Backup Windows Cut by 43% on Average, File Restores 64% Faster than Previous Backup Solution on Average, Data Backed Up has Doubled on Average (108%) in Two Years

WESTBOROUGH, MA – April 9, 2014 — / — New research from ExaGrid Systems customers confirms that data growth remains a major backup challenge for organizations. It also highlights the benefits of ExaGrid’s unique landing zone and scale-out approach to backup, which demonstrates why the company is set to grow strongly.

The research was conducted on ExaGrid’s behalf by Onva Consulting. It secured responses from over 400 ExaGrid customers from across the world, and uncovered the following:

  • Relentless Data Growth: The amount of data backed up by ExaGrid customers more than doubled on average (108 percent growth) in the last two years. And 88 percent of customers identified data growth as having an impact on their backup environment in 2014. Virtualization and offsite disaster recovery were also seen as significant factors for 2014.
  • Shorter Backup Windows: The average ExaGrid customer has shortened their backup window by at least 43 percent versus the previous backup technology. Almost nine out of 10 (85 percent) have seen a reduction of over 20 percent.
  • Faster Restore Times: The average ExaGrid customer reduced restore time by 64 percent versus the previous backup technology. In fact, 91 percent of respondents reported ‘restores’ being over 20 percent faster. A separate survey to assess actual restore times found 96 percent of ExaGrid customers recover files in under 30 minutes, 88 percent in under 15 minutes and 55 percent in under five minutes.
  • Less Time Spent Managing Backups: The typical ExaGrid customer reduced the amount of time spent managing backups by 34 percent, or an average savings of approximately 10 hours per week. 80 percent of customers reported time savings of at least 20 percent.
  • Unique Architecture and Customer Commitments: When asked what they associated most with ExaGrid, customers identified its scale-out architecture, unique landing zone and the fact that ExaGrid’s solutions deliver a consistent backup window regardless of data growth.

Bill Andrews, CEO of ExaGrid, said: “This feedback from over 400 customers validates the leadership of our unique landing zone and scale-out approach to backup. It shows that by selecting ExaGrid, organizations can transform the performance of their backup and restore processes and significantly reduce the time managing backups.”

ExaGrid’s unique approach of a landing zone and scale-out architecture enables ExaGrid to make five commitments to its customers:

  1. That you will have the shortest backup window.
  2. That your backup window will not grow as the data grows.
  3. That you will have the fastest restores, fastest tape copies and fastest recovery from a disaster.
  4. That your VM instant recoveries will occur in minutes.
  5. You will have the lowest cost solution up front and over time, with no forklift upgrades, pay as you grow, no obsolescence and ExaGrid’s price protection.

David Lively, Backup and Recovery Systems Administrator at Grow Financial Federal Credit Union said: “Like every other organization, we have seen huge growth in our data. ExaGrid’s scale-out architecture enables us to solve this data growth challenge by simply adding a new appliance to our existing backup grid when we need to. This makes it very easy for us to plan for our backup requirements now and in the future. ExaGrid makes five important commitments to us as a customer and this research proves that they deliver on those commitments.”

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