SEOUL, South Korea – July 1, 2024 — / / — Fasoo, the leader in data-centric security, is proud to highlight the continued success and innovative advancements of Wrapsody, an all-in-one solution for data management, governance, and security. Designed to facilitate seamless cloud data migration for enterprises, Wrapsody offers an automated content-centric backup and migration solution to ensure enterprises enhance their data governance and security strategies.

“Wrapsody is a game-changer for businesses facing complex processes of cloud migration and compliance challenges,” said Jason Sohn, Executive Managing Director at Fasoo. “The all-in-one solution will help organizations simplify data management and enhance operational efficiency while all information assets are safeguarded.”

Wrapsody leverages virtualization technology to migrate content to the cloud effortlessly while maintaining data control. Each document contains a unique persistent ID (PID) to ensure complete visibility and make it easy to identify and locate the file during and after migration. Wrapsody supports real-time synchronization, automatic backup, and version control, reducing the risks of data loss and redundancy. With content-level access control, only authorized users can access sensitive information, ensuring regulatory compliance and data security. These features enhance data integrity and streamline compliance management, providing an advanced solution for enterprise security and regulatory needs.

Key features of Wrapsody include:

Content Virtualization: Wrapsody virtualizes all documents, allowing users to find them easily whenever they want and wherever they reside.

Automatic Backup and Version Control: Wrapsody automates data backups and version control, freeing users from concerns about data loss and ensuring the availability of the most up-to-date document versions.

Content-Level Access Control: With advanced encryption and access controls, Wrapsody ensures that only authorized users can view or edit files, thereby bolstering data security and compliance with regulatory standards.

AI-Ready Data: Wrapsody leverages ML-based technology to classify and minimize ROT (redundant, obsolete, and trivial) and dark data, improving data quality and facilitating more efficient use of generative AI.

AI-Powered Data Assistant: Wrapsody enhances productivity with AI-powered document summarization, semantic search, and Q&A features.

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