• Independent Economic Comparison of Scale-Out Solutions Places StorageCraft OneXafe in Class of Its Own
  • Demonstrates Massive Budget and Restore Performance Advantage

DRAPER, Utah – August 21, 2019 — /BackupReview.info/ — StorageCraft®, whose mission is to protect all data and ensure its constant availability, today announced the findings of an independent TCO study, conducted by the Evaluator Group, that compares the economics of a traditional backup software with purpose built backup appliances and a contemporary Scale-out Data Protection system. The study reveals that StorageCraft’s OneXafe scale-out converged solution has an almost 3:1 TCO advantage over traditional data protection systems that use data protection software and servers backing data up to a dedicated data protection storage system.

Says John Webster, senior partner at the Evaluator Group, “Enterprise IT administrators are now implementing forward-looking storage technologies such as all-flash arrays, object storage, and distributed storage platforms for primary storage. In the process however, they should not overlook data protection storage. StorageCraft’s OneXafe offers a scale-out storage platform that converges all the necessary data protection hardware and software components into an advanced, enterprise-grade data protection and primary storage solution.”

The study identified the following key technology and pricing factors behind the significant economic advantage of the StorageCraft OneXafe platform:

  • The StorageCraft OneXafe platform converges all required data protection components into a single, one-price-pays-for-all architecture. It includes all required hardware (including HDD/SSD) and software for full system functionality, including the requirements for data replication. This is not the case when using traditional backup system architecture, where hardware and software are priced separately and are often sourced from different vendors (e.g., Veeam + Data Domain). That approach significantly increases cost when compared to OneXafe.
  • OneXafe offers user-selectable compression and in-line deduplication for greater storage efficiency at large scale. While this TCO study analyzes and compares the complete OneXafe converged solution (including all storage purchased from StorageCraft), customers can further reduce their TCO as StorageCraft gives customers control in populating the OneXafe system with drives they purchase at retail pricing. It makes use of commodity infrastructure that can be incorporated non-disruptively into the OneXafe cluster. This contributes to even a lower system cost and is an advantage that alternative solution providers in the study cannot match.

The Evaluator Group showed the StorageCraft TCO advantage to be consistent in years 3 through 5. The study also showed that in year 5 of deployment, the cumulative TCO for StorageCraft OneXafe is approximately half of a popular competitive Scale-out Data Protection (SoDP) system.

Douglas Brockett, President of StorageCraft, stated, “As companies of all sizes deploy complex and fast-growing data repositories, they require non-stop protection and rapid recovery, often to geographically distributed locations. Unfortunately, IT budgets can’t scale to address the scope of the problem. As data owners reevaluate their strategies in the face of this impasse, they are looking to break the shackles imposed by traditional solutions. StorageCraft OneXafe consolidates backup, file serving, archive, and disaster recovery into a single, comprehensive solution that dramatically reduces complexity and cost. The economic and technical advantages of OneXafe enable administrators to meet the data challenges of tomorrow while staying within their budgets of today.”

The Evaluator Group developed a comparative economic model that analyzed the total cost of ownership (TCO) of OneXafe as compared to traditional data protection architectures as well as a competing scale-out data protection system. The TCO model assumes that the solutions compared will be in production use for five years, storing data at a growth rate of 20% per year. Cost factors considered in the analysis include: hardware including clustered servers with storage, racks, and cables, software, initial deployment costs, hardware/software maintenance and support, IT administrative costs including personnel calculated on an FTE basis, and environment-related costs including power, cooling, and floor space.

The full TCO paper is available here — https://goto.storagecraft.com/AMER-FY19Q3-TCO-Report-Campaign_TCO-Report-LP.html

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