RainStor with EMC Isilon SmartLock Provides Regulatory-driven Data Retention

LAS VEGAS, NV – May 7, 2014 — /BackupReview.info/ — RainStor, provider of the most efficient enterprise database for big data, works with EMC® Isilon® SmartLock® application to provide protection against manipulation or deletion of critical data, giving enterprises the ability to retain data for specific timeframes. With this new RainStor Compliance Edition™, data is also fully available for high performance query, audit and search using standard SQL and BI tools. When RainStor runs with EMC Isilon scale-out NAS, users can now specify retention rules on data import, where the system will then calculate the retention period disabling it from any modification or deletion. RainStor Compliance Edition gives the enterprise further protection against malicious or accidental data breaches and additionally “checks the box” on stringent compliance regulations such as SEC 17a-4(f).

When used together, RainStor and EMC Isilon are designed to satisfy not only most internal data governance requirements but also current external regulations which dictate high value data be retained on WORM (write, once read many) storage. RainStor is the only SQL-based big data database that runs native on EMC Isilon and also optionally runs on Hadoop, which was certified in Oct 2013.

“Enterprises today face ever-increasing stringency around how data is stored and retained. Additionally, enterprise data continues to grow at a rapid pace and organizations have no choice but to retain it or pay serious fines in some regulated industries,” said Sam Grocott, vice president, Marketing and Product Management, Isilon Storage Division, EMC Corporation. “With RainStor’s database and EMC Isilon scale-out NAS, customers can flexibly retain data for exact timeframes with an application that provides protection against data removal or manipulation.”

RainStor and EMC Isilon already share customers, providing numerous benefits including storing large and growing data sets on a platform that runs at 80% capacity and scales to multi-petabyte size. Typical use cases for RainStor and Isilon together include data warehouse offload for an efficient and cost effective way to store valuable, big data that must be online, secure and available for ongoing analysis.

“RainStor customers represent the world’s largest enterprises that not only face high data growth but also have to protect and prove retention for specific timeframes,” said Mark Cusack, RainStor’s chief architect. “RainStor’s big data database is a natural fit for the Isilon storage platform and gives customers the assurance that data is managed in the way that risk and data governance officers mandate in order to stay fully compliant with current regulations,” added Cusack. “RainStor also gives customers the ability to continuously query the data with high performance results which is much more efficient than having to restore historical data from offline tape.”

With EMC Isilon, RainStor Compliance Data Archive enables:
• Highly Efficient and Massive-Scale Data Store: RainStor reduces raw data through patented compression giving limitless capacity for big data and future proof for rapid growth.
• Built-in Security and Reliability: Data is securely stored with built-in encryption and data masking, in addition to user authentication and authorization. Carrying very minimal overhead, customers also benefit from Isilon FlexProtect™ which provides a reliable, highly available • Big Data environment.
• Query Speed-up: Data is queried using a variety of tools including standard SQL, BI tools, Hive and MapReduce if users choose HDFS. With built-in filtering, queries speed up by a factor of 2-10X compared to Hive on HDFS/DAS.
• Compliant WORM Solution: For absolute retention and protection of business critical data including stringent SEC 17a-4(f) requirements customers leverage RainStor’s Compliance Edition with EMC Isilon SmartLock™.

RainStor sells software solutions directly to global enterprises.

About RainStor
RainStor (rainstor.com) provides the world’s most efficient database that reduces the cost, complexity and compliance risk of managing enterprise data. RainStor’s patented technology enables customers to cut infrastructure costs by 90%. RainStor scales anywhere; on-premise or in the cloud and natively on Hadoop. Among RainStor’s customers are 20 of the world’s largest communications providers and 10 of the biggest banks and financial services organizations, who use RainStor to manage historical data, while saving millions.

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