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Woburn, MA — June 28, 2021 — / — Kaspersky and ownCloud today announce their technology partnership to integrate Kaspersky Scan Engine with the ownCloud Enterprise collaboration platform. The integration is made possible through open-standard ICAP protocol. This offloads scanning to a separate server to maintain performance of the platform, as well as to allow […]

Nuremberg, Germany – 2nd March 2021 – / — The partnership between cidaas and ownCloud means companies can now swiftly set up file collaboration clouds that rely on software made in Germany, completely independent of US providers Many companies face the challenge of successfully digitizing their processes without compromising the security of their data. A […]

Nuremberg, Germany – 29th July 2020 – / — QNAP Systems Inc. and ownCloud GmbH are pleased to announce they have entered into a global strategic partnership, combining QNAP‘s industry-leading Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices with ownCloud’s Enterprise Content Collaboration Software. The long-term partnership focuses on providing ownCloud, the leading open source Content Collaboration Solution for […]

Nuremberg, Germany – 2nd July 2020 — / — ownCloud, specialist for digital collaboration, has signed a distribution agreement with Compuwave. Within the framework of the partnership, the software distributor will market the ownCloud solutions throughout Europe with immediate effect. Compuwave, headquartered in Unterhaching near Munich, is a distributor specialising in innovative software solutions, focusing on […]

Nuremberg, Germany – 24th February 2020 — / — In 2019, ownCloud was able to win 120 new customers worldwide for the Business Edition of the file-sharing open source platform of the same name. This represents an increase of one hundred percent compared to the previous year. The company sees the rapidly growing awareness of data […]

Nuremberg, Germany – 19th December 2019 — / — With the new “File Lifecycle Management App” ownCloud offers users of the Enterprise version a comprehensive option to manage and control the entire lifecycle of files. The function allows archiving and deletion rules for each file to be fully aligned with internal policy requirements and regulatory needs, greatly […]

Nuremberg/Zurich, 25 September 2019 — / — During its four-day developer conference in Nuremberg, the collaboration platform ownCloud presented a number of new product developments. The ownCloud Desktop Sync Client will receive a native Windows integrated Virtual File System as the first open source solution worldwide. The recently released, completely new iOS app achieves “Feature Parity” […]

Nuremberg/Zurich, 18 September 2019 — / — ownCloud and the Swiss IT security specialist Securosys SA are now offering the integration of hardware security modules (HSM) when encrypting and decrypting files. With the solution, the master key required for decrypting a file always remains on the module. During the exchange process, this means that only […]

Nuremberg/Solingen, Germany – July 23, 2019 — / — ownCloud, the world’s leading provider of open source collaboration software, and Bechtle IT system house Solingen announce a closer cooperation in the context of a sales partnership. As a result, Bechtle Solingen is now capable of supporting customers in implementing ownCloud Enterprise and of offering better […]

Nuremberg, Germany – July 18, 2019 — / — With “ownCloud Infinite Scale”, ownCloud announces the development of a new generation of software that focuses on unlimited scalability for users, files, shares and metadata. The most important features of the new architecture are the switch to the Go programming language and the integration of the […]

Nuremberg, Germany – July 3, 2019 — / — With “Secure View”, ownCloud and Collabora Online present a first of its kind, entirely new way of individually restricting data and information exchange. The fully controllable restrictions range from simple download deactivation to a highly-protected read-only option. Enterprise users thus can entirely control and meet the highest security […]

Nuremberg, Germany – June 26, 2019 — / — The new ownCloud iOS app introduces numerous brand new features like a new TLS certificate management system, enhanced file management, user functionality and integration options that result in improving security and convenience. The new ownCloud iOS app comes equipped with a blazing fast performance, high stability and reliability […]

Nuremberg, Germany – June 19, 2019 — / — Version 2.11 of the ownCloud mobile app for Android provides users with more options for flexibly accessing and organizing files which they have stored in their ownCloud. With the newly developed “Document Provider”, files stored in an ownCloud can now be opened, edited or sent directly from within […]

Nuremberg, Germany – May 20, 2019 — / — The new server version of ownCloud focuses on more freedom and security in file distribution. The “Advanced Sharing Permissions” feature in particular provides developers with far-reaching options for implementing individual release functions at user and group level as well as providing data with special security settings. With […]

Nuremberg, Germany – March 25, 2019 — / — With the BayernBox, the municipal administrations of the Free State of Bavaria now have access to their own online platform, which all employees can use to centrally manage their data, as well as to save, share and edit together. The control over the data remains always in the […]

Nuremberg, Germany – Feb. 27, 2019 — / — With the “Document Classification” extension, enterprise users now benefit from a feature that recognizes security levels in the metadata of documents and imposes sharing and access restrictions accordingly. This makes it possible to automatically classify documents in ownCloud and to define usage policies The feature was developed in […]

Cloud collaboration software enables increased productivity when exchanging data and collaborating on documents. In the education sector, in particular, there are significantly higher security and data protection requirements. German federal states are therefore increasingly relying on the development of their own infrastructures based on ownCloud. The software can be operated on private servers while still […]

Nuremberg, Germany – Jan. 9, 2019 — / — The world’s leading provider of open source software for secure file exchange once again significantly increased its revenue last year. This means that growth in 2018 reached a mid double-digit rate. The company identifies a significant increase in demand for secure private cloud solutions in the enterprise sector […]

Nuremberg, Germany – December 6, 2018 — / — ownCloud announces the second generation of End-To-End Encryption (E2EE) for ownCloud Enterprise. The plugin enables encryption and decryption by generating a “key pair” including a private key and public key, which takes place directly with the sender and recipient in the web browser. The new Version also provides […]

Nuremberg, Germany – October 16, 2018 — / — With “”, ownCloud introduces a new cloud solution that combines the advantages of open source and secure hosting in German data centers with the user-friendliness of public cloud services. The software can be quickly and easily set up, even without significant IT skills, making it suitable for companies […]

Nuremberg, Germany – October 09, 2018 — / — ownCloud, the world’s leading Open Source Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) software, and ONLYOFFICE announce a future close partnership to provide their users with the easiest combination of file sharing and document collaboration. The ONLYOFFICE integration enables access and collaborative editing of Microsoft Office file formats from […]

Nuremberg, Germany – September 18, 2018 — / — With version 10.0.10, ownCloud focuses on meeting the state-of-the-art requirements for file sharing and improved configuration options. Support for PHP 7.2 gives administrators significant performance improvements. In addition, the specific adaptation of local user creation facilitates the secure creation of new user accounts. With the integration of the […]

Nuremberg, Germany – August 21, 2018 — / — ownCloud and seven board members have officially established the ownCloud Foundation. The organization is dedicated to preserve a sustainable community ecosystem around ownCloud in order to accelerate technology development, improve open source collaboration and provide an open, manufacturer independent governance model. It provides developers, users and […]

Nuremberg, Goettingen – July 17, 2018 — / — With version 10.0.9, ownCloud’s more than 25 million users will receive increased options for sharing files securely and flexibly. The integration of S3 Object Storage now enables administrators to operate their ownCloud in storage systems that will grow along with their requirements. The systematic adaptation of versions and […]

Nuremberg, Goettingen – July 12, 2018 — / — Konica Minolta, a world-class provider and market leader in medical diagnostic imaging and healthcare information technology, is now offering its customers a flexible and secure platform for accessing files from any location, on any device. The solution, developed in cooperation with ownCloud, combines the functions of […]

Nuremberg, Goettingen – July 10, 2018 — / — ownCloud, the open platform for better productivity and security within digital collaboration, and the “Landesarbeitskreis Niedersachen für Informationstechnik / Hochschulrechenzentren (LANIT),” the association of the central IT of the universities of Lower Saxony, today announced the official launch of their joint collaboration platform “Academic Cloud.” The […]

Nuremberg, Germany – 4th June 2018 — / — Today ownCloud announces the introduction of the Virtual File System within the ownCloud Desktop Client. The Virtual File System provides the technology to synchronize with the end device only when needed. With this,users will now need significantly less local storage space, have a simplified usability, as well as […]

Launching “Delta Sync,” ownCloud now offers a technology that accelerates the synchronization of updated files. This means that in case of a file change, only the modified parts will be uploaded or downloaded instead of the whole file. Delta Sync significantly reduces the volume of data to be transmitted. The feature was developed by the […]

The EFSS (Enterprise File Sync and Share) storage solution is a joint development by ownCloud and the Austrian cyminds GmbH and the first platform to meet the ISAE 3000 standard, making it particularly suitable for customers in the financial and insurance industry, where sensitive data is frequently stored and processed. Nuremberg, Germany – 27 Feb. […]

ownCloud Wins Record Result in 2017 Nuremberg, Germany – 30 Jan. 2018 — / — The leading provider of open source software for secure file sharing (Enterprise File Sync & Share) increased its revenue by more than 50% compared to the previous year. The increase was particularly strong in the German-speaking countries, where business volume grew by […]

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