Personal and Corporate Information Secured by MicroTokenization Now Available at Your Fingertips to Android Universe

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – April 7, 2014 — / — CertainSafe today announced the launch of its Android app on the Google Play marketplace, making it available to the hundreds of millions of Android smartphone and tablet users around the world.

CertainSafe’s proprietary MicroTokenization technology encrypts files so securely as to be virtually unhackable. This makes it the perfect tool for consumers to share and store sensitive data, including financial information, passwords, medical records and much, much more.

A survey conducted by the Computer & Communications Industry Association in 2013 found that 80% said becoming victims of hacking or online theft is what concerns them most. The survey also found that 87% mentioned the need to protect their personal information from criminals.

“CertainSafe has taken its proprietary technology that is currently being used successfully by states and large enterprises, and packaged it so that it’s extremely easy for anyone to take advantage of,” says Chris Donesa, the latest advisory board member of TransCertain, parent company of CertainSafe. Mr. Donesa formerly served as Chief Counsel for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

“In this day and age of security breaches, everyone needs a way to store and share information safely without having to worry about someone stealing it.”

MicroTokenization is the “secret sauce” that protects data by breaking down files and MicroEncrypting them all the way down to the byte level. These various tokens are then scattered across different servers, and reassembled when files are accessed. This defeats the hacker who cannot gain access to one complete file.

Besides consumers, businesses can also benefit greatly from MicroTokenization. Law firms, CPAs, real estate agents and brokers, financial advisers, health care practitioners as well as the entire title Industry all have one thing in common: they are charged with keeping sensitive information secure. Losing that information to hackers could be devastating to a business reputation and finances.

Other leading file sharing services in the market do not have MicroTokenization, and have been in the headlines for security breaches and hacks. Be certain your data is safe with CertainSafe. The new app’s current version 1.04, is only 193k in size and requires Android 2.2 and up.

Download the new Android app now at:

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CertainSafe is the award-winning insanely secure file sharing company. Through their proprietary MicroEncryption/MicroTokenization technology, mass data breaches are a thing of the past. CertainSafe’s PCI Level 1 DSS Certification separates them from all others in the File Sharing and Collaboration marketplace and means all CertainSafe users can store HIPAA, PCI, PFI, PHI, PII as well as other types of sensitive data requiring compliance. Don’t trust your data to any other file sharing service. CertainSafe provides a 100% money back guarantee. Visit us at


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