ANDOVER, MA – March 25, 2014 — / — NaviSite, Inc., a Time Warner Cable Company and premier provider of enterprise-class hosting, managed applications, managed messaging and managed cloud services, today announced that Bryant University, a 150 year-old private university offering an innovative and uniquely integrated business and liberal arts education, selected NaviSite’s NaviCloud Vault cloud storage platform for offsite storage.

“Information is the lifeblood of a university, and the technology to manage it underpins the entire academic experience. We need to backup, protect, access, and secure that data,” said Chuck LoCurto, VP and CIO at Bryant University, which is located in Smithfield, Rhode Island.

At Bryant University, all students receive IT-issued laptops, and are encouraged to use smartphones and tablets in their classrooms to collaborate with each other and faculty. The resulting online learning management system is state-of-the-art, but the proliferation of devices and application endpoints required to support it led to a 300 percent increase in the amount of data stored and managed by the university, in just the last four years. Bryant currently uses Actifio’s Copy Data Virtualization platform for on-premise backup, and was looking to eliminate tape back-up from their infrastructure and secure their data at an offsite datacenter to optimize security and resiliency.

NaviCloud Vault, part of NaviSite’s Storage-as-a-Service solution, is built on Actifio’s CDS solution with patented Dedupe-Async replication technology to significantly reduce the amount of replicated storage a business produces without any loss of the underlying data. Actifio allows service providers to decouple application data from physical infrastructure, enabling improved business resiliency, peerless agility, and seamless migration toward leading cloud-based systems. NaviSite has designed the solution to fit the needs of most enterprises, and also offers an end-to-end service option which includes installation, configuration, and set up of the data protection schema as a part of the overall service.

“As with most organizations, we’re seeing an explosive growth in data, and tape back-ups are costly, time consuming and take a while to access data to find what you’re looking to use,” said Rich Siedzik, director of computer and telecommunications services for Bryant University. “Our solution is now more digitized. By leveraging NaviCloud Vault we anticipate significant savings for our data storage and a significant reduction in the time it takes access the data.”

“Educational institutions have a growing need for enterprise-grade storage given the rapid proliferation of data stemming from a multitude of devices and sources and an increased adoption of technology to transform the overall learning experience. In addition, they are also under increased pressure to deliver a more robust and resilient infrastructure that addresses their disaster recovery, business continuity, security, and compliance goals,” said Sumeet Sabharwal, Group Vice President and General Manager, NaviSite. “Our enterprise-grade cloud-based data storage services are designed to deliver a full range of capabilities through one or more of our state-of-the-art SSAE-16 certified data centers, giving institutions like Bryant University a more effective solution to protect and manage their data.”

“Helping a fantastic Cloud Service Provider Partner solve problems and save money for a great local university has been a real pleasure for us,” said Ash Ashutosh, Actifio Founder and CEO. “Institutions at every level of our educational system are spending money on storage they could be spending on students. CSP Partners like NaviSite are bringing Actifio-powered offerings to bear in fixing that, and none of our many use cases brings us more satisfaction than that one.”

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