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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – May 05, 2014 — / — Maginatics Inc., an emerging leader in distributed enterprise storage solutions, today announced the market launch of the Maginatics Cloud Storage Platform (MCSP) version 3.0. The launch of MCSP v3.0 brings an exciting range of new functionality and features to further enhance the capabilities and performance offered to enterprise and service provider customers. MCSP v3.0 includes enhancements to the Maginatics Virtual Filer or MVF (formerly known as Maginatics File System or MagFS) and the introduction of two new performance features — Content Delivery Cache and Site Cache.

With the MCSP 3.0 release, Maginatics delivers:

  • Enhanced multi-layer adaptive caching for performance optimization over greater distances. The new Site Cache feature allows data to be cached at a local branch office, thereby reducing overall Wide Area Network (WAN) traffic and speeding access for LAN-connected users who share constrained WAN pipes. Augmenting Site Cache, the new Maginatics Content Delivery Cache capability gives customers the ability to directly utilize a Content Delivery Network (CDN), without sacrificing data consistency, to provide a highly efficient read cache experience for users who are continents away from their data.
  • Simplified management and operations. Storage IT admins enjoy enhancements in their day-to-day operations with the support of Rest APIs that facilitate direct integration within their own orchestration environment. REST APIs provide greater flexibility and control while enabling the manipulation of shares and MVFs from the IT admin’s tool of choice. In addition, Virtual Machines (VMs) can now be added to a Maginatics cluster via Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP), enabling customers to expand their clusters with a single click instead of having to use cumbersome command lines. MCSP v3.0 also introduces enhanced security and audit control capabilities with support for multi-user named admin accounts, ensuring that all actions performed on the Virtual Filer are attributed to the user invoking the action.
  • Improved range of recovery and healing. v3.0 introduces improved Disaster Recovery (DR) and VM healing functions aimed at reducing the number of steps required by an admin during a DR/failover scenario. This ensures business continuity at all times despite major disasters. Employees can continue to maintain a high level of productivity with consistent and persistent access to their applications and data regardless of location and device used.
  • Expanded partner ecosystem with EMC ViPR object storage support.Customers deploying the Maginatics Virtual Filer with an EMC ViPR object storage system will now benefit from the power of the combined solution. Some key advantages of MVF with EMC ViPR include:
    • Seamless migration of legacy applications to a software-defined environment.
    • Accelerated development of highly distributed and scalable applications.
    • Strongly consistent data for both local and distributed environments.

“Maginatics’ software-defined storage technology lets Entec securely store our data in the public cloud while centralizing both control and application logic behind the firewall of our own data center. We researched all the alternatives, and only Maginatics could give our geographically-distributed teams the great performance and collaboration platform they need no matter where they are located,” said Stefanos Douroudakis, Chief Operating Officer of Entec Group of Companies. “With Maginatics, our teams are now able deliver fast and efficient services to our customers, even at distant construction sites, without the overhead and complexity of managing data siloes. Our company benefits from tremendous cost savings and improved business agility as well. It’s a tremendously innovative solution that delivers deep tangible benefits.”

Legacy and other emerging storage systems such as traditional filers, cloud storage gateways and WAN optimization appliances are sub-optimal when applications and users are not co-located with the system. Distributed data access patterns suffer over protocols such as CIFS and NFS. Traditional systems introduce a bottleneck by requiring all interactions with the backing data store to flow through them.

The Maginatics Cloud Storage Platform is the only enterprise-grade cloud storage solution in the market that provides massive scale-out, end-to-end encryption, edge intelligence and mobile optimization, all in a software form factor. The innovative split-plane architecture of the platform provides numerous advantages including security, scalability and control throughout the entire system — in the cloud, on every endpoint and application, and everywhere in between.

“Since our v1.0 launch, we have continued to focus on the critical and rapidly-expanding needs of our enterprise IT customers, many of whom are seeking more agile IT solutions,” said Jay Kistler, CTO and co-founder of Maginatics. “This new release delivers a rich set of capabilities to further help our customers mitigate or eliminate many of the key storage issues that arise in the distributed enterprise. With the addition of support for EMC ViPR object storage in particular, customers deploying an EMC/Maginatics solution will be able to seamlessly migrate their legacy applications to a software-defined cloud environment. The combined platform delivers the vastly enhanced agility enterprises demand. Moreover, it enables IT organizations to consolidate and centrally manage huge volumes of data while boosting workforce productivity and their companies’ ‘top line’ by delivering anywhere, any-device data access with end-to-end security and native performance acceleration.”

The Maginatics Cloud Storage Platform v3.0 will be generally available in late Q2 2014. Current term- and perpetual-license customers will be able to upgrade to MCSP v3.0 at no additional cost.

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Maginatics is an emerging leader in distributed enterprise storage solutions. The company’s mission is to revolutionize enterprise storage by providing customers with the most elastic and adaptive cloud storage platform on the market. Maginatics delivers a new breed of storage technology natively designed for software-defined data centers and the cloud — the Maginatics Cloud Storage Platform (MCSP). MCSP is a cutting-edge, cloud-optimized, distributed platform that provides enterprises with an unparalleled solution to manage their growing unstructured data, while enabling agile IT and business growth.

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