First Solution for Private Clouds to Match the Cost Efficiency and Scalability of the Public Cloud, Without Sacrificing Security and Control

BOSTON, MA - April 30, 2014 – / — Storiant, the leading provider of cold data storage software, today announced its new software that enables security-conscious companies to reduce the cost of retaining data by 90 percent. As companies seek competitive advantage from big data, they are challenged by both the cost to retain millions of gigabytes of data indefinitely and the new types of data for which traditional storage systems were not designed. Inspired by the way Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) and Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) solved these challenges with proprietary data centers built for low cost and scalability, Storiant gives companies access to a secure, private storage solution that rivals public cloud storage pricing and scalability. Storiant’s solution makes it possible to securely store data on an exabyte scale for under $.01 per gigabyte per month.

Recent research found that nearly half (47%) of CIOs pay between $.21 and $.50 per gigabyte per month to store “cold” data – the less frequently accessed data that makes up 85 percent of all stored information. At the same time, nearly 40 percent (37%) are storing between 500,000 and 1 million gigabytes (or 1 petabyte). The research reflects that many businesses cannot afford to retain data at the new volume, limiting big data opportunities and forcing many to discard valuable content to control costs.

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“With the strategic value of data increasing every day, the race is on for businesses to store everything to gain a competitive edge,” said Jeff Flowers, co-founder and CEO of Storiant. “But that’s not possible with the high cost of the traditional storage model. Given this reality, we are confident that the time is right for a new software-based model. That’s why we built a new generation of storage that provides security-conscious companies the opportunity to save all of their data long term while keeping it accessible for business analytics – all at public cloud storage prices. We’re proud to make that innovation available today.”

Exponential data growth and changing data types require a new solution
Storiant’s object storage software can scale to exabytes and readily accommodate unstructured data such as photo, video, and audio data from mobile devices, social media, satellites, barcodes and scientific equipment. With 60 percent of CIOs citing that data growth will outpace their company’s storage solution within 12 months and the increase in unstructured data, it is clear that today’s businesses need to adapt to a shift in both the amount and type of data stored. Storiant makes it possible, whether companies operate internal data centers or take advantage of data center service providers.

“As a service provider, being able to offer enterprise customers a variety of storage solutions for a diverse range of needs is essential,” said Patrick Gilmore, CTO of Markley Group. “Based on what we are hearing from customers with massive amounts of data, there is a large and growing demand for Tier 3 storage solutions. We tested Storiant against demanding requirements, and found its low cost, reliability, and multi-petabyte scale to be the perfect fit. The addition of Storiant storage gives Markley the comprehensive service portfolio that our customers expect, and we look forward to delivering it.

How it works
Storiant is the first disk-based storage solution designed specifically for cold (Tier 3) data:

  • Object storage for structured and unstructured data
  • Exabyte scalability
  • Software on commodity hardware
  • Runs on low-cost commodity drives including new shingled  magnetic recording (SMR) disks
  • Fast data throughput for migration and big data analytics
  • Power down capability uses 75% less power, plus doubles disk life
  • Once-per-year maintenance via sparing and redundancy reduces support costs
  • Eighteen nines of reliability with two copies, plus immutability for compliance
  • Easy integration via cloud-ready REST interface and gateways

Target markets
Storiant is ideal for all customers in need of a secure, ultra-low-cost data storage solution for big data analytics and long-term retention. Primary target markets include financial services, data center services, government, media, and healthcare/pharmaceuticals.

How to Buy
The software may be perpetually licensed directly from Storiant, or as part of an integrated hardware and software solution from partners including Avnet/Rorke Global Solutions.

About Storiant
Founded in 2012, Storiant is the leading provider of data cold storage software. The company enables private data centers to retain exabyte-scale data at 90 percent lower cost than traditional alternatives, rivaling the cost efficiencies and scalability of the public cloud without sacrificing security and control. Storiant is headquartered in Boston, MA.

Casey Cardinal
InkHouse Media + Marketing, For Storiant

Source: Storiant


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