New Power 7+ System together with VAULT400 BaaS supports Ohio AFSCME Care Plan’s substantial year-over-year growth

INDEPENDENCE, OHIO – June 2, 2014 — / — United Computer Group, Inc. (UCG), an information technology services firm, recently completed a technology refresh for the Ohio AFSCME Care Plan including a new IBM Power 7+ System and VAULT400 Backup as a Service (BaaS) to protect their data. Since 1973, the growth of the Care Plan has been extraordinary. This latest technology upgrade well supports their current requirements and future growth.

UCG’s technical team worked closely with Michael Bauer, Plan Administrator, and Rae Borders, IT Manager to install and implement the new system. UCG provided them with a complimentary 30-day trial of VAULT400 BaaS and Disaster Recover Quick Ship. The AFSCME Care Plan’s IT team found significant value in “set it and forget it” VAULT400 Baas and made the decision to subscribe permanently.

VAULT00 was used successfully to migrate from their old 9406-250 IBM system since the older tape backup in use was not compatible with IBM’s new offerings. Vladmir Capitanov, UCG’s Lead Engineer, installed VAULT400, then compressed, encrypted, and backed up the old system data to UCG’s main data center in Cleveland, Ohio, then replicated it to their Atlanta, Georgia facility. Once the client provided a password, Capitanov logged on to VAULT400 and downloaded all of their existing data to the new IBM system. After a smooth two week test period, he updated the latest changes prior to final cutover.

“In these first few weeks, VAULT 400 has met our expectations at an even higher level than we could have imagined. The migration was speedy; we experienced no down time. To know that our files are in a protected environment constantly in addition to HIPAA compliancy gives us extra assurance regarding private health information. Thank you!” – Rae L Borders, IT/IS Supervisor, Ohio AFSCME Care Plan

About United Computer Group, Inc. and VAULT400 •
UCG provides cost-effective technology solutions including VAULT400 BaaS and IBM Power Systems, in addition to a wide range of related products and services, all customized to fit the needs of their clients’ current needs and future growth. Founded in 1987, UCG is an IBM Advanced Business Partner specializing in mid-market and enterprise clients. UCG has been rated in the top 1% of IBM Business Partners nationwide.

UCG’s VAULT400 is a premier managed risk mitigation and business continuity planning service for secure online backup and disaster recovery. VAULT400 backs up an entire organization’s business-critical data to UCG’s secure data centers. Safe and off-site, the encrypted data is available online at all times for immediate, user-initiated recovery. VAULT400 works seamlessly within an organization’s existing infrastructure with no additional hardware required.

About Ohio AFSCME Care Plan

Established in 1973, the Ohio AFSCME Care Plan offers a full range of benefits including dental, hearing, prescription, vision care and life insurance. Its goal is to provide the best coverage for working families. The Care Plan has three offices located in Ohio, with service centers in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Toledo.

Employees covered by the Ohio AFSCME Care Plan work for county hospitals, cities, boards of education, non-profit public and private hospitals, county departments of human services, county nursing homes, county departments of youth services, county boards of mental retardation, a legal aid society, metropolitan housing authorities, county sewer districts, county coroners, community colleges, county engineers, county sheriffs, county inmate services, city zoos and state universities.

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James A. Kandrac, President

Source: UCG