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SAN JOSE, CA – June 21, 2016 — / — Addonics Technologies ( today announced two 1U RAID Rack chassis with removable drive systems for easily adding and removing 2.5-inch hard drives or solid state drives. The new family of products comes bundled with all the necessary connecting cables for attaching to your system. Users […]

SAN JOSE, CA – April 19, 2016 — / — Addonics Technologies today announced a family of three 1:11 compact duplicators for 2.5” hard drives, SSDs, M2 SATA SSDs or mSATA SSDs. Simplicity, compactness, and functionality are the hallmarks of the three products. Users do not need software or a computer. The duplicators are a […]

SAN JOSE, CA – January 11, 2016 — / — Addonics Technologies ( today announced the Addonics 2.5 inch Disk Array, a high density removable hard drive system that allows you to install up to six 2.5 inch SATA/ hard drives or SSD’s into one standard 5.25 inch drive bay. Its compact form factor makes […]

Series Includes CFast, mSATA, and M2 in Durable SLC NAND Flash SAN JOSE, CA – October 28, 2015 — / — Addonics Technologies ( today announced a new family of SSDs that support the CFast, mSATA and M2 form factors in both Industrial or Enterprise class grades. The Addonics Industrial class SSD is one of […]

SAN JOSE, CA – July 23, 2015 — / — Addonics Technologies ( today announced a rack-mount SATA to USB 3.1 Converter, which allows users to turn any SATA device into the latest SuperSpeed+ USB 3.1 storage. When connected to a USB 3.1 port, the converter can deliver data throughput up to 10 Gbps. This […]

SAN JOSE, CA – February 3, 2015 — / — Addonics Technologies ( today announced the Sapphire Combo Blu-ray/HDD and Sapphire Combo DVD-RRW/HDD. These two new products will let users combine optical and hard drive storage into one small package. The product is perfect for anyone needing to add optical storage capability or external storage […]

New Series Includes Internal/External Versions with up to 6Gbps Transfer Rates SAN JOSE, CA – Dec. 2, 2014 — / — Addonics Technologies ( today announced the Addonics UDD25, a family of four reader/writers for 2.5-inch HDD / SSD, M2 card, mSATA SSD, CFast card or CF cards. The series provides fast data transfer rates of […]

SAN JOSE, CA – November 12, 2014 — / — Addonics Technologies ( today announced the Addonics 5-IN-3 Drive Chassis, an inexpensive storage solution that lets you significantly increase the density of storage devices in a small space. The new product features a drive bracket that enables users to install up to five 3.5″ drives […]

SAN JOSE, CA – October 6, 2014 — / — Addonics Technologies ( today announced the Jupiter series of drive duplicators that, unlike traditional duplicators designed for a fixed number of targets, allow you to connect multiple units together. For example, if you have three Jasper duplicators with 3/5/10 targets, you can connect all three […]

Addonics Announces Unique Drive Readers to Prevent Data Tampering and Virus Infection SAN JOSE, CA – August 6, 2014 — / — Addonics Technologies ( today announced the Sapphire family of Write-Protect readers that treat hard drive, SSD or flash media as READ only storage to protect against virus contamination or data tampering. There are […]

Addonics Internal GigaNAS Adapter Lets You Easily Share Existing Content on Hard Drive or Flash Drive over LAN or WAN and Build a High Capacity Network Attached Storage or Private Cloud Storage SAN JOSE, CA – June 30, 2014 — / — Addonics Technologies ( today announced the Internal GigaNAS adapter, a simple, powerful and […]

Addonics Announces the M2/SSD/HDD Duplicator Family SAN JOSE, CA – June 5, 2014 — / — Addonics Technologies today announced the M2/SSD/HDD Duplicator — a family of high-speed duplicators designed for making multiple copies of M2 (NGFF) SSD or 2.5″ SATA HDD/SSD media from a single master drive. Each duplicator comes bundled with a 2.5″ […]

SAN JOSE, CA – April 23, 2014 — / — Addonics Technologies ( today announced a family of 2.5” flash drive kits that allow users to easily replace 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch hard drives in notebook PC or other systems with the three most popular types of flash cards. New models in the series include the […]

SAN JOSE, CA – March 10, 2014 — / — Addonics Technologies today announced the 6G RAID Tower family of external storage solutions, which connect multiple drives to any system at 6Gbps speed. Prices start at $189. The new Addonics solution is ideal for video storage or large data applications. It is a simple way […]


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