

4. Dmailer (Our Review)


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Data Deposit Box




May 01, 2016

The growth of the cloud backup industry, over the last one decade, has been dramatic. The market has witnessed the rise and fall of many start ups and stabilization of others. Interestingly, the companies that have gained a strong foothold in the industry are not all similar. There is a subtle distinction in the nature and types of services they offer. Some of these companies are pure enablers, while others combine enablement functions with direct-to-market services. Yet others, may license the software from enablers with or without re-branding options and service the online backup service needs of their clients.

Five distinct categories can be identified as under (click on links for details):
1/ Pure Enabler
2/ Enabler & Service Provider – Channel or Direct
3/ Service Provider – Channel Only
4/ Service Provider – Channel and Direct
5/ Service Provider – Direct Only (For complete list of companies, see our top monthly ranking list)

Based on a number of factors, such as technology, features, easy of use, dedication to MSPs, channel, revenue structure, reputation, support, price entry point, value, and corporate culture of the companies, we have summarized our rankings.

The companies are categorized in their respective columns. If we have made an error in the category or companies have changed their business plan and as a result need to be categorized in a different column, please let us know.

Top Online Cloud Backup Enablers

Note: Click on company names to read their profiles

No. Company Ranking (Click links for more details)
Pure Enabler Enabler & Service Provider
Channel or Direct
Service Provider Channel Only Service Provider Channel and Direct
1 Asigra Y
2 DataDepositBox Y
3 Novastor Y
4 Backup-Technology  Y
5 Vembu  Y
6 Securstore Y
7 Y
8 CoreVault Y
9 StorageCraft Y
10 Acronis  Y
11 Datto  Y
12 VaultLogix Y
13 Mozy Y
15 BackupAgent Y
16 CommVault Y
17 EVault Y
18 Axcient Y
19 Arcserve Y
20 e-Ternity Y
21 Intronis  Y
22 DakotaBackup Y
23 Venyu Y
24 Autonomy Y
25 Xilocore Y

For online backup companies that offer direct services to end users, please check out our top online backup monthly rankings. These 75 companies are listed in three columns – Consumer, SMBs and Enterprises.

I. Pure Enablers: These are companies that develop and own the online backup software. They license the product to their MSP partners. The MSPs can re-brand the product and sell services under their own banner and brand and are supported by the enabling company for deployment of the software. Pure enablers do not provide any cloud backup services themselves and do not own/host any vaults. No channel conflict. These companies may also partner with distributors and resellers for distribution or sale of licenses.

II. Enablers & Service Providers – Channel or Direct: These are companies who go direct-to-market with online backup services using software developed and owned by them or licensed from other enablers. If they own the software or have the distribution rights for the software they may license the software to their MSP partners for extending the reach of the market. MSPs can only act as channels for the Enabler or use the software (without branding) for providing services to their clients.

III. Service Providers – Channel Only: These are companies who go direct-to-market with online backup services using software developed and owned by them or licensed from other enablers. They may own/host their vaults, but go-to-market ONLY through their wholesale resellers. If they own the software or have the distribution rights for the software, they may license the software to their MSP partners for extending the reach of the market. MSPs can only act as channels for the Enabler or use the software (without branding) for providing services to their clients. They do not sell cloud backup services directly to end-user customers. No channel conflict.

IV. Service Provider – Channel and Direct: These are companies who go direct-to-market with online backup services using software developed and owned by them or licensed from other enablers. These companies license software from enablers, and own/host their vaults, but go-to-market BOTH directly to end-user customers AND through their wholesale resellers. If they own the software or have the distribution rights for the software they may license the software to their MSP partners for extending the reach of the market. MSPs can only act as channels for the Enabler or use the software (without branding) for providing services to their clients. Potential for channel conflict.

V. Service Providers – Direct Only: These are companies who develop and own their own software or license it from an enabler and own/host their vaults, but go-to-market directly to end-user customers. for providing online backup services to their clients. They do not sell cloud backup services via resellers. No channel conflict.

Below are enablers’ ranking profiles:

1. Asigra – Based in Toronto, Canada, Asigra describes itself as a company that is devoted to furthering cloud Backup, Recovery and Restore (BURR) by offering its cloud solutions entirely through its Partner ecosystem. The company prides itself on its role as a cloud service enabler and focuses all its energies on architecting a cloud solution that is agentless; differentiated with a robust backup and recovery engine and a capacity based pricing model. With over thirty years of experience and 1,000,000 deployments globally, Asigra is distinguished by its innovation and efforts at educating the data protection marketplace and driving the demand for best-of-the-breed cloud-based services. The company assumes a non conflicting role and believes in creatively nurturing its Partner ecosystem by providing its partners with value beyond the software. Asigra is committed to providing its partners with effective marketing and sales tools to help them scale their cloud backup business and position themselves as leaders within the market. With an aggressive Partner Program, Asigra partners are able to deploy cost-effective public, hybrid and private cloud solutions to consumers, SMBs and Enterprises worldwide. Service Providers Powered by Asigra, including Terremark (a Verizon company), NTT America, Centre Technologies, Highstreet IT Solutions, INFINIT Consulting, Pulsant and Backup Technology, are actively helping define standards for the industry. David Farajun, the CEO of the company does not hesitate to declare that Asigra’s success is defined by the success of its partners.

2. DataDepositBox – DataDepositBox’s Partner programs enable more than 1,000 MSPs, and OEMs offer branded online backup and recovery services to more than 200,000 customers across sectors with a minimum monthly commitment or on an agreed commission basis. An integrated remote desktop feature of the software links mobile workers and remote offices with the service provider’s data center and creates the necessary mesh for effective anywhere, anytime, business operations. Partners can set up the entire system in a few hours. The powered by label on the partner website defines the source of the SaaS software engine that keeps the system running. The account management web portal is template based and can be customized by the Partner to their taste. The GUI facilitates personalization and management of APIs with carrier class scalability and reliability. The authorized reseller has full access to all the knowledge resources of the parent company, including marketing and sales strategies. Partners can use the logo and trademark; marketing collateral materials; online banners and email marketing templates to position themselves effectively in their chosen market.

3. NovaStor – NovaStor, a global company with offices in Switzerland, Germany and the U.S., markets its award-winning, Cloud, SMB and Enterprise backup and recovery products through MSPs, VARs, OEMs and System Retailers. It guarantees its Partners, Cloud, MSP, SMB and Enterprise customers personal account management, enticing discounts, extensive tailor-made product training, efficient lead generation, practical support for marketing and 24-7 local technical support. Further, it provides these Enterprise, Cloud and MSP Partners and customers with unlimited access to support forums, information portals and a variety of workshops, webinars and training sessions to promote the commercial interests of their partners. Partners and MSPs who sign up with NovaStor can expect to have the company’s full attention and support in building long-term, solid business relationships that are founded on transparency, simplicity and personal interaction. NovaStor proudly asserts on its website that its partner program constructs with all components required to to build successful companies that can capitalize on growth markets and create wealth for all stakeholders. The programs are designed to ensure that NovaStor and its partners, some of which include HP, General Mills, and Tieto, go to market with complete confidence that they will be successful together.

4. Backup-Technology - Backup-Technology is one of the world’s leading providers of fully managed online backup and disaster recovery services. With offices in Leeds, UK and Houston, US, Backup Technology protect over 7 Petabytes of data for companies with data sizes between 50GB and over 100TB in their European and US data centers. Working with clients across all industry sectors, Backup Technology’s impressive portfolio of customers includes The British Red Cross, Liverpool Football Club, The Government Offices, Cheshire Police, Lloyds Register Masterlock and LK Bennett. Backup Technology’s partners include global integrators such as Fujitsu, Logica, CSC and Colt and nationwide companies such as TSG, The Internet Group and K3. Backup Technology’s solution is powered by Asigra and all services are ISO9001, ISO27001 and BS25999 certified.

5. Vembu – Vembu is not a direct-to-customer sales Company. This, Chennai, India based company, takes its place in the cloud backup and recovery marketplace as a cost effective, hybrid data protection product developer, catering to the needs of small and medium businesses, through the agency of its partners. With over 2000 MSPs, VARs, resellers and distributors registered and marketing its product– StoreGrid–the company categorizes as a cloud enabler–a service provider’s service provider. Vembu’s award winning software StoreGrid–is built around a simple, pay as you go licensing model that integrates business automation and RMM platforms; supports backup of Disk Image, MS SQL, MS Exchange, MS Sharepoint, MySQL, VMWare and Oracle and the interfaces are completely customizable and brand-able. The company nurtures its partners by constantly interacting with them at webinars and conferences and providing them with a range of marketing strategy tools. The company’s dynamic and interactive website provides partners and their customers with access to support forums, How-to videos, knowledge bases, FAQs and other systems.

6. Securstore – Established in 1991, Securstore is a trusted specialist, providing Cloud Services. By using best of breed technology, it provides a simple, bespoke data solution that can protect data stores of all sizes. Ranging from a few gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes, SecurStore helps businesses of every size and sector. Since 2004, SecurStore has offered Cloud Services, which include Cloud Backup and Cloud Storage. This unique, sustainable model allows it to support customers across every sector, including financial, legal, engineering, retail and manufacturing, regardless of natural data growth. Full 24/7 support ensures knowledgeable experts are always available to provide assistance and when combined with its head office in London, SecurStore’s flexible solution is perfectly positioned to service its global client base. Depending on customer requirements, data is securely stored in UK and US data centres. SecurStore also offers 100% green data centre storage, which is powered by geothermal and hydroelectric power sources. This ensures customers’ social responsibility and reduces their overall carbon footprint in line with governmental guidelines. SecurStore is registered and certified by the British Standards Institute (BSI) for ISO 27001 accreditation and also regulated by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB). Its Cloud Services are fully compliant with major Standards, Acts and Directives, like Sarbanes Oxley, the Data Protection Act, HIPAA and many other security / compliance standards.

7. – provides an enterprise-grade 3-in-1 backup, disaster recovery and archiving technology for small/medium enterprises, MSPs, VARs, and System Integrators. The SaaS-based solution enables companies to simplify backups and instantly recover data through a single management point. With local, offsite, archiving and disaster recovery functionality integrated into a single solution, delivers the value of multiple products at a fraction of the cost. Zetta is redefining traditional hybrid cloud backup with its unique, appliance-free approach featuring Smart Cloud and Lean Local Copy technology.’s Smart Cloud, which integrates the functionality of backup, snapshot and replication technology, abolishes the need for a local appliance. Smart Cloud, together with the Lean Local Copy feature, advances the hybrid cloud model to deliver fast, reliable data backup and recovery at a fraction of the cost of backup alone. For its partner ecosystem, this means less time spent implementing and managing customer deployments because going on-site isn’t necessary. Zetta’s commitment to its partners doesn’t stop at minimizing conflict, but aspires to maximize collaboration with partners across all functions in the company. For both partners and direct customers, Zetta’s message is to expect more from your backups!

8. CoreVault – CoreVault, headquartered at Oklahoma City, offers backup and recovery solutions to legal, dental, small and medium businesses and governmental bodies. The software, built in partnership with VMware, increases operational flexibility, consolidates security processes and delivers a built-in backup and data protection system that works without a hitch. Data stores are HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI compliant and the SAS 70 Type II facility provides separate solutions for small and medium businesses and large enterprises. CoreVault stores customer data, redundantly, in two geographically separate data centers to ensure business continuity and data availability on demand. A data analysis tool that is available on the website assists customers in evaluating their data and defining their backup and storage requirements. The company goes direct-to-market, but has a layered partnership program that is designed to expand new markets and promote the CoreVault product effectively. To this end, a no cost sales and technical training is provided to Approved partners and marketing dollar funds are made available to them. Partners can set their own pricing and servicing models and expand their customer base.

9. StorageCraft - Utah-based StorageCraft does not operate entirely through its channel partners. It sells its cloud-based storage services directly to the customer; supporting its partners in increasing the reach of the business; sharing success while acknowledging that the success of its partners is indeed a benchmark for its own success. Partners signing up for the Reseller, MSP or OEM programs, will find that this company is focused on providing innovative ways of ensuring the growth of their partner’s business–be it hand holding them through the set up phase or guiding them through the development and growth phases. The different flavors of the ShadowProtect software that are being marketed by StorageCraft, have won several industry awards for its fast and accurate backup, reliable disaster recovery, secure data protection and is considered the gold standard for system migration for Windows Desktops and servers. The products have the proven capacity to lower costs; reduce downtime; improve security; ensure stability and integrate the remote and mobile systems with the enterprise network.

10. Acronis - Headquartered in Burlington, MA and founded in 2002, Acronis a truly global provider of leading backup, disaster recovery, and secure file sharing and file access solutions. Acronis is a fast-growing international company with over 700 employees and over 900 partners in more than 145 countries worldwide. Acronis boasts well over 5,000,000 individual customers and over 500,000 business customers from various industries and has more than 50 patents under its name. Acronis’ award winning customer support centers offer 24/7 assistance to its customers worldwide. Acronis can help you securely migrate, protect and recover critical data wherever it resides in your physical, virtual or cloud environments. With a Unified Platform and new generation technology, its innovative solutions are designed to ease the management burden and reduce total cost of ownership, while improving your recovery time objectives. Acronis provides complete, efficient, and reliable backup solutions for desktop, server, virtual, and cloud environments, as well as leading file sharing and sync solutions for mobile devices. For more information, visit:

11. Datto - Datto Inc. is an award-winning global vendor of backup, disaster recovery (BDR) and Intelligent Business Continuity (IBC) solutions, providing best-in-class technology and support to its 5,000+ channel Partners throughout North America and Europe. Datto is the only hybrid-cloud BDR/IBC vendor that provides instant on- and off-site virtualization, and screenshot backup verification, achieved through its Inverse Chain Technology(TM). Catering to the specific needs of the small to medium-size business market, the Datto product line is comprised of three families; Datto SIRIS 2 (SIRIS 2 Business, SIRIS 2 Professional, SIRIS 2 Enterprise), Datto ALTO 2 (ALTO 2, ALTO XL, ALTO XL Professional), and Datto NAS. Datto partners with the best technology providers in the industry to deliver the most robust and seamless BDR and business continuity solutions available, including: AutoTask, ConnectWise, Kaseya, Level Platforms, Servoyant and StorageCraft. Founded in 2007 by Austin McChord, Datto is privately held. For more information, visit:

12. VaultLogix - VaultLogix believes that data backup is not a “one size fits all” solution. VaultLogix’s Internet Vault suite of online backup solutions can be leveraged to safeguard customer data in the most advantageous way based on the particular needs of each business. Each solution VaultLogix provides can back up data both locally and offsite, ensuring that customers can recover from data loss with the optimal combination of speed, availability, and offsite protection. In addition to providing data backup and recovery solutions to businesses of all sizes, VaultLogix also delivers industry-leading solutions for remote backup service support, billing, marketing and integration. This combination of capabilities enable VAR’s, MSP’s and IT Consultants to generate an additional profit center for their service business by providing a holistic backup solution to their clients that can be managed with ease.

13. Mozy – “Mozy has a backup plan just for your size” declares the website of Mozy, a backup and recovery company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA and having offices at Pleasant Grove, Utah; London, England; Cork, Ireland; Shanghai, China; and Montreal, Canada. Private individuals or small and medium enterprises will find Mozy backup and recovery easy to install, operate and work with, at all times. As part of the Giant EMC, the largest storage provider–Mozy maintains state of art data centers; uncompromising security with military grade encryption and near continuous data protection with granular levels of administrative controls; real time support and a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Mozy has been certified SAS70 Type II compliant and has received ISO 27001 certification. The Company has formed a number of strategic technology and commercial partnerships with a range of businesses to provide add-on services to its clients and to enhance their experience of cloud computing. It does not partner with MSPs, distributors or resellers to expand the reach of the market.

14. CTERA Networks - CTERA Networks revolutionizes storage and data protection for SMBs and branch offices with Cloud Attached Storage®, a hybrid solution that combines secure cloud storage services with on-premises storage appliances for a seamless user experience. Current solutions for data storage and data protection – such as file servers and backup tape drives – are unnecessarily expensive and disparate. Since SMBs and branch offices are in short supply of IT staff and data management practices are often non-existent, there is a real need for a cost-effective, all-in-one solution for centralized storage and secure off-site data protection. Cloud Attached Storage by CTERA is the answer to the storage and data protection woes of SMBs and remote/branch offices (ROBO). Integrating reliable cloud storage with appliances that are integrated cloud storage gateways and network attached storage (NAS) devices, it provides much needed reliability and storage flexibility, bundled as an easy-to-use, remotely managed storage service. CTERA has designed its technology to cater to the needs of service providers, and is partnering with leading cloud service providers, MSPs and resellers to deliver managed storage, hybrid local/off-site backup and file sharing services to their customers. CTERA Networks is privately held and backed by Benchmark Capital.

15. BackupAgent – BackupAgent, a company located in Delft, The Netherlands, operates 100% through channel partners to create disk-based backup solutions that ensure maximum customer satisfaction. The layered, global partner programs are designed to provide continual growth path to their partners–who can be Service Providers (ISPs, ASPs or MSPs), Resellers, Hosting Companies, System Integrators or Telco’s–located anywhere in the world and in any time zone. The company provides its partners with excellent marketing and technical support; a plethora of training sessions; access to marketing materials, documents; Logins to the knowledgebase/ forums and recognition of the Partner Status. BackupAgent software is distinguished by its ability to integrate with third party software to deliver online backup services that combines server scalability with inviolable security; intuitive GUIs; robust centralized management consoles and needs driven software development cycles. Jack Zubarev, President of Marketing Alliances at Parallels declared that BackupAgent has become a leader in online backup market through its ability to integrate and consistently deliver the services to their customers need. In September 2014, BackupAgent was acquired by Acronis.

16. CommVault – Gartner’s 2011 Magic Quadrant described CommVault as one of the Leaders in Backup and Recovery market. The forward-thinking philosophy of the company–designated Solving Forward–is considered to be one-of-a-kind by its stakeholders. The Simpana software, marketed by the company only through mutually advantageous partnerships, aims to deliver complete data management solutions with infinite scalability and unprecedented control over data and costs. Agentless SRM constructs call XenServers into operation and snaps quiesced virtual machines into place, linked to a proxy with potential for disk level or file level restores to virtual machines. Audit trials, alerts and monitoring tools are integrated into tracking mechanisms for enhanced security of information. Primary, secondary, synchronized, automatic, inline, selective or deferred backup copies are maintained to ensure redundancy of backup for instantaneous recovery. User can streamline operations with policy definitions via a central management console. The software is supported by innovative technologies provided by its partners such as Dell, HDS, HP, Microsoft, NetApp, VMWare, Novell, Oracle, Sun Microsystems and Bull.

17. EVault – EVault ends controversies surrounding on-premise and cloud-connected storage services. This San Francisco, California based company has leveraged its two decade long experience in cloud computing, in creating a hybrid solution that connects the on-premise data stores to the offsite, remote storage cloud. The company takes pride in declaring that their software never backs down. Always backs you up. MSPs, data centers, telecommunication carriers, application providers and a host of technology providers, partner with EVault to reach out to customers and deliver hybrid cloud storage solutions that are brand able, scalable, secure and reliable. The overarching company policy dictates that the company’s executives find ways and means of reducing their carbon footprint and contribute to the creation of environmentally friendly software. Consequently, the architecture design systematically reduces overuse of hardware or energy and minimizes system activities. EVault can be purchased as a license or a service or both and partners can enjoy access to a wealth of partner resources and unfailing technical support in hybrid cloud deployments.

18. Axcient – Axcient (founded in 2006 at Mountain View, California), is a privately held company backed by Allegis Capital, Peninsula Ventures and Thomvest. The Company provides cloud services through a network of MSPs, distributors and resellers. A dedicated management team is geared to develop its partner programs and provide continuous support with a variety of training options and co-marketing choices. Certification of at least one member of the staff as Axcient Support Technician is a precondition to partnership. The company does not encourage development or modification of Axcient’s appliances or request for phone based trainings. The frictionless partnership philosophy is extended to partner relations and indirectly to customer relations. The Axcient platform combines ease of use with unprecedented uptime guarantees to the small and medium business segment. Users can expect to enjoy cost savings with pay as you go service features, zero investment in infrastructure, license or software expenditures. The service integrates the best elements of on-premise data protection and online disaster recovery services to ensure customer satisfaction.

19. Arcserve – Arcserve is a leading provider of data protection and recovery solutions, giving organizations the assurance that they can recover their data and applications when needed. Launched in 1990, Arcserve now provides a comprehensive solution for cloud, virtual and physical environments, on premise or in the cloud. Once synonymous with legendary tape backup software, Arcserve has since been hard at work reinventing the industry. After 18 years under the CA Technologies umbrella, Arcserve struck out on its own as an independent, private data protection company. Understanding the importance of being nimble, Arcserve built out a portfolio of data protection technologies with an eye toward flexibility, scalability, and ease-of-use. The company was first to market with a unified data protection solution that offers comprehensive features and functionality, including industry-proven backup, replication, high availability, and true global deduplication—all managed from a single pane of glass. Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) was launched first as a software, then as a physical appliance, and now in the cloud. Backed by unsurpassed support and expertise, Arcserve’s award-winning backup and recovery solutions are used by 45,000 end users in more than 150 countries, and distributed by over 7,500 distributors, resellers and service providers around the world. Arcserve is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with offices around the world. Visit

20. e-Ternity – e-Ternity is a Mississauga, Ontario based company. This Canadian company offers Asigra empowered cloud based products that address the core infrastructure management issues surrounding business continuity planning and high availability technology services. It has integrated a number of state-of-art technologies to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of managed cloud services. Customers can settle for a custom, robust mid-level solution that takes care of all kinds of acceptable risks within a given budget. The leadership is committed to excellence and the motivation of its workforce makes all the difference to the quality of delivery of services which are available for fixed terms, fixed rates or at affordable monthly rates with no requirement of up-front investments. Channel partners appreciate the explosive, professional business launch packages and extensive support services that are offered by the company to its partners. The ongoing standard partner programs keep them updated and market savvy, while their customers can avail of telephonic and email based advice from the experts fielded by the company in their support team.

21. Intronis - Boston headquartered, Intronis has designed a product specifically resellers and has made a commitment to deliver the benefits of Fortune 500 companies to small and medium businesses. The designers assert that they appreciate the challenges facing MSPs, distributors and resellers and are policy bound to create a user-friendly system that can be operated remotely. The product is dynamically improved to meet the changing needs of the market and absorb the latest innovations in technology. The endeavor is to backup data in an encrypted format; store it on a scalable, cost effective storage cloud and facilitate recovery from any part of the world. Partners of this SAS70 certified cloud backup and recovery enabler can download a free 14 day trial to evaluate the software before they decide to take the plunge and sign up for the product. The company has assumed a non-conflicting role in promoting this Windows based backup product and are completely focused on channel development, facilitating partners managing the technical and commercial aspects of their business.

22. Dakota Backup – Dakota Backup, founded in 2005 at Rapid City, South Dakota, uses the Asigra software engine to power the backup and recovery of information from client machines to its data center servers. The company is an affiliate of Ketel Connections and Ketel Thorstenson, LLP and has vast experience in networking, cabling and technical support for small and medium sized businesses. It also partners with HP in reselling their products and is a Microsoft Gold Partner. The strong technology expertise available with the company is its USP. Unceasing support to customers and HIPAA compliance are often cited as two reasons why customers should sign up for the company’s products. The company is managed by business professionals, consultants and technology experts. The company reaches out to the market directly and through resellers. It is committed to attracting and developing partnerships and supports its partners in delivering quality solutions to customers. Partners of the company enjoy a high margin; a recurring monthly revenue stream and freedom to re-brand the product to their specifications.

23. Venyu – Venyu is both a service provider and an enabler. The company sees no conflict between its role as a service provider and service enabler. It partners with Amerivault and Network Technology Group to provide state-of-the-art branded cloud services to both its customers and partners. While Amerivault helps Venyu deploy automated offsite redundant storage features and comprehensive compliance solutions, NTG provides the technology resources required for improving business processes. The company goes direct to market garnering support from the 30 years of experience that distinguishes the Amerivault /NTG combination and the brand value that comes with it. Cloud service providers who sign up under the referral, reseller or strategic partner programs are given access to the same commercial grade services and facilities that are offered at Venyu data center at Baton Rouge and continuity site at Springfield, MO to the service provider arm of the company. On par technical support is made available 24/7/365 to both customers and partners as everyone involved strives to make data invincible.

24. Autonomy - Autonomy, an HP Company, is a global leader in software that helps companies derive meaning from human information, or unstructured data – social media, email, video, audio, text and web pages – as well as structured data. Autonomy’s Protect product portfolio takes a meaning-based approach to information governance and offers market leading archiving and data management software. It offers a comprehensive suite of Data Protection solutions that are used by thousands of customers around the world to store, protect, retrieve and organize information based on contextual understanding of the data. These solutions include HP Data Protector 7 for backing up data on physical or virtual servers, LiveVault for fully managed cloud-based, server data protection, storage and management, and Connected Backup, that enables mobile backup for laptops and desktops. Please visit to find out more.

25. Xilocore – Xilocore, Las Vegas, USA provides a tiered, scalable agentless backup and business continuity solution to small and medium businesses through VAR partners. The backup software is powered by Asigra and the innovative business continuity solutions are supported by “All Connected” and “Connecting Point”. The technology offering includes file de-duplication, encryption, local storage, bare metal recovery and remote protection for desktops and laptops. Windows, UNIX, Linux, Novell, Mac and AS400 platforms are supported. Customers have an option to backup their virtual environments locally for instantaneous restore. Data redundancy is guaranteed with replication of the Las Vegas data server at Simi Valley California. All XiloCore service requests are processed by authorized support specialists. The applications are reviewed for completeness and eligibility and service requests are met by authorized XiloCore distributors. The request servicing process may be slightly drawn out as a consequence. The company does not offer direct support to its customers and partners provide the necessary knowledge base and technical expertise that may be requisitioned by customers.

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